6 Inspiring Makeovers Your Wardrobe Would Love

Any piece of furniture can be transformed using simple methods. Most of the times, some paint and some new hardware can do the trick. If you feel adventurous you can even try some extra modifications. Let’s say you want to give your old wardrobe a fresh look. If you think it just wouldn’t offer you the right configuration or storage options, you can modify its design. Otherwise, the usual methods would suffice.




The transformation of this wardrobe took two days and was a very low-cost project. The piece already had the right size and shape so it was only a matter of changing its appearance. The first step was to sand and then to prime the wardrobe. Then the whole piece was painted green. When the paint was dry, the doors were removed and a pattern was embroidered on them. It was just a matter of marking the right spots and then drilling a few holes. {found on designsponge}

Makeover dresser
A similar transformation can be witnessed on createinspireme. The wardrobe featured here had a mirror built into its door which was a nice feature worth preserving. After removing all the drawers, the piece was painted a vintage turquoise shade. The mirror frame was kept off-white. The drawer interiors and the back panel were lined with what seems to be patterned paper or fabric. The design matches the drawer knobs a little bit.

Wardrobe makeover
The wardrobe featured on smalltownrambler didn’t have a mirror so one was added to its design. The piece was in good shape except for a few scratches but nothing which couldn’t be repaired. After the mirror was attached to the door, the new hardware was chosen. The classical drawer pulls were primed and painted and then they were distressed. At the end, the whole wardrobe or actually chifforobe was painted with an eggshell color.

Armoire before and after through paint
As you can see, updating a wardrobe is not such a difficult project. You can give it the look you want without making any big changes. The little details really matter. For example, notice how the position of the drawer knobs was changed in the case of the armoire featured on emilyclark. Now each drawer has two knobs instead of one and the two doors have bigger and simpler pulls.

Built in closet makeover
The hardware plays an important role in giving the wardrobe the right look. So if you think the door knobs or drawer pulls don’t look exactly right, maybe you can change that with some spray paint. In addition to that, you can also try a few other things, not necessarily hardware-related. Check out howfantasticblog for an idea of how to add an elegant trim to your wardrobe.

Before and after closet reno
But what do you do if you don’t have an old wardrobe and your room only has some open hanging racks and nothing more? Well, obviously, you go find yourself a nice piece of furniture you can work with. It doesn’t have to be new or to look perfect because you can change all that. You can paint it any color you want and put on any hardware you want. Then you can also decorate it in a lot of great ways. For example, you can put plants on top of it for color. {found on thejungalow}.