Embroidered Shell Decorative Throw Pillows

Many like showing their likes and dislikes, their preferences in the things around them. For example a sailor or a person who is in love with the sea will always have a marine theme in the house, something to remind them of the sea, their first love. Maybe you will see a blue wall or fish patterns on the bedding, many water themed items and , why not, some shell decorations. These Embroidered Shell Decorative Throw Pillows seem perfect. They are anything but ordinary and boring. Actually it is quite the opposite, as they immediately draw attention, no matter how little you are connected with home design.

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The first thing you notice about these pillows is the fact that they are round. I immediately thought they were perfect for hugging, comfortable and soft, great for any bed or sofa. Then, against the brownish background of the pillow you notice the beautiful embroidered shells. They all look so realistic and beautiful and somehow make you think you are on the bottom of the sea for one instance. The pillow case is made of 100% cotton twill fabric and, in spite of the general belief, it will not shrink when being washes because it has shrinkage control features. The case closes with a hidden zipper for a more beautiful look and the shells embroidered are real works of art. So if you want any of these art  pieces you can have it for $59.