Eco Set of Four Dishes

We normally use porcelain dishes when we eat every day. Sometimes, when we go for a picnic or something and we use plastic dishes instead. But now there are other options, too, options that are more environmental-friendly. I think it is better to find such solutions and use biodegradable items instead of plastic or even porcelain that degrade after a very long time. This beautiful set of dishes is made of grain husks which is a very ecological material. The set contains four items: a large bowl, a small bowl, a dinner plate and a side plate. All the dishes look great and are lightweight. There is also a possibility to add cocoa nut grounded shell and obtain the darker shade of the bowls.

EcoSource Bowl Plates SetThe dishes in this set are very beautiful, even stylish and that differentiates them from the other carton dishes that are normally used for barbecues and outdoors. These dishes are totally usable in the living room, as nobody can ever tell what they are made of. The material is very natural and the dishes are made in China. This is a family business and you can have the set shipped to you if you order it for $104.