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Improve Your Home with an Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan

Are you looking for ways to cool down your home and save money on your energy bills? You’ve landed in the right place today, because we will be talking about energy-efficient fans. Energy-efficient fans are definitely growing in popularity because they have motors that are designed to produce more power and less energy, thus saving money on energy bills. 

Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan

While it may feel like they’re expensive at first, they are in return a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to keep cool. Read on to see why you should get one and see all the best ones on the market. Even if you don’t like the ones we’ve recommended, we also will tell you what to look for in them and more.

Top 3 Picks

Best Overall: Minka Ceiling Fan

The Minka Ceiling Fan is energy efficient that costs just $5 a year if it’s run nonstop on low speed. It also has smart features and uses LED lighting.

Best Quality: Big Ass Fans Ceiling Fan

The 52” Haiku fan by Big Ass Fans is one of the best quality ceiling fans because it’s made out of real moso wood and high-quality aluminum. There’s also five layers of bamboo that are equivalent to high quality steel on the blades. This fan also has smart features and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Best Bargain: Latitude Run Ceiling Fan

The Latitude Run Ceiling Fan is definitely worth considering because it’s high quality and it’s one of the cheapest fans out there.  The blades are reversible and there is a remote control that comes with it to control the speed and light.

What is an Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan?

An energy-efficient ceiling fan with lights gives you just 60% less energy versus a traditional ceiling fan. They usually have motors and blade designs that make the fan energy efficient. They usually also feature the ability to reverse the directions so that you can run the fan anytime. Some energy-efficient fans actually have Smart features and most of them come with a remote so that you can control the speed and lights.

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Understanding What CFM Means

CFM means cubic feet per minute.  It can also be referred to as airflow rates. In English, it means how much the air moves. It is measured when the ceiling fan is on the highest speed, and it uses the volume of the air and at the rate that it moves. But what’s important is the greater the cfm, the more air that will be produced and the cooler the room will be.

Understanding What Watts Are

Watts can be described as a mile per hour. In the electrical world, watts are based on mile-per-hour measurement. It basically tells you how fast the electrons are going. It measures kilowatt-hours that you’re used to seeing on your electricity bill. Energy can be defined as a capacity to do all the work such as creating heat, light or motion.

The more watts that it’s putting out, the more energy is required.  That’s why today there is technology and advances to make more energy-efficient appliances and lights so that the object can consume less energy, saving money on energy bills.

What to Look for in an Energy-Efficient Ceiling Fan

CFM Matters

CFM matters because you want a fan that can produce the most power that uses less energy. If there isn’t enough airflow, it will have to work harder and use more energy. So, you’ll want to look for an energy efficient ceiling fan that has a fairly high CFM.

Electricity Usage

You’ll want to know what the watts are on the fans (the lighting part) so that you can decide if that’s the right fan for your home.  You’ll want to choose one that supports LED lighting, which has the same amount of power as regular lights but uses energy smartly.

Size Matters

The bigger the blades, the more space it can cool down. If you get a smaller fan, you’ll obviously use it for a smaller room. Otherwise, you’ll want to look for a fan that fits your room needs.


A lot of energy-efficient ceiling fans have a remote control. It means you can control the fan’s settings with the remote. Some even have smart features, to where you can control from the app.  The energy-efficient fans with the features will obviously cost more than just the simple ones.

8 Best Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan

We are starting off with the Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan that’s perfect for most larger rooms. Its blades span out to 60 inches, but there are other size options by this manufacturer should you need a smaller or bigger one.  There are also different colors that you can choose that match your decor. 

The blades are made from high quality balsa wood and the rest of the fan is made from high quality steel.   It is a multi-speed that you can control and its very quiet no matter which speed you end up using. This ceiling fan has a remote to control the six speeds on the fan. You can install this fan for either indoors or outdoors as it’s basically damp-proof.  The motor on the fan is extremely quiet and it will help you save at least 50% or more off of your energy bill when you use the fan instead of the air conditioner.

What customers are saying:

“This is the most beautiful fan I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe it’s in my house.”

