Geometric Painted Planter – Quick & Easy DIY

This color-blocked geometric painted planter project just might be the simplest DIY you’ll ever do. Which makes it all the more attractive, right?

DIY Geometric Painted Planter
Geometric Painted Planter Project

Do you have a potted houseplant that looks a little, well, sad and dull? I noticed just such a terracotta pot in my entryway today and decided that there really was no reason it had to be bleak. A quick DIY paint job was in order. Sometimes the simplest projects, the ones that take 10 minutes flat including cleanup, are just the thing that a space needs. This is one of those times.

Geometric Painted Planter for Entryway

DIY Level: Beginner

Materials Needed:

  • pot
  • painter’s tape
  • paint
Geometric Painted Planter Before

Here is a snapshot of the entryway. The balance was off a little, and I felt like the little potted plant was a joy-eater.

Closer look the the planter before painting

Nothing going for it, really. The pot size is all right, and the plant itself is beginning to put out some leaves, but the dingy planter just didn’t fit the space.

Geometric Painted Planter Apply Tape

Pull out your painter’s tape (I recommend Scotch blue tape with edge lock) and stick it to the pot in whatever geometric shape you’re after. I did an asymmetrical triangle.

Geometric Painted Planter Variation

If your pot has a lip or any variation in the sides, you might want to consider adjusting the layout of the tape. I wanted the triangle’s edge to look straight regardless of the lip, so I adjusted the angle of the tape (actually used two separate pieces) right at the lip. Seal the paint-side edges of the tape with your fingertips.

Geometric Painted Planter - turquoise paint

Using whatever paint you have on-hand (I recommend exterior paint if you’ve got it, if there’s a chance that this pot might be making its way outside when the season permits), brush the paint onto the taped-off section. Go from one piece of tape to the other in one brush stroke so as to minimize extra lines in the paint.

Working with geometric shapes

When working with geometric shapes, crisp edges and corners are critical to pull off the clean, modern look. Pay attention to the corners, and make sure your paint covers the entire corner (wrap the paint toward the bottom of the planter, if necessary, to accomplish this).

Geometric Painted Planter - Edges and Corners

When edges and corners are fully painted, peel off your painter’s tape while the paint is still wet. Be careful not to get paint smudged anywhere else on the pot.

Geometric Painted Planter Update

Just a little facelift, but it looks good! Let paint dry thoroughly.

Geometric Painted Planter Subtle change

It’s a subtle change, but I feel like the entryway-in-progress already feels lighter and brighter.

DIY Geometric Painted Planter With Turquoise

I actually love the juxtaposition between a fresh coat of paint and the aged-looking terracotta. The contrast is beautiful and interesting.

Happy DIYing!