Eva Zeisel 3 Frame Set

Homes are supposed to be personal and private and to make the people inside them welcoming and nice, warm and unique. That is why we all spread our belongings in our homes, leaving personal and distinct marks behind. These marks are photos and personalized gifts, items that only you can have in the whole world – like your family pictures or drawings of your kids. These things are more important and valuable than any other presents or riches. This Eva Zeisel 3 Frame Set is one such example of simple yet refined thing that can turn out to be really important for you. The frames are designed by the so famous Eva Zeisel and are very simple and graceful in design.

Wexel Eva 3 540x540View in gallery

The frames are made of acrylic and are meant to be hanged or better said mounted on the wall. But they have a very simple and effective way of holding the photos tight to the frame. This system uses very strong magnets and the frames seem to float in midair. The frames have nice and gentle curves that follow natural lines and show some great artistic eye of the person who designed them. If you like these frames you can buy them now for $119,99 all three.