“Put this 88″ fan in our 16’x18′ covered deck and it is excellent. The smooth quiet operation did not need any balancing on install, and with the size even on low speeds it moves enough air to cool everything down. This is exactly what I wanted so that it’s not blowing everything everywhere but cools a large area.”

“What a great fan! A fantastic statement piece for any room.”


  • Made out of real balsa wood
  • Comes in variety of sizes and colors
  • Damp proof


  • Some users have said there isn’t good airflow from these fans

Latitude Run Ceiling Fan

Latitude Run Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for a modern looking fan, you’ll like the Latitude Run 44” 3 blade ceiling fan. It also comes with a remote control so that you can control the speed and turn on the light. A unique feature about this fan is that it is extendable, so if you need it to be low light or full light you can control that with the remote.

Another feature about this fan and the blades is reversibility if you need to work in the opposite direction. If you have a ceiling that is slanted, you can install this van without any issues. This fan is rated energy efficient with a max airflow of 7500 CFM.  This fan will help you save a lot of money on your energy bills plus it compliments any room. You have a choice between black or white for colors that you can choose from.

What customers are saying:

“This fan is great, its sleek design makes it fit into my house and update the space so easily, now I just need to get the rest of the kitchen done!”

“Nice modern and sleek design. It goes great in our modern farmhouse decor. I will definitely recommend an experienced person to install. I have a super handy husband and he was able to install in less than an hour. Quick shipping!”

“I ended up putting it in the sun room which works perfectly.”


  • Modern and sleek design
  • Remote control that can control light and speeds
  • Reversible blades


  • Might be difficult to install which results in getting someone to install it

Axis Blade Outdoor LED Smart Ceiling Fan

Axis Blade Outdoor LED Smart Ceiling Fan

If you need an outdoor fan, you’ll love the Modern Forms 52-inch ceiling fan. It has three blades that are made out of high-quality materials. The fan comes in three different colors that you can choose from that would fit with your personal tastes.  The style is very minimalistic, but it is a smart fan as well, as it has its own app that you can download.

You can control the fan’s speeds, dimming levels, and whether to turn on or off. The catch is though, you’ll need to purchase a Bluetooth wall control separately in order to use the app.  It is Energy Star rated, and it has a maximum airflow of 4813 CPM.  If the blades get wet, you don’t have to worry as it can take some moisture without damage.  The Modern Forms ceiling fans come with shade, blades and a light kit.

What customers are saying:

“We installed these fans in 4 bedrooms in our new modern farmhouse style lake house. The best part is that we can control each fan through a light switch installed on the wall and through an app on our phones! I’m literally in bed and don’t have to get up.”

“I’m very happy with the purchase of this ceiling fan! It’s so sleek and sharp. I can’t believe how easy it was to install and it’s by far the quietest fan I have ever come across. Highly recommend it! 5 Stars.”

“Absolutely love the Modern Forms 52 smart fan. Simple things like fan speed controlled by voice using Alexa or other smart apps. Great addition to our rapidly growing smart home.”


  • Has smart features with Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth
  • Minimalistic style
  • Energy star rated


  • Need to purchase a Bluetooth wall control separately to use the app

Matthews Irene Ceiling Fan

Matthews Irene Ceiling Fan

If you want to add to your rustic look in the house or enclosed patio, you’ll love the Matthews IR3H 42” Ceiling Fan. Made out of real wood, and other high-quality materials such as aluminum and alloy steel, this fan is extremely durable. This fan can take some moisture if your patio isn’t 100% enclosed.

It has three blades, but it still packs a powerful CFM 3742 for the max airflow rate. There are a variety of other colors and two other sizes if you need a fan that’s a bit bigger. This fan has wall control where you can control the 6 speed DC motor, lights and turn it on or off. It also has a remote as well that you can use to control that. With this fan, being energy efficient, is also extremely quiet, which is pleasant for most people. The blades are reversible if you want the airflow in a different direction.

What customers are saying:

“Wow, this fan is really gorgeous! And it’s a ceiling fan! Really! We hired an electrician to do some other work and he installed this for us. And believe me, he was impressed.”

“Functionally, it is very well balanced, smooth and quiet. One pleasant surprise was inclusion of in-wall wireless control in addition to remote control. While more expensive than others, the fan was well worth it. Several folks who’ve visited have made unsolicited positive comments about the fan.”

