Embryocare clinic, Athènes

Fully furnished and decorated by the architecture studio Athenian MABarchitects. The gynecological clinic Embryocare Clinic has been designed with the idea to bring calm and serenity to expectant mothers. Between transparent surfaces that facilitate the passage of light natural tones of blue and white colors bright and minimalist decor, finding the bubble of calm in the sequel!

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It’s important to feel relaxed and calm in this type of clinics. So the design has to be as simple as possible and in quite and soft color tones. This is exactly how this clinic looks like. It has very simple furniture elements, modern and beautiful. It’s a very bright place, with soft light and very beautiful colors. The light blue is very calming, along with the white.

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It’s such a calm place. Even by looking at the pictures, you can feel your body relax. It’s like a meditation room. The clinic has a very nice atmosphere that has as a main purpose to transfer this calm energy to the persons inside. If I would be in the position where I would have to visit such a clinic for medical purposes, I would like it to look like this. The designers really took into the consideration the beneficiaries of this place, which are the future mothers to be. The simplicity of the design really stands out in a good way.