Farmhouse turned into summerhouse by LASC studio

In Skane, Sweden it used to be an old farmhouse that at one point started getting too old for the world we live in. So it reached a moment when the owners decided to use the existing building for new purposes, in this case a summerhouse. So what it once was an old and dusty farmhouse is now beautiful and tranquil summerhouse. The project was conducted by Swedish-German architect Jonas Labbe and Dutch architect Johannes Schotanus and it was their first project since they’ve established their firm in 2007.

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The conversion wasn’t easy and it required a lot of attention to details. The new building had to be fresh and modern and it still needed to preserve the nostalgic character of the region. It also had to incorporate some essential elements, basically related to light, space and nature.The windows were quite small, as in most farmhouses, and that had to be changed. Large windows were added by basically removing over half of the interior walls and ceilings. It sound dramatic but it was a necessary step.

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The materials used are typically used in the region and they consist in concrete, pine and white plaster. The interior design was also changed to a more colorful and vibrant décor, It’s definitely a big change that had to be done. Now, where it used to be a farmhouse, there’s a cozy summerhouse with bright interiors and a new fresh look.