A Bunch Of Desks Made Out Of Wooden Pallets

What else could you build using a simple wooden pallet, besides a vertical garden, a bed frame or a wine rack? The answer is “a lot of things” but let’s start with the basics. A table is really easy to put together: four legs and a top and that’s about it. Take things a bit further and build yourself a desk, perfect for your home office.

Long window desk made from pallets
Shared desk made from pallets

The designs you can try are numerous and very diverse. A lovely option for a rustic-looking desk is to use reclaimed wood, in which case a pallet would be a perfect resource. It would be interesting and, at the same time, very simple to combine wood planks from multiple sources in order to get a random pattern for the work surface.

How to make a cool office from pallets

Several pallets can be combined in a design that looks something like this. The whole project is really simple actually. Use the pallets to form the supporting frame. Taking them apart is not necessarily. Simply paint or stain them and secure them together. For the countertop you can use a separate plank or an existing top.

L shaped desk from reclaimed pallets

A corner desk can sometimes be the best solution for certain types of layouts and interior designs. It can be a shared desk for two and you can put it together user pieces from an old wooden pallet. The frame would have to be built separately and reclaimed wood is a really nice option.

Pallet corner desk

This is another corner desk you can build using reclaimed pallets. Four pallets are all you need. They even offer some storage for documents and files. You can paint or stain the pallets first in order to give them a fresh and customized look.

Inspiring tiny pallet desk

If you want a desk that doesn’t take up a lot of space, then have a look at this one. It’s very sleek and space-efficient and you can easily make a similar one for your home using only a regular wooden pallet. You can use the openings as storage spaces for books, documents and other things.

Hanging pallet desk

But perhaps the simplest way of creating a pallet desk is the one featured here. Basically all you have to do is mount a pallet on a wall. You can do that in a lot of different ways. This eliminates the need for a base which occupies floor space. But since you’re not modifying the pallet in any way, you’d have to add a glass top to make the work surface smooth and practical.

Office that use pallets to create working areas

Pallet desks are a great way to save money and, at the same time, to customize your home office. This particular design is easy to reproduce. The glass top and the castors offer the desk a classy and also casual look, making it practical and good-looking.

Modern pallet desk on wheels

Two pallets can become the support elements for a simple DIY desk. The nest step is to put together the rest of the elements such as the top, the base and leg support and the castors which make the piece more practical, flexible and easy to move around. You can also add some storage. This part of the project can be customized according to the nature of the work you’re doing as well as you’re needs.{found on rafikidris}.

Great project for office from pallets

Even though this desk is not actually made out of pallets, the design is similar to the ones previously described. You can create such a piece with reclaimed wooden crates and boxes. They can be stacked to form a base for the desk as well as additional storage for the things that need to stay in your home office.