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Get the Right Epoxy Resin for Your Wood Projects

There’s something about epoxy resin that’s just so…magical. It can be used for a plethora of purposes, from wood protection and coating to casting—and it looks fabulous no matter its application!

Epoxy Resin for Your Wood Projects

That said, epoxy resin tends to be rather expensive and using it can be a finicky process. This makes it crucial that you purchase a high-quality resin before you even think about starting on your next project! A quality epoxy resin will be easy to apply, durable when cured, and preferably mix well with pigments.

With so many options on the market today, how can you know which ones are worth your time and hard-earned money?

That’s where we come in!

In this article, we’ll introduce you to five of the best epoxy resins on the market today to make your decision-making just a little easier. Because we’ve included a variety of resin options, you’re bound to find exactly what you need.

But first, some inspiration.

DIY Wood Projects Using Epoxy Resin

If you’re shopping around for epoxy resin, we’re willing to bet you’re the crafty type. To get your creative juices flowing, have a look at these fun DIY projects and make plans to create an epoxy resin table of your own!

Blue Resin Wood Table Top

DR CRAFTY Clear Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Resin Kit Art Resin

With a slab of black walnut wood, a few tools, and high-quality epoxy resin, you can make your very own blue resin table. The end result of this project is a simple but unique “river” resin table that you’ll be so excited to showcase in your living room or gift to a family member.

To get started, you’ll need some specific tools, products, and materials on hand:

  • Black walnut slab
  • Track saw
  • Track clamps
  • 20” planer
  • Blue epoxy pigment
  • Pearl epoxy pigment
  • Liquid Glass Epoxy
  • Paddle mixer
  • Threaded inserts
  • Scraper
  • Flush cut saw
  • Angle grinder (and a wire wheel)
  • Respirator
  • Propane torch
  • Dovetail jig
  • Rotex
  • Finish sander
  • Vacuum clamps
  • 1/8” roundover
  • Trim router
  • Wood finish
  • Mold release

There are several steps involved in making a resin table, so here’s just a quick breakdown:

The first step is to cut the black walnut slab right down the middle. You will then smooth the edges and use an angle grinder on each piece of wood. Now seal the edges with epoxy and place the two wood pieces inside a mold lined with mold release.

The next step is to create the colored epoxy mix. Simply measure out the epoxy and hardener, add your pigment of choice (blue and pearl white are used in this example), and mix well.

Once the epoxy is mixed, you will pour it into the mold so that it fills the area between the two wood pieces. It will spill over a little bit, so just brush the overflow around the sides. Wait 12 hours, and then very lightly mix the top layer of the epoxy to form patterns. It’s important to do this before the mix has hardened, and to not mix too deep into the mixture (which will cause bubbles you can’t pop). If any bubbles appear on or near the surface, use a blowtorch to pop them.

After the epoxy has completely set, you should sand the edges of the table, touch up any imperfections on the surface, and add a gloss or finish of your choice (sanding in-between coats).

To make the legs, you can cut wood pieces and form them into two equal rectangles which will then be screwed onto the table.

And there you have it! A gorgeous resin table to show off, give away, or sell for some extra cash!

Resin River Wood Table

DR CRAFTY Clear Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Resin Kit Art Resin

This table is created similarly to the one above, but this one uses a different base design and a couple of different techniques concerning the resin. You’ll love the ‘one-piece’ end result that allows the “river” to form a waterfall down the table base!

You’ll need a variety of tools, products, and materials:

  • Epoxy resin
  • English yew wood (with waney edge)
  • Translucent tainting pigments
  • Double-sided flash release tape
  • Polypropylene sheet
  • Polishing compound and oil
  • Variety of tools and safety equipment
  • Abrasives
  • Spreader and mixing sticks
  • Mixing cups and buckets
  • Epoxy adhesive
  • Hot-melt glue gun
  • Digital scales

To begin, you will cut and prepare the wood slab as described in the previous project and place the cut pieces in a mold.

