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A “Welcome Home” Design – Our Guide For The Most Alluring Front Porch Chairs

You spend hours designing your living room or analyzing the kitchen appliances. So you should ensure the outside of your home is as cozy and welcoming as the inside. Nothing says “make yourself comfortable” more than some carefully selected front porch furniture.

porch chairs

In today’s article, we take you through some basic design principles. This should help you sketch your vision of the ideal porch and learn how to choose the right furnishing. We bring a selection of 12 most appealing and comfortable front porch chairs. We explain the upsides and limitations for the most common styles and materials used. After going through our guide, you should have a clearer idea of what suits your entry patio or porch best. Get cozy and enjoy reading.

How To Choose Your Front Porch Chair

Your home’s design should express your personality. And that includes event your front porch. Make a great entrance in front of any guest with stylish and practical outdoor furniture. But don’t get lost in the details or cram all your space until there is not enough room to swing a cat.

Here are some tips to ease the process choosing your front porch chairs and more.

  • Find a purpose for the furniture.

Think about what you want to use that entry space for. Decide if you just want a relaxing spot for your afternoon tea or an area for your kids to be jumping around safely. Or perhaps you want a corner for enjoying your newspaper and coffee in the morning. Once you know what the main function of your entryway is, the rest becomes easier.

  • Choose a focal point for the area.

Whether it is a simple colorful pillow on a rocking chair or a mesmerizing entry mat, you need a central element. Having one main point of interest will make it easier to choose the rest of the decorating items.

They will simply gravitate or complement this primary point. You can be as creative and innovative as you want. Combine the neutral tones with a splash of color, under any form. From rugs, pillows, flower pots, even the front door, anything can be that vivid piece to liven things up.

  • Stay true to the architecture of your house.

The front porch furnishing should favor a welcoming vibe, not an uncanny sensation. Try to blend your ideas while considering the materials, colors, and design of your house. Your patio or porch should feel like a natural extension of your home.

  • Don’t be afraid to accessorize.

Furniture is just the first step, but the beauty is in the details. Give that rustic vibe with a traditional rug, or make it all cozier with some cushions and plants. Turn your porch area into that safe haven where you can unwind on lazy afternoons.

Different Types of Porch Chairs

If you still feel lost in the ocean of choices, let us narrow things down a bit for you. Here are the most common types of front porch chairs.

Scan this description to figure out what would you like for your home.

  • Adirondack Chairs

Classical, affordable and long-lasting, these wooden armchairs are the crowd’s favorite. They usually have a seat that inclines downwards towards the sloping back.

  • Rocking Chairs

Nothing could make the child in you happier when reading the newspaper than a rocking chair. Comfortable and fun at the same time, these are a great addition and can let you unwind. Add some cushions for better support and spend your hours rocking.

  • Benches

Sharing is caring, so why not share your entryway space with your family or friends? A well-constructed bench not only provides safety and comfort, but also looks stunning. If you have back problems, consider getting a curved seat bench, to reduce the pressure of your spine. With some comfy cushions, you can even take a quick nap on the bench when no one is around.

  • Gliders

If rocking chairs make you feel uncomfortable, how about a glider? Providing a balanced back-to-front movement, they allow you to relax at your own pace.

  • Swings

With or without lullabies, a swing easily becomes the family’s favorite spot outside. You can enjoy the sunrise, read your favorite book or just watch the clouds float by from your swing.

Best Front Porch Chairs

To get that enticing vibe you want for your porch area, we prepared a selection of 12 chairs, just for you. Explore the table below for a quick overview or read below the details. Choose your future relaxing throne. Let’s see what beckoning options lay ahead.

1. Gean Traditional Glider Bench

porch chairs

The Gean Traditional Glider Bench will beckon you to sit down and relax. It fits a traditional design or any entryway like a glove. High-quality and long-lasting, this glider bench is the result of skillful handcraft. Made in Pennsylvania, this western red cedar masterpiece adds a note of elegancy to any porch or yard. When classical meets comfortable, you find this glider bench to be the answer.

2. Nelsonville Classic Adirondack Rocking Chair

porch chairs

The Nelsonville Classic Adirondack Rocking Chair combines durable, simple and elegant design. Get the best furnishing for your porch area, starting with this set of two rocking chairs. With up to 10 color options, these amazing chairs come with a 12-year warranty. You know they are for sure built to last and make your entryway look fabulous. Add some comfy cushions and enjoy rocking on for hours.

