First Star Sherwin Williams is a Great Whole-House Color

First Star Sherwin Williams is a light gray paint color that can be a basic neutral wall color. First Star shade is a great option for a whole-house color.

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What Color is SW First Star?

Sherwin William’s First Star SW 7646 is gray, it’s not top of mind when it comes to white paint colors.

A Cool Paint Color

First Star is part of several Sherwin Williams color collections, including Living Well – Create, Top 50 Colors, Cool White and Finest Whites.

With a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 69, it is a very light gray paint. The LRV scale runs from 0 to 100. indicating how much light a paint color will reflect. At the top is the whitest white, and at the other end is absolute black at 0.

First Star Undertones

The reason white paint colors can look so different is because of their undertones. First Star is a light gray hue with a hint of subtle blue undertones.

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This cool gray is not stark yet still looks modern and crisp.

Because the gray is not very strong, First Star changes in different lighting. It might look white in a room filled with natural light. On the other hand, it will look darker in a dim space.

Undertones are the reason that painting samples in your room is critical. You also have to check those samples at different times of the day, in different lighting situations.

Coordinating Colors

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First Star is such a light gray that you have many choices when it comes to coordinating colors. Sherwin Williams recommends Extra White SW7006 for a lighter paring and Ellie Gray SW 7650 for a darker one. For a stronger contrast, try Deep Forest Brown SW9175.

Other colors that are great for contrast are navy, shades of black that have a blue undertone as well as sage greens.

First Star vs. Agreeable Gray

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Agreeable Gray is one of the top neutral Sherwin Williams paint colors. It has a significant difference with First Star that is important to consider.

The main point is that Agreeable Gray trends to the warm end of the spectrum. It also has more of greige/beige undertones and won’t be mistaken for a white paint color.

Ideas for Using the Light Gray Color

First Star is a cool gray but also the perfect white? If you’re confused about this when choosing colors, look at these examples. You’ll see what this Sherwin Williams hue looks like in real rooms.

Transitional Bedroom

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This is what a neutral bedroom should be, not least of all thanks to the walls painted with First Star.

In this space, the paint looks more grey because it’s paired with very white trim. Also, the room is not very bright so it trends a little dark in this case.

Laundry Room Makeover

Laundry Room MakeoverView in gallery
CUSTOM CRAFT – Design Build Remodel

A neutral laundry room also shows the gray side of First Star SW 7646. Paired with white trim and gray flooring and cabinets, the hue looks less white and grayer.

Ceiling Style

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CDA Interior Design

First Star is a great choice for the ceiling in this airy, wide-open two-story entryway. Here too it look pretty gray even though there is plenty of natural light.

At the same time, it also trends a little to the greige spectrum.

Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary KitchenView in gallery
London Bay Homes

Now here’s an example of a room where First Star looks like a shade of white more than a gray.

The overall cool color palette is very soothing and chic, and helps temper the gray side of the paint color.

Neutral Bedroom

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Greenhouse Design Build

Here’s another stylish neutral bedroom, however the walls trend much more white in this lighting.

In fact, if you look at the interior wall on the left, the First Star paint looks grayer away from the windows.

Chic Dining Room

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Cooper West Inc

This dining room is what First Star looks like as a white paint. This is also why you can use in for the whole house.

Because the room has lots of natural light and a white palette, it trends more like a true white than a gray.

Perfect Blend for the Bathroom

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Grace + Henry Designs

Matching First Star with a dark blue is a winning combination.

The walls in this bathroom are just a touch gray and more of a grayish white color. It’s also a great combo with the gray veining in the countertop.

Beautiful for Baby

Beautiful for BabyView in gallery
Grace + Henry Designs

Pale gray might not be the first color that comes to mind for a baby’s room. However, it works very well when it trends white.

With the trend toward gender neutral color palettes for nurseries, First Star is a great idea.

Great for Shiplap

Great for ShiplapView in gallery

In most cases, shiplap gets a coat of white or off-white and that’s it. First Star is a great option, especially for a space that feels cooler, like this powder room.