Now, mix a good amount of epoxy resin (and hardener) with the pigment of your choice. You will pour the epoxy resin into the mold in three stages:

A base layer

Before pouring, remove the wood pieces from the mold. This layer is meant to be underneath the wood, in order to limit the development of bubbles. The resin should cover the entire mold base. You should also use the resin to fill any cavities or imperfections of the waney edge. Let the base layer set until it has thickened a little bit: it should not be “tacky” but not completely set.

The first layer of the “river.”

Place the wood pieces onto the base layer and clamp them down. Now pour the first “river” layer into the mold and use a blowtorch to remove bubbles. Let it set until it reaches that semi-thick texture.

The second layer of the “river.”

Now repeat the second stage to form the third layer. If it overfills, you can brush the overflow along the sides.

Now use a router or other tool to make the table surface smooth. After this, you should sand the table as well.

To make the legs of the table, measure them out on the wood slab and miter each one at a 45-degree angle. On each side, bring the angles together to 90 degrees and bind the joints with epoxy adhesive.

All that’s left is to polish the table, stand back, and admire the product of your hard work!

Epoxy Coffee Table with Walnut Slabs and LEDs

DR CRAFTY Clear Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Resin Kit Art Resin

This epoxy resin table is created using similar tools, materials, and methods as the previous ones, but it features a unique design that will make a striking addition to any room. It uses three wood pieces to create a more detailed and fun flowing river look and features a welded metal base.

The first step is to break your slab of wood into three pieces. Making each slab a different size and shape is a great way to add some whimsy to the table’s final look. Once the pieces are cut, you’ll need to sand, plane, and joint them so that they’re the same thickness and the tops are flat. You should also chip away the bark. Place the pieces in a mold and clamp them down.

Now it’s time to make the epoxy resin mixture: just mix the epoxy resin (and hardener) with the pigment of your choice (blue is used here). Pour the epoxy, letting it flow over a little bit, and brush the overflow along the sides. Let it set for a few days and then take it out of the mold.

You’ll need to sand the table, trim any seepage, break the sharp edges off the table, and fill/sand any cavities or imperfections.

To make the base, measure the metal pieces, cut them using a saw, and weld them together into one large rectangular base. You’ll also want to remove the scale from the metal and finish it with a protective coat. You’ll use threaded needles to attach the base to the table.

Finally, you add the LED strip lights to the bottom of the table, using Velcro to attach the battery packs.

There you have it: a fun, original, and very attractive epoxy resin table!

Simple Resin River Wood Table

DR CRAFTY Clear Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Resin Kit Art Resin

You can make this simple but gorgeous table using many of the same tools and methods described for the previous projects.

The first thing you’ll want to do is level the walnut wood using a milling machine. Once it’s leveled, you should make marks on the wood where you want to cut and then saw the wood as desired. Use a chisel to take the bark off from around the edges and then place in a mold.

Use epoxy resin to fill any cavities in the wood and then brush it over the rest of the wood. Now, mix a large quantity of epoxy resin (and hardener) with the desired pigment and pour into the mold. Let it set for about a week.

Now it’s time to remove the mold and mill over the table a second time. You should also sand it and brush it with wax for protection.

To make the legs, make marks on the metal pieces you plan on using and then saw. These pieces will be welded into two separate rectangular shapes which will be screwed onto each end of the table. Finally, you should also apply a protective finish to the metal legs.

Epoxy Resin Wood Table Project

DR CRAFTY Clear Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Resin Kit Art Resin

Want to try your hand at something a little different? Then you’ll enjoy putting together this epoxy resin table, which features olive wood cut into numerous pieces. You can make this yourself using many of the same tools and methods described for the previous projects.

To start, cut the olive wood into multiple pieces using a bandsaw, chip away the bark, and position them inside a mold. Now brush resin over each wood piece (starting with the edges) and clamp them down.

Mix epoxy resin (and hardener) with the pigment of your choice and pour into the mold. Get rid of any bubbles using a blowtorch or similar tool. After 24 hours, mix and pour a second layer and use a blowtorch to remove the bubbles. At this point, you can add some sprinkles to the resin and mix it in. Let it cure for two days.

Once the epoxy resin mix has cured, take the mold off. Now use a router to smooth both sides of the surface and the upper edge. Make the table perfectly round and use a thin layer of resin to fill any cavities or gaps, using a blowtorch to get rid of the bubbles.

