Freestyle LED Desk Lamp

If you ask me, simple is nice and I always prefer a simple thing to a sophisticated one, at least when it comes to home design. That is why i believe this Freestyle LED Desk Lamp is perfect for me. It is very simple in design, but it is a bit sophisticated when it comes to technology, which is great, as i like all sorts of electronic gadgets that have just appeared on the market. First of all this lamp has a minimalist design, which means it has very few simple lines , consisting mainly of a strong base and a long thin arm that ends with four small heads that can be combined to make several combinations of light intensity.

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This lamp is really unusual because it uses LEDs instead of normal light bulbs like all the other lamps. It uses sixty high-intensity brilliant white LEDs and that can turn the lamp into a little sun in the room. You can adjust the intensity of the light just the way you need it as there are three levels of intensity. You will love this lamp if you need focused light on a certain spot for example when drawing detailed maps on your desk, when reading or when you work at your sewing machine. Any way, the lamp is now available on Moma Store for $125.