The painted door is a deep aqua accent color and it pulls out the grey qualities of the paint.

Contemporary Staircase

Contemporary StaircaseView in gallery
Haus of Rowe Interiors

This bright staircase filled with natural light is stunning with the walls painted First Star.

Again, SW First Star trends white rather than light gray in this kind of lighting.

Light and White

Light and WhiteView in gallery
Sarah Harmsen 🌳SUGARMAPLEnotes

If you absolutely love an all-white kitchen, you might consider SW First Star for the walls.

This airy kitchen has them and they do look white. That’s thanks to the color palette in the rest of the room and plenty of light.

Mud Room

Mud RoomView in gallery
Shana Brumley

A monochrome mudroom is an easy refresh to do. The light in this area pulls out the hint of warmth in the beige of this cool gray paint.

This example shows how the difference in how the paint can look from room to room.

All-White Kitchen Option

All-White Kitchen OptionView in gallery
Jamie | DIY & Design

Painting the walls SW First Star in an all-white kitchen adds dimension. This is even more so if there are gray accents in the space, like these countertops.

The hint of gray pulls everything together, including the white kitchen cabinets.

Teen Bedroom

Teen BedroomView in gallery
Liz MacDonald

Gray paintS can be a good starting point for the decor in teen bedrooms like this one.

Sherwin Williams First Star has a hint of gray but is almost trending a little greige in this space. Warm accent colors and gold hardware mute the cool nature of the paint.

Open Plan Perfect

Open Plan PerfectView in gallery
Designs on Madison

Here’s another space where SW First Star trends toward paint colors that look a little more like warm gray.

The warmth of the wood floor and beams make this paint feel cozy and counter the blue undertone.

Contemporary Living Room

Contemporary Living RoomView in gallery
London Bay Homes

For a cool palette in a modern living area, you can’t go wrong with SW First Star.

It trends gray in this example because of all the cool blue and green colors and muted natural light in the space. This brings out the blue undertones in the paint, highlighting the light gray.

Cozy Living Room

Cozy Living RoomView in gallery

A smaller space full of certain neutrals can bring out the slight greige side of SW First Star.

As you can see, it still has a gray cast but any cooler elements are balanced by all the beige in the space.

Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Modern Farmhouse ExteriorView in gallery
Jennifer Garner Interiors

It’s not surprising that this great color is one of the gray paint colors popular for the exterior of a house.

Sherwin Williams First Star strikes just the right note on this modern farmhouse in the evening light.

Whole House Color

Whole House ColorView in gallery
Maison de Reve Builders LLC

Contemporary homes are ideal for using SW First Star as a paint color for the whole house.

The dark flooring is an excellent contrast and you can still see a slight hint of gray in this Sherwin Williams paint color.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What color is first star by Sherwin Williams?

First Star Sherwin Williams’ is a very light gray paint color. It is a cool color with a hint of subtle blue undertones. In some lighting situations, it can look white rather than gray.

Is Sherwin Williams First Star warm or cool?

Sherwin Williams’ First Star is a cool color. This paint color is light gray and has suble blue undertones.

What is the LRV of Sherwin Williams First Star?

Sherwin Williams SW First Star has a Light reflectance Value of 69. The rather high number means that the paint color reflects a great deal of light.

What color is SW Big Chill?

Big Chill from Sherwin Williams is another paint color that is a cool neutral that has blue undertones. Moreover, the Big Chill paint color looks more like true gray and does not trend white like SW First Star.

What colors go with First Star

First Star is a cool, pale gray with blue undertones. It is best to pair it with a true white like Chantilly Lace. For contrast, look to dark blue colors, black and shade of green like sage.


It might be tough to reconcile that a light gray paint is also the perfect white. However, just by looking at these examples you can see how versatile SW First Star is. Whether you choose to paint your kitchen cabinets or your whole house, you’ll find it can be the perfect neutral.