Gold Deco D05 Wall Washbasin Unit

Deco D05 is a very elegant and stylish washbasin unit with a classic design. It’s part of the Deco Classic Collection and it was designed for Legnobagno. The whole collection is very beautiful. It features a combination of classic designs with modern features and details and the result is very chic and stylish. The pieces from this collection have beautiful gloss lacquered finishes. This particular unit comes in black with gold accents.

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The unit is made of wood, more exactly oak and walnut. It has a distressed look but not in the vintage or antique way. Overall, the washbasin unit has a very modern look. The collection is actually composed of two smaller parts. The first ten items are called Classic Deco and this unit is one of them. These have a more classical and imposing style. There are seven more creations that are simply called Deco. They have a more minimalist and modern style.

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The D05 washbasin unit has a simple design. It features a beautiful cabinet with the front and sides made of curved plywood. It has solid wood feel and water-repellant panels on the interior. The cabinet features functional drawers as well. The top adds color contrast. It’s an integrated extra light glass top finished with gold leaf that measures 15 mm. The combination of colors and finishes is a classical choice and the effect is intriguing and very elegant.