Fancy Ways To Refresh Your Furniture With Hairpin Legs

If you’re at all familiar with hairpin legs then you know how chic and fancy they can make a furniture piece look. The best part is that you can put hairpin legs on just about anything and it’s not even difficult. This is a great way to refresh the look of a piece of furniture in your home or to make it more user-friendly by raising it off the floor for a better user experience.

Dining Room Credenza With Hairpin LegsView in gallery

Let’s see how you can make a sideboard or a credenza stand out a bit more by raising it off the floor with hairpin legs. You can see how such a project would turn out in the description provided on houseologie. This living room credenza got a bit more than just new legs. It was also painted and new drawer pulls were installed. The supplies used for the project include some white paint, four hairpin legs, leather straps, screws and varnish.

Hairpin legs coffee tablesView in gallery

Tables with hairpin legs usually look really beautiful and chic so let this be inspiration for your next DIY project or home improvement project. Check out Thesurznickcommonroom to learn how to build a coffee table using a very simple table top and four hairpin legs. This would have to be one of the simplest projects you could ever tackle.

Simple and modern hairpin tableView in gallery

You can find some more inspiration on fashiontamtam. Here you’ll find a tutorial showing how easily it is to make a coffee table. All you need is a wooden top, four hairpin legs and some screws. Make sure you measure and mark the spots where the screws need to go when installing the legs otherwise the table won’t be level.

Outdoor white painted hairpin legsView in gallery

Hairpin legs also good great on dining tables. In fact, building one from scratch wouldn’t even be that difficult. There’s a great tutorial for that on thefeltedfox and the materials needed for the project include four hairpin legs (with the right dimensions), some pine panels, a torch kit, wood screws, metal screws, white spray paint, natural oil, a sponge brush, wood glue, sandpaper, a drill and clamps.

Gold hairpin table deskView in gallery

Sometimes desks and tables share a lot of similarities. This means that building a simple desk should also be simple. It actually is and you can find out all about it on thouswell. To make a desk just like that one you need a set of hairpin legs, a MDF panel, high gloss white paint, a drill, a pencil and a ruler as well as a screwdriver and some screws. Spray paint the top and sides of the MDF panel, let it dry, place it upside down and mark where you want to drill holes for the legs. Install the legs and enjoy.

Sliced wood planter with hairpin legsView in gallery

Building things from scratch can be really fun and also very easy if you don’t want the design to be particularly complex. Something as small and simple as a plant stand or a stool can be built in just a few minutes. Take a round piece of wood, drill some holes in it for three hairpin legs, attach the legs with screws and that’s about it. You can add some finishing touches if you want such as some paint for example. {found on mylifefromhome}

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Just as easily, you could put together a lovely nightstand. Let’s see how such a project would evolve by following the tutorial on burkatron. First you need the materials: a plywood sheet, four hairpin legs, wood glue, some screws, nails and a screwdriver. Cut the plywood to make four pieces which you can then put together to make a box-like structure. Decide which part should be the top and then attach the legs to the bottom.

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Hairpin legs may look fragile and delicate but they’re actually quite strong and durable and this also makes them great for benches. You can build such a bench yourself using plywood, fabric, batting, foam, hairpin legs and some basic tools. Cut the plywood to the desired size and shape, add the foam, batting and upholstery fabric and make it nice and comfortable. Then attach the legs and make sure they’re not angled. {found on brit}.

Reclaimed wood bench table hairpin legsView in gallery

If you’d rather just buy the bench of coffee table, that works too. There are plenty of beautiful designs to choose from, one of them being the one we found on Etsy. This is a coffee table made of reclaimed wood and with asymmetrical hairpin legs. The design is simple as well as very fresh and interesting. Perhaps you can use it as inspiration for your own DIY version of the table or you can adapt it to make a bench.

Rustic end table with hairpin legsView in gallery

There’s also another very beautiful project we want to show you. It’s a cute little side tables that has a tree stump top. Its organic shape gives the table a unique look. So go find yourself a slice of wood like that one and put together your own side table. You’ll also need sandpaper, three hairpin legs, clear finishing spray and polyurethane topcoat finish. {found on ehow}.