3. Shaker Porch Rocking Chair Set

porch chairs

The Shaker Porch Rocking Chair Set proves that there is only one thing better than a rocking chair. That is, of course, two rocking chairs and a side table. Because this way, you get to enjoy quality time on your porch area with someone you love. Sip your morning coffee or glass of wine after dinner and relax.

This set will withstand any kind of weather and comes with a long-term warranty. Consider it a great legacy to leave to your children or just something to enjoy for many years to come. Choose one of the seven colors to match or strike a chord on your entryway. Keep rocking on, as these chairs have a 20-year residential warranty.

4. Calvin Rocking Chair with Cushions

porch chairs

The Calvin Rocking Chair with Cushions (Set of 2) have all you need to unravel. Swaying on your porch gets even better thanks to the cozy foam cushions attached to each chair. Baby or not, you’ll feel delighted with the comfortable rock-a-bye these chairs provide. The elegant design will match any style and the black or gray chairs will blend it perfectly.

5. Siemens Outdoor Spring Rocking Chair with Cushions

porch chairs

The Siemens Outdoor Spring Rocking Chair with Cushions takes outdoor comfort to the next level. This set of two include an powder-coated steel frame, for long-lasting structure. The seat and back cushions are both cozy and designed to face any weather conditions.

Modern, functional, welcoming, these chairs will make your entryway twice as appealing. Place them next to a sofa or fit them in a corner. Easy to clean, this set of rocking chairs will resist UV, rust or any weather conditions. Rely on the for an everlasting new and modern look.

6. Rocking Chair with Cushions

porch chairs

The Rocking Chair with Cushions (Set of 2) will turn your porch area into a cozy space and add a splash of color. They merge the rustic vibes of the wicker frames with colorful cushions that stand out.

This set is simply irresistible and versatile. Place it indoors or outdoors, use it when hanging out with friends or to relax after a long day. The comfy cushions come in a variety of four colors, so you choose your favorite. Indulge yourself in your home’s most welcoming corner, embellished by these rocking chairs.

How To Care For Your Front Porch Chairs

Some manufacturers provide a long-term warranty for the outdoor furnishing. For your front porch chairs, tables or cushions to last even more here are some tips good to have up your sleeve. As the material used for the chairs varies, we share the most useful tricks for each type. This way, you will know how to keep your outdoor furniture beautiful and with a vibrant color for longer.

  • Plastic Furniture

Easy to transport, with a variety of colors and styles, plastic chairs are also a low-cost option. Opt for UV-resistant models or recycled plastic for durability and fade-resistance. To keep it clean, a mild soap solution is enough for wiping away any stains.

  • Wood

Solid, sturdy, wood is also one of the most expensive materials for outdoor furniture. Among the most long-lasting, weather-resistant wood varieties, we recommend acacia or teak. Eucalyptus is also a great option. These types of wood are also more resistant to insect attacks, thanks to their higher density. To preserve and enhance the color, try applying a sealant every 1-3 years.

  • Aluminum Furniture

Durable and at the same time lightweight, aluminum will withstand any weather conditions. If you opt for aluminum furnishing, maintenance is a breeze. You can simply wash it with mild soap and water. Make sure to wipe it well when done. Keep in mind that abrasive chemicals or cleaners can lead to discoloration.

  • Wicker Furniture

Woven wicker is a classical, popular choice for many patio owners. Keep an eye to choose the all-weather wicker if you plan to install your chair outside. The traditional version will not take rain or excessive heat too well. In order to conserve that out-of-the-box look, vacuum the wicker with the dust-brush head. You can also use a mild soap solution to scrub it down. Make sure you leave it in a well-ventilated spot to dry out.

  • For All Furniture

Keep it safe during the offseason. Store it in a dry place during the cold season, to prevent any frost damage. If you don’t have too much storage space, consider getting a foldable version of furniture. You can also try to get a weather-resistant cover to protect your chairs and table from the rain or snow.

Wrap Up

Ready to rock on? Hope our guide made you feel more comfortable with choosing your next front porch chair. Get into the swing of things reviewing our 12 most recommended items.

And let us know in the comments what is your favorite activity to do while gliding in your chair or bench. Sit back, relax and enjoy your afternoon!