“I used the product in my living room, and I could not be more pleased with my decision. I was a bit apprehensive about the price but when I got the product delivered and saw how well made it was and the simplistic look, I was so happy with my decision. You really do get what you pay for.”


  • Made out of real wood
  • Can be used outside
  • Extremely quiet
  • Easy to set up


  • Some users have said the fan has quality control issues thus returning it

Minka Aire Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire Ceiling Fan

If you want an aesthetically pleasing-looking fan, you’ll love the Minka’s AIRE 60” ceiling fan. This fan has three blades, and it has a very sweet look that would be perfect in any room. There is a large light fixture hanging just below the center that uses a 16-watt LED light.

A unique feature about this fan is that it pairs with smart home technology so that you can connect Google home, Amazon Alexa, Nest and Ecobee. The Minka Aire Sleek is energy star rated which has an air flow rate of 5655 CFM. It costs $5 a year to run if you don’t use the light.

What customers are saying:

“Appearance-wise, this fan looks great. As far as air movement, it is so much better than my old one. Easy to install, and it works well with Alexa, the app, and the remote. Dimmable light is also nice – bright at night, soft when all you want is just a little.”

“It’s been almost 6 months since I installed this unit… it survived the Texas summer and is still going! I’m still very happy with this purchase and also impressed with its Internet app. I use it with my google home mini using voice commands and never experienced any issues with it. 5 stars all around.”

“So, when I decided we should get a fan for the new house, he reluctantly agreed. Our criteria were for it to work with our Alexa and our Smart things app. It came quickly and we grit our teeth and got to work. To our surprise, it was so easy to put together and install. I’m happy to say that our marriage is intact, and we are enjoying the breeze this silent fan puts out.”


  • Easy to install
  • Has smart features
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Some users have reported false advertising, such as Ecobee isn’t integrated
  • Light can be like a spotlight as in it won’t provide adequate lighting for the room

Kathy ireland HOME Carrera Grande Eco Ceiling Fan

kathy ireland HOME Carrera Grande Eco Ceiling Fan

If you’re into that rustic look, you’ll definitely like the Kathy Ireland Eco ceiling fan. There are 3 size options, ranging from 54, 60, and 72 inches.  There are also 3 different color options that you can choose from to match your room’s decor. It is Energy Star rated and it uses just 33 watts when on full speed, which means that you’ll be saving money on your energy bills.  A unique feature about this ceiling fan is that it has a wall control that goes on the wall, and you can control the 6 speed from there.  

What the customers are saying:

“It’s super quiet and moves a lot of air, and I love the Energy Star rating. Subtract one star for price and lack of remote, but a great fan.”

“It has only been 1 week, but so far we are 100% satisfied. Best quality is that these fans are quiet. Even at the highest speed there is 0 noise output from the motor.”

“This is a great fan. And absolutely quiet too. At the lowest speed, there is no noise, at the next speed up you can barely hear the fan blades moving through the air – like white noise…. At the highest speed this moves a lot of air. The blades are angled so they catch and move the air!”


  • Different sizes and color options
  • Uses just 33 watts full speed
  • Wall control


  • Remote control is not included
  • Expensive for some users
  • Installation instructions can be confusing for some

Big Ass Fans Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan

Big Ass Fans Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan

Made out of Moso bamboo and aircraft-grade aluminum, the Big Ass Fans Hakiu 52” Ceiling Fan is one of the top ones that has the quality that can’t be matched. There are at least five layers of bamboo which is an equivalent of the strength of steel, so the durability is definitely there.  There are many different colors that you can choose from and there are three different sizes that you can choose if you need it for a bigger room.

The sizes are 52-inch, 60 inch and 72 inch. With that in mind, it can give a full room coverage, with the maximum air flow rate of 7673 CFM.  As far as the smart features, you can download the app on your phone or use Haikus Wi-Fi connectivity to connect to Google Home and Amazon Alexa. With either of those assistants, you can control the 7 speeds, turn on or off the lights, schedule routines and more. 

