Dressing Tables With Mirrors Reflect The Beauty Of The Décor

A dressing table is an important part of a bedroom or dressing room’s design. It offers the user a simple and practical way to organize a multitude of small things in one place and it keeps all these knick-knacks contained and exactly where they need to be. A dressing table with mirror is even more functional. In case you’re wondering what type of design such a piece could have, take a look at the following examples.

Walnut Fly compact dressing table
Open Walnut Fly compact dressing table

Fly Vanity is a walnut dressing table with a simple and versatile design. It’s a creation of Giuliano and Gabriele Cappelletti and it combines a variety of elements in one compact structure. It opens to reveal a large mirror and a set of drawers and box shelves for storing makeup and hygiene products.

Feeling Ash dressing table for bedroom
Feeling Ash dressing table

The deceiving design of the Feeling dressing table from Smamobili, is intriguing, practical and very attractive, especially for modern and contemporary homes. The piece looks like a simple dresser only to surprise the user later on with a vanity case that comes out of the frame and that is operated by remote.

Stonehenge classic compact dressing
Stonehenge classic compact dressing open

Storage is an important component in the case of the Stonehenge table. Defines by rich details and handmade finishes, this piece of furniture is also characterized by geometric details and gold elaf inserts that offer it a luxurious look. Inside, the unit reveals large storage compartments on the inside of the door as well as under the mirror.

Ebon dressing table in walnut
Ebon dressing table in white

When simplicity is extremely important, certain designs stand out more than others. A good example is the Ebon dressing table which impresses with its minimalist and very chic design. This is a wall-mounted piece that can also function as a console table. The top flips open to reveal a mirror and storage for jewelry and makeup products.

Symphonia Night dressing table

Simplicity also defines the Symphonia Night dressing table. It has a wenge finish and a sleek and simple design. In addition to that, the piece can also function as a computer desk for a home office.

Corner placed dressign table
Bedroom corner placed dressing table

Another criteria that determines the attractiveness of a dressing table can be its ability to be multifunctional. The Magic Cube fits into this category. It offers three distinct functions in one design and it can be used as a dressing table, as a bar cabinet or as a desk. Its versatile design allows it to maintain its functionality in all these situations.

Sleek wooden dressing table
Sleek wooden dressing table open

The Infinity table is defined by similar attributes. It can function both as a desk and a makeup table and in both cases it offers a stylish work surface and useful storage divided in small compartments. The central portion of the top lifts up to reveal the storage and a mirror.

Kara home dressing table

The mirrors seem to take over the design of the Kara dressing table this piece is fitted with seven mirrors of different dimensions that swivel and light up, allowing you to admire your work from every angle. This sophisticated piece of furniture was designed by Toner Architects.

legs crossed dressing table

If not for the mirror, this table would have also been great as a desk or a console table for the hallway. Its design is really simple and its name is very suggestive: Legs Crossed. The table has slender tapered legs and two spacious drawers for storage. The final touch is an adjustable round mirror.

Contatto dressing table

ADP design created a series of project named Contatto which also includes a very stylish dressing table. However, the dimensions of this piece don’t allow it to fit in small spaces. This is an accessory for large bedrooms.

Purple dressing table furniture

The Act dressing table, on the other hand, is very compact and this makes it a suitable option for a variety of small spaces. The piece was designed by This Weber and is made of lacquered wood with an attractive and sophisticated purple finish.

Stylish ways to add a dressing table to the bedroom

Grey Accent Bedroom with Dressing table

The most common place for dressing tables is the bedroom. In here, they are used as accessory furniture and serve both a functional and a decorative purpose.

Attic bedroom featurinf a dressing table

The compact design of most dressing tables allows them to fit comfortably in small bedrooms without making the room feel cluttered and tiny. The narrow ones can easily be placed against the wall and a lot of designs can be wall-mounted to save floor space.

Large bedroom with fireplace and dressing table

The larger models can serve as focal points for the bedroom, rivaling the bed in this sense. A good position is in front of the bed although the mirror can become disturbing at some point.{found on sherriagnewdesign}.

