Fresca Bellezza Natural Wood Vessel Sinks Vanity

I have seen many colours chosen by different people for their bathroom vanities. They range from vivid red to fading white , from elegant black to delicate pink. But somehow I seem to prefer natural wood. I think it is due to the fact that this gives the impression of nature and natural and wood has such a great natural colour! It is warm and light and makes you feel “at home”. This Fresca Bellezza Natural Wood Vessel Sinks Vanity is actually a whole set of items for your bathroom. First of all you have the wooden sink vanity that is “floating”, meaning it is fixed in the wall instead of being placed on the floor.

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It is used for storing different items you can need in the bathroom but saving space at the same time in a small apartment. Then there is the elegant and classy marble top that is water resistant and so beautiful that it makes me think I can see a sculpture by Michelangelo raising from its interior. It looks so great when combined with the natural wood of the vanity and the white porcelain bathroom sinks! Any way, you can choose the number and combination of drawers and doors, if you want only one sink or two and if the finish is to be oak tree wood or not. The set is available for $1,599 from List Vanities.