It also has a SenseMe technology that’s on the blades that can detect temperature and humidity levels and it can manage the levels. You can also access that feature on the Haiku’s app. There is a remote control that is included with this fan, so that you can control the speeds and lights. As far as energy efficiency, you can expect to save money on your energy bills.

What customers are saying:

“The most entertaining feature is the ability to set the desired room temperature via the fan app. The fan has built-in temperature and humidity sensors which monitor the room conditions. In the automatic mode the fan adjusts speed to accomplish the desired local settings. It works! Last evening, I opened the sliding door near room the fan is located and as the ambient temperature fell the speed of the fan slowed proportionally”

“The smart home stuff is great, but what makes these fans worth the price is their build quality and quiet, incredibly stable operation. Unmatched with any ceiling fan I have ever had in any of my homes.”


  • Has smart features on it
  • Has SenseMe technology that senses temperatures and humidity
  • Extremely quiet


  • Very Expensive

Matthews Hugger Ceiling Fan

Matthews Hugger Ceiling Fan

If you’ve been looking for a hugger fan due to your lower ceiling, you’ll love the Matthews EKH Eliza 56 inches ceiling fan. Made out of high-quality metal and plastic, it’s extremely durable and won’t make that loud humming noise that you typically hear from ceiling fans.  There are other sizes that you can choose if you have a different size requirement for that room and there’s different colors/finishes that you can choose from as well. 

There are 3 blades that provide a maximum air flow rate of 5236.43 CFM (if it’s on high speed) and are made out of polycarbonate.  There are 6 speeds on this fan that can be controlled with a remote control and it’s extremely easy to install. 

Please keep in mind that this ceiling fan cannot be mounted on a vaulted ceiling, and it is DAMP resistant which means some moisture can get on it without damage.  As far as being energy efficient, when on lower speed, it consumes less energy than the average ceiling fan does, saving you money in energy bills.

What customers are saying:

“This fan is exactly what I needed for my 1930’s cottage with ceilings barely 8’. The look is modern, but it does what it’s supposed to do – blend in and move a lot of air, QUIETLY.

This is a great, quiet fan that moves a ton of air. I HIGHLY recommend MATTHEWS FAN COMPANY. THANK YOU for the prompt, courteous service!”

“Looks even more beautiful than how I imagined. I got this because it reminds me of a wind turbine. You can’t hear the motor, just the quiet moving of air. Maybe at the highest speed you have to listen very close to hear any motor sound, and normally it’s completely unnoticeable.”


  • Extremely quiet motor
  • Can be used for indoor or outdoor
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Wall mount is only compatible with manufacturer’s faceplate


What is the most efficient type of ceiling fan?

The most efficient type is one that has a motor that is designed to use less wattage and provide more power smartly. These types are usually Energy Star rated, which means it’s been tested for high efficiency and uses far less energy than the traditional fans.

A perfect example of a highly efficient fan is the Minka Ceiling Fan.  Not only does it cost just $5 a year to run (without using the lights of course), it is extremely quiet when running at high speed. It also uses LED lighting to make it even more efficient.

What type of fan is most efficient?

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans circulate air throughout the room depending on its size. They work best in rooms with ceilings that are no less than eight feet high.  Larger ceiling fans can cool more than smaller ceiling fans. The more money you pay for a fan, the better the motor is, which means it’ll also move the air quietly.  Energy Star rated fans move air more efficiently than regular fans.

Window Fans

A window fan is great for a bedroom or other small rooms. It can help keep that room cool by pulling in the hot air. You will need to tightly close the window enough in order for window fans to work properly.

Do ceiling fans reduce energy costs?

A traditional ceiling fan can help save energy costs if used with an air conditioner. But an efficient ceiling fan, especially the larger ones, can help save money on energy costs due to their low energy consumption.

Bottom Line

Having an energy efficient ceiling fan can be a worthwhile investment. They not only keep the room cool, but they also use less energy and watts helping you save money on your energy bills. They are also aesthetically pleasing, which can fit in with any decor. You’ll need to do research to decide which one is best for your home and go from there. If you found this guide about energy efficient ceiling fans helpful or have any other questions about them, feel free to leave a comment below, if you like!