6 Green Front Door Ideas to Level Up Your Curb Appeal

A green front door may not be a common find in exterior color palettes but it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Reminiscent of nature, it blends well with its surroundings regardless of the environment. From balanced blue greens to bright lime shades, there’s no shortage of options.

6 Green Front Door Ideas to Level Up Your Curb Appeal
Troy Rhone Garden Design

Offering a welcoming edge that can rival even the most popular hues, it’s a color worth considering.

Does a green front door go with a particular style?

The good news for anyone with their mind set on a green front door is that it’s not specific to one style. You’re not limited to exterior house colors as it meshes well with whites, browns, and blues. Likewise, it makes for a seamless pairing with natural exterior elements on the home such as brick, stone and wood grains. From traditional to modern, green front doors make an eye-catching addition to any exterior design.

What kind of paint is used on a front door?

Latex paint, also known as water-based, is a good choice when painting a front door. The paint must be labeled for use on exterior surfaces as it’s thicker and manufactured to hold up against the elements.

As far as finish, a semi-gloss finish is best used on front doors. This type of finish makes for easy cleaning and resist surface damage like stains and scratches.

Popular Green Paint Colors

Green shades abound, so it can be hard to choose a color with so many paint brands. Here’s a short list of popular green paint colors that won’t disappoint:

  • Aloe by Sherwin Williams: A near-mint pastel with a fresh finish.
  • Green Smoke by Farrow & Ball: A dark hue with blue undertones.
  • Soft Fern by Benjamin Moore: A light green with balanced paleness.
  • Black Bamboo by Behr: A moody green with depth.
  • Shamrock by Sherwin Williams: A rich hue with a touch of brightness.
  • Sassy Green by Valspar: A bright lime color with vibrancy.

Are there other ways to get the green front door look without having to paint?

If you’re looking to skip the painting process but still want the green front door look, you’re in luck. Several well-known manufacturers like Energy Star make front doors in a variety of colors, green included.

These pre-painted doors come in several shades and can be found at many big box home improvement stores. They also come in a multitude of designs to fit any exterior style.

What if the exterior of the home is already painted a darker color? What color green should be used on the front door?

Contrast is a great tool in any home design. Colors that are too “matchy” can make even the best design fall flat. If your home already bares a darker exterior, you’ll want to choose a lighter green front door. Likewise, if your home’s exterior is lighter, opt for a dark hue for the front door.

What’s the best way to choose the right green for a front door?

Though in the end it comes down to personal preference, there’s a few methods to help you choose the right green for your front door. You can go the classic route by picking up a few sample colors and painting then in sections on your door. Observing them at different times throughout the day can help you in your decision-making process.

You can also utilize online tools to visualize the finished product. Paint manufacturers like Sherwin Williams have online tools that make it easy to compare shades against the color of your home.

Green Front Door Inspiration

There’s several ways to incorporate green front doors into your design. Whether you need a pop of color or an understated contrast, here’s 6 green front door ideas sure to level up your curb appeal:

Bold and Bright

Bold and Bright
Andreina Chirinos

An off lime green, but still plenty bright, this cottage makes a vibrant statement. Colorful foliage compliments the paint choice, offering a captivating entry set apart from the norm. A simple way to display your personal style, lime hues are a bold choice with a fun payoff.

Airy and Subtle

Airy and Subtle
London Door Company

This pale green front door is anything but drab. A delicate hue with the right amount of glow, you can have the color you want while maintaining a muted appearance. Surrounding accents of brick, patterned tile and sharp contrasting color level with the softness of the green.

Classic Kelly

Classic Kelly
Vintage Meets Glam

A well-balanced color known for its vibrance, kelly green is well liked for good reason. A recent resurgence in popularity means you’ll be in good company if you choose. Its crisp and clean finish gives any exterior a breath of fresh air.

Dark and Moody

Dark and Moody

Deep green and a noteworthy arch produce this traditional front door that gushes elegance. A dark green that borders black in shaded areas, it’s a good example of the use of color without an overpowering outcome. Multi-colored brick adds to the timeless design.

All the Trim

All the Trim
Continuum Tile Co.

A transitional design with distinct accents, the green hue highlights much of the home’s architectural beauty. Opting to carry green outside the parameters of the front door has made for an extra special exterior result. Coupled with wood paneling on the garage door, natural elements abound.


Growing Days by Tamara Day

This modern farmhouse door boasts not one, but two contrasting colors. A medium green adorns the door and window frames offering a splash of color to the classic farmhouse neutrals. Alongside of it, black trims the door frame, creating a striking two-toned entryway that’s as unique as it is attractive.


Green front door colors aren’t just for the free spirits. This versatile hue can be a seamless fit from modern to traditional designs.

Playing well with varied textures and accents, a green front door has the ability to produce an unmatched curb appeal. If you’re looking for a front door refresh with style and allure, green is the way to go.