Embroidered Throw Pillow – DIY Home Sweet Home

Cozy up your bedroom or living room with this embroidered throw pillow! It makes your couch extra inviting and adds a fun pop of color to any room. I love having a couch or bed piled high with different pillows. This embroidered throw pillow is one of my favorite throw pillows on my couch because I made it myself. You can too with our instructions below.

Embroidered Throw Pillow

The embroiled home sweet home throw pillow can easily be customized, but we went with “home sweet home” and used only two different stitches because it looks simple and clean on the pillow.


Keep reading to find out how to make this home sweet home pillow!

Materials you’ll need for embroidered throw pillow:

  • Throw pillow covers
  • Embroidery thread
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Needle
  • Embroidery pen

Step By Step Embroidered pillow:

Step 1: Decide on the phrase

Figure out what phrase you want on your pillow and then if you have good handwriting write it out using the embroidery pen. If, like me, you don’t have good handwriting, then you can type out the phrase you want to use in a font you like in a blank document. Then, you can use your computer like a light table by turning the brightness up all the way on your screen and put your pillowcase on the screen. This makes it so you can see the lettering shine through and simply trace the lettering using your embroidery pen.

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Step 2: Stick the embroidery hoop

Stick the smaller of the two circles of the embroidery hoop inside the pillowcase and then put the bigger one on top so your first letter is encircled. Make sure you are inside the pillowcase or you’ll sew the whole case together when you begin to embroider!


How to thread a needle

Thread your needle with embroidery thread and tie a knot at the end of the string. Starting with the needle inside the pillowcase, poke it through the corner of your first letter and then pull the needle and thread all the way through. Bring the needle and thread back through on the other corner of that leg of the letter. You’ll keep stitching back and forth until the whole letter is filled in.


The picture below is the pillow from the inside over so you can see where to put your needle next:


Once your letter is finished, tie it off and move on to the next letter. Do this until your whole phrase is finished. For sewing the “sweet,” we used a simple running stitch. To do this, begin the same way as you did above, tying the knot and starting inside the pillowcase. Stitch in and out along the online of the word until you’ve gotten back to the start.


Home sweet home! I don’t embroidery too often so I wanted to share something that was easy enough for anyone to make but still looks amazing. You can really have a lot of fun with this craft. Comment below any fun sayings you would put on a pillow!