Fall Accents To Incorporate Into Your Welcome Wreath

While some of us may be DIYers all year long, there is something about the start of fall that revs up our crafty energy. And that begins with a welcome wreath! But for seasonal effects what can you incorporate to evoke a sense of the autumn season? Plenty of items! Check out 20 fall accents to add to your welcome wreath, DIY project and grab some inspiration as you dive in.

1. Felt

Felt Wreath for Welcoming FallView in gallery

Felt is a great addition to any fall wreath since the season relies heavily on texture and cozy feelings. And when you can create some rosettes, then you’ve got a perfect project to begin.{found on craftingmom}.

2. Wood

Wood sliced wreath artView in gallery

Wooden pieces are the perfect way to evoke fall and create a foundation for your wreath project. Embellish it or make one super simple with wood rounds.{found on findinghomefarms}.

3. Acorns

Fall acorn wreathView in gallery

This may not be an accent you’d think to use when wreath-making at first thought, but it’s perfect for the season! Texture, a pop of color and a solid foundation make a great fit!{found on housewivesofriverton}.

4. Leaves

Leaves wreath for front doorView in gallery

Even real leaves could be your calling when it comes to making a front-door piece of decor. It’s simple, easy and it truly couldn’t be any more worthy of the time of year.

5. Owl

Owl WreathView in gallery

Whether you make your wreath looks like an owl’s face or just add a small, owl embellishment to the overall design. This is a cozy, outside-the-box way to amp of the fall style!{found on diohomeimprovements}.

6. Pearls

Pearls wreathView in gallery

You may not think of pearls at first glace when brainstorming about fall decor but with this DIY idea, it totally works. It adds a fresh, feminine feel and texture too!{found on craftaholicsanonymous}.

7. Kernels

Autumn popcorn wreathView in gallery

Corn Kernels are just another unique material to help create your fall piece. It is harvest season after all, so this idea makes for a new, quintessential decorative for the house!{found on cherishedbliss}.

8. Wheat

Wheat WreathView in gallery

Whether you use real pieces or faux buys, wheat also evokes the spirit of the harvest season just like corn kernels do. And we’re loving the starburst effect of this design.{found on lifehousewife}.

9. Paper

Paper and burlap wreath craftView in gallery

Whether it’s newspaper or vintage pages from your favorite book, you can use those pieces to create your autumnal-flavored wreath. Cut out leaves or even pumpkins to adorn with!{found on thecharmofhome}.

10. Pumpkins

Pumpkins and mossView in gallery

Fix some small pumpkins to your setup and design for the ultimate fall feel. And you can play around with colors and shapes when going forward with this idea.

11. Berries

Simple Fall Wreath DIYView in gallery

Grab some berries – cranberries preferred – and create a vine of fall color! It’s simple, it’s cozy and you can add extra embellishments to your delight.{found on simply-nicole}.

12. Pine Cones

Pine Cone Wreath with GoldView in gallery

Just like with the acorns, you can use pine cones in the same way. Creating a foundation rich and full of texture is key to developing the right kind of foundation.{found on zitzmanfam}.

13. Pom Poms

Pom Pom Power WreathView in gallery

Pom poms work all year round but especially in warm, autumn tones. This is a great project to get the kiddos involved in and have a family evening of crafting.

14. Mason Jars

canning jar lids wreathView in gallery

Mason jar tops are at the forefront of this snazzy wreath project. All you’ll need to pick out are the right colors and prints of ribbon and washi tape.{found on tatertotsandjello}.

15. Flowers

Flowers WreatjView in gallery

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t use floral accents. Sunflowers and the right kind of greenery can make a beautiful, seasonal look for the door.{found on blessedbeyondcrazy}.

16. Words

Happy fall wreathView in gallery

“Welcome,” “Fall,” and other easy phrases can create a cozy feeling on the door. Wooden letters, painted pieces and more can come together to dress your wreath project.{found on etsy}.

17. Raffia

Raffia WreathView in gallery

We don’t hear about using raffia enough in our opinion, because look at what you can create! It’s got a warm and welcoming, fall vibe and super stylish too!{found on stonegableblog}.

18. Twigs

Twigs WreathView in gallery

You can create another starburst feature by collecting some twigs out in the yard and using them as the foundation for your rustic-inspired, fall creation.{found on thefirstyearblog}.

19. Yarn

Yarn wreathView in gallery

Perfect for embellishing or adding color, yarn is another material that works to create a autumnal spirit. And we love the multi-colored style of this piece!

20. Burlap

Burlap Wreath DIYView in gallery

Burlap is another great material to add to your fall wreath creation. It’s a beautiful, textural material and it’s super versatile, fitting into an array of homes.{found on craftaholicsanonymous}.