Full Bed VS Qeeen Size – What’s the Difference?

Buying a new mattress should be a reason for joy. Sadly, the different options available have turned it into a hassle for people that don’t have time to research the pros and cons of different materials, how they respond to body weight, height, and sleeping positions, and all the other stuff that one has to know before buying a new bed.

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One of the buying considerations is the size of the bed, which brings us down to today’s topic: what are the differences between a full and a queen bed?

CriteriaFull BedQueen Bed
Size54 x 75 inches60 x 80 inches
Who’s it forSingle sleeper, both adults and teenagersGood for couples
Popularity21% of bed purchases32% of bed purchases

All About the Full Bed

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To make the comparison between these two types of mattresses easier, we have decided to break down the characteristics of each so that you can easily see what every one of these two bed sizes has to offer. We’ll start with the Full-sized bed and determine what are its characteristics, what’s the target market, and go through any additional information that one should know before buying this type of bed.


The very first thing that sets apart a Full-sized bed from a Queen one is the actual size. In general, a Full-sized bed measures about 53 or 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length. Now, you may have heard about Double-size mattresses and think they are another category. In fact, they are just another name for the Full-size bed, as they have the same dimensions. You will notice that some brands offer Double beds instead of Full ones.

Who’s It For?

Whenever you’re looking to buy a new product of any kind, you should take an interest in researching who that product was designed for and see if you are a part of the target market. The Full-size mattress typically addresses three sleeper categories:

  • Teenagers – When children outgrow their Twin-sized bed, it’s only natural to upgrade to a bigger mattress. A Full bed is great for teenager room because it doesn’t take up as much space as a Queen bed would do. In fact, there are parents that like to transition their toddlers from a crib straight to a Full-sized bed because it’s a more worthy financial investment in the long run.
  • Students – Young adults that live on campus and have to sleep in dorms know how important it is to use every corner of the room wisely. It is very common to find Full-sized beds in dorm rooms, both on campus and in off-campus housing. There are certain bunk bed models that are compatible with these types of mattresses as well.
  • Single adults – Typically, all bed Full size and under are designed for the comfort of a single sleeper. If you live alone, a Queen-sized bed can occupy too much space, which makes a Full mattress a much better option.

What’s it Made From?

A Full bed is generally available in all the materials and material combinations that you’re used to seeing in just about any type of mattress. You have your foam beds (made entirely out of foam but with layers that have foam of different densities and firmness levels), latex beds (either made from pure latex or latex foam and which are typically more eco-friendly and durable), hybrids (mattresses that combine different types of materials in their construction and usually have upper layers made from foam and/or latex and a core made from coils), innerspring beds (they are made mainly from coils and are quite advanced compared to what old innerspring beds used to be like), and airbeds (they have internal chambers that are filled with air and they allow you to make the bed softer/firmer).


If you own or are considering of purchasing a Full bed, you should know that most bed sheet manufacturers have their products available in Full size as well. That means that you can find everything from fitted to flat sheet for this mattress size. You can also purchase mattress protectors but note that all brands have made theirs available in a Full size.

Be sure to check the pockets of the fitted sheet before buying it. You have to make sure that the depth of the pocket matches the height profile of your Full bed. Another important thing to keep in mind is that most bed sheet sets sold for this particular bed size will only come with one pillowcase.

All about the Queen Bed

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The Queen-sized bed is situated right between the Full and the King-sized ones in the sizing chart. It is a mattress mostly designed for couples but also for people who sleep alone and have medical problems that would require more bed room for easier turning.


The most noticeable difference between a Full and a Queen bed is the size. The standard dimensions for a Queen-sized bed are 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length. Naturally, the profile of the mattress (also referred to as height or thickness) will vary from one model to another. Some Queen mattresses are as thin as 7 inches, while others can measure up to 18 inches in height.

Who’s it For?

Those of you who are fiddling with the idea of investing in a Queen-sized bed might not be sure if this product is right for you or not. Who are Queen beds designed for, anyway?

  • They are typically the most common choice for couples that, for one reason or another, don’t require a King or Cal King bed. Queen mattresses are the most common ones sold across the globe, as they can easily accommodate to average-sized sleepers. However, for couples with limited mobility or those that require more bed space, a King-sized mattress might be a more suitable option.
  • Being one of the most common-sold beds on the market, Queen-sized products are often on sale, being a good option for people looking for bargain buys. There are plenty of companies that offer their Queen-sized mattresses for really good prices throughout sales periods scattered throughout the year, so it might be worth keeping an eye out for such a sale if you are on a limited budget.
  • They are also good for people who sleep alone and need a larger bed due to problems such as injuries. It is often recommended that injured patients sleep in their own bed because it allows them to move around in a more generous space during their recovery period.

What’s it Made From?

To spare you from having to read the same thing all over again, we are just going to mention that Queen-sized beds are generally made from the same wide range of materials that are used to make Full beds as well. However, it’s important to note that due to its larger size, the construction of a Queen mattress might differ compared to its Full-sized counterpart. For example, a mattress that comes with a support core made from coils will naturally have more coils in its Queen version compared to the number of coils concealed in a Full-sized version.


The accessories available at your disposal if you own or are thinking of buying a Queen-sized bed are pretty much similar to those that are available for Full-sized beds as well. If you want to buy a Queen-sized bed, you can find everything from fitted sheets to waterproof protectors designed to prolong the lifespan of your mattress by shielding it from any accidents. Almost every bed sheet set sold in a Queen size comes with two pillowcases, as opposed to a Full-size set that generally has only one pillowcase.

Which One Is Better for You?

In order to determine which of these two mattresses is more suitable for you, you will have to consider the following:

  • Whether or not you share the bed with someone. Full-sized mattresses are too crammed for more than one person, but Queen beds are just right for the situation. Of course, some couple might even require something larger than a Queen, something more like a King-sized bed. Even if you sleep alone, mattresses are often a long-term investment and people don’t just buy them that often.
  • Your height. A Full mattress measures 75 inches in length, while the same mattress in a Queen-sized version will measures 80 inches. Those 5 inches make all the difference in the world if you are a tall person, so even if you sleep alone, the Queen bed might be a better option for you.
  • Your budget. Needless to say, the size of a bed will always influence its end price. If you don’t have that much money to spend, you have two options: either wait for a sale on the mattress that you have your heart set on or buy the Full-sized version of that mattress instead of the Queen one.


Full and Queen-sized beds typically address different sleeper segments. Couples will never invest in a Full bed because it simply doesn’t offer enough space for two people to sleep on comfortably. They are also more expensive because they are larger in size. In the end, it doesn’t matter which type of bed you choose because every good mattress manufacturer out there will have their models available in both sized, along with the other standard bed sizes we have come to know: Twin, Twin XL, King, and Cal King.