Sand the table’s surface, spray it with a liquid polyester and two parts liquid polish, and use wheatgrass to make the surface shiny.

Finally, make the table base, attach it to the center of the table, and apply some color polish to it.

This is such a unique piece, and you’ll love showing it off to friends, family, and fellow DIYers!

The Best Epoxy Resins for Wood

Feeling inspired? To help you get started on your epoxy resin table faster, we’ve hand-picked five of the best epoxy resin kits you can find on the market today. Each of these products features a high-quality formula that’s sure to make your project shine—so pick your favorite!

1. Clear Table Top Epoxy Resin Coating for Wood Tabletop

DR CRAFTY Clear Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Resin Kit Art Resin

This versatile epoxy resin coating kit from Pro Marine Supplies can be used for any nmber of projects, but is best used for smaller tasks due to its fast curing time. The kit includes two half-gallon containers: one containing the epoxy resin and the other containing the hardener. You can work on your next project with peace of mind, knowing that this mixture will help protect the wood from UV radiation and scratches—it even works to eliminate common issues such as craters and fisheyes. You’ll also appreciate its self-leveling capabilities, which will take a lot of the stress out of epoxy resin setting! Best of all, it lends an attractive high gloss finish to any project.

2. Superclear Premium Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy Pourable Resin

DR CRAFTY Clear Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Resin Kit Art Resin

From one of the top names in the epoxy resin market, this premium epoxy resin kit is ideal for projects of any size and is specially designed to mix well with pigments for a lovely finish. This kit is made in the United States, and it comes with a half-gallon of epoxy resin and another half-gallon of hardener. This self-leveling formula is designed to protect your project from UV radiation, water, and scratches—it’s also specially crafted to prevent excessive yellowing when used outdoors. With a high gloss finish and so much potential, this is a set you have to try!

3. DR CRAFTY Clear Epoxy Resin Art Resin Epoxy Clear 2 Part Epoxy

DR CRAFTY Clear Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Resin Kit Art Resin

For an affordable price, you can purchase an epoxy resin kit with everything you could possibly need. This set from DR. CRAFTY features not only epoxy resin and hardener, but also measuring cups, a spreader, and plastic mixing sticks. The formula boasts anti-yellowing capabilities as well as great durability and UV protection, so you can rest assured knowing that the results of your hard work will be protected—and looking great—for years to come. Extra items, superior protection, and a low price point…what’s not to love?

4. Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin One Gallon Kit | MAS Table Top Pro

DR CRAFTY Clear Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Resin Kit Art Resin

Whether you’ve been using epoxy resin for years or are just getting ready to attempt your first project, know that this table top epoxy resin from MAS has you covered. This kit includes a half-gallon of epoxy resin and another half-gallon of hardener, as well as a brush and spreader. You can use this self-leveling, high-gloss resin on any number of projects—and do so with ease! That really is the X-factor here: not only is this resin easy-to-use by design, but the set also comes with a user guide to ensure you know exactly how to use this product for the best results. Why not order your kit today and get right to work?

5. DR CRAFTY Clear Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Resin Kit Art Resin

DR CRAFTY Clear Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Resin Kit Art Resin

Did you love the features of the 64-ounce DR. CRAFTY kit, but don’t need that much resin? Then this smaller, more affordable 16-ounce version is definitely worth a look!

It includes epoxy resin, hardener, measuring cups, mixing sticks, and a spreader. This kit is ideal for smaller-scale projects (such as making jewelry or trinkets) and it’s easy enough for anyone to use—even first-timers! You’ll also appreciate its anti-yellowing formula, which ensures your items or art pieces will look fantastic even after mild sun exposure. See how easy and effective this resin kit is for yourself!


Because using epoxy resin can be a delicate process—and because your time and money are valuable—it’s important to purchase the best kit you can afford. We did our best to outline the best products on the market, with a range of features and at different price points.

But if you’re not quite satisfied with these options, we encourage you to continue looking for your perfect match. Trust us: Your next DIY project will thank you. Until next time, happy shopping! And good luck with your epoxy resin table.