Anthropologie Hack: Make a Faux Metal Wall Hook

Recreate the look of pricey Anthropologie decor with this technique! By combining various art products with metallic paint you can create faux metal decor. I updated an inexpensive plastic wall hook to make it look like a chic metal Anthropologie hook. Here’s how you can do it, too.

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Supplies Used:

  • Letter Wall Hook
  • DecoArt Media Crackle Medium
  • DecoArt Media Sand Texture Paste
  • Metallic paint – Gold and Silver
  • Antiquing Cream – Carbon Black

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Step one: Spread the crackle medium over all the surfaces of the hook. Use a flat texture tool to smooth out the medium over the surfaces. The medium will crack as it dries. You just have to be patient!

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Step two: When the crackle medium has dried completely, paint the letter and the hook with metallic gold paint. Two applications of paint should suffice.

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Step three: To recreate the rusted metal look that the Anthropologie hook has, spread the sand texture paste over the center of the letter. Use a flat texture tool to apply and spread the paste as desired. Let the sand texture dry completely.

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Step four:  Paint over the dried sand texture with silver metallic paint.

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Step five:  To age the “metal” and to create a rusty, aged appearance, use black antiquing cream. I like to use a foam make-up sponge to pick up the antiquing cream and to rub it into the cracks and various textures on the project. Use a clean, dry, soft towel to wipe off any excess antiquing cream.

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Your Anthropologie hack is now complete!  Once you have all the right tools and textures  you can easily make several faux metal wall hooks. Put several together to spell a word or name, and use them to decorate and organize your mud room or entry way. Have fun crafting and creating designer inspired decorative pieces for your home!