Master bedroom with mirrored headboard and dressing table

The mirror of the dressing table becomes a decoration for the room. It’s possible to emphasize the spaciousness of the room by also adding a few more mirrors, perhaps even a mirrored headboard for example.{found on lukecartledge}.

White bedroom design with dressing area

In some cases, the dressing table becomes a part of a larger wall unit. This one, for example, is integrated into a large unit with a huge mirror and lots of storage. This is a very stylish and chic way to maintain a fluid and simple design throughout.

Bed with dressing table

Another possibility is to have the dressing table placed at the end of the bed. This type of layout only applies when certain types of beds are used. The bed’s frame has to include a separator so the table can be placed against it.{found on morphinterior}.

Night stand dressing table

Preferably, the dressing table would have to be placed close to a source of natural light such as a window. In the case of the bedroom, this usually means the area next to the bed, in which case the table would replace a nightstand.{found on wesley}.

Decorate around the dressing table

You can choose to decorate the area around the dressing table in order to turn this space into a focal point for the bedroom. For example, you can use wallpaper or wall decorations.

How to add a dressing table to a bathroom

Luxury dressing table in bathroom

Another space where dressing tables are often seen is the bathroom. This is a valid option in the case of spacious bathroom although the smaller ones could also accommodate such a feature with some effort.

Freestanding bathtub and dressing table

The dressing table can be a part of a large vanity. It can establish symmetry when there are two separate sinks. In this case, the dressing table is positioned in front of the mirror which is an excellent choice.{found on strandemoandassociates}.

Dressing table between two vanities

This layout is quite similar. The dressing table is like a bridge between two identical vanities, each with their own wall-mounted mirror and sconces. The mirror is in between and it offers the much-needed natural light. In addition, the mirror sconces provide artificial lighting the rest of the time.{found on periodarchitectureltd}.

Bathroom dressing corner

A common practice is to use dressing tables in combination with large mirror in order to make the bathroom appear larger and more spacious and airy. This helps when the room is small and filled with robust furniture and amenities.

Marble shower tile design

This master bathroom is very spacious and very tastefully decorated. The dressing table is placed against the wall, linking the vanity units. It gets its light from the wall of windows. The color palette is bright and chic.{found on charlieandcodesign}.

Corner freestanding bathtub

This is an example of how a compact dressing table can fit in a smaller bathroom. This one has reduced dimensions and a design that allows it to fit in corners. The placement of the tub is quite smart in this as well, making enough room for the table and the vanity without making the room seem small.

Large master bathroom with dressing table

The dressing table can be a freestanding piece. However, this doesn’t stop it from sharing similar design elements with the vanity unit or other pieces in the room. We appreciate the way the two large mirrors emphasize the spaciousness of the room in this case.

Dressing tables integrated in walk-in closets

Walk in coset with dressing table

If neither the bedroom nor the bathroom can comfortably accommodate a dressing table or if you’d simply avoid having it placed there, a third option can be the walk-in closet. This is an area which, if spacious enough, can accommodate a lot of useful features.

Large walk in closet with seating

The dressing table can be in the form of an island placed at the center of the dressing room. It can be the central feature of the room and it can get its light from the windows and from a ceiling-mounted pendant lamp.{found on aji}.

Display your collection in closet

A possibility is to opt for a tiny dressing table and to fit in in a corner or next to a large closet. It doesn’t need tons of storage. A few small drawers are enough for the basic necessities. The mirror, however, is a must-have.{found on andreagary}.

Grey walk in closet

If the space allows it, you can have both an island and a dressing table. The two would function as separate pieces of furniture, each occupies a different area in the room. They can feature matching designs for a cohesive look.{found on seegerinteriordesign}.

White walk in closet with dressing table

It’s an interesting idea to match certain details on the dressing table to other elements in the room. For example, it can coordinate with the mirrors such as in this case or with the floor, ceiling, lighting fixtures and a variety of other elements.