Ingenious And Crafty Ways Of Turning Paper Into Stylish Wreaths

Wreaths can be made from a lot of things. Grapevine wreaths are among the most popular types. A lot of time foam wreaths are used and they’re decorated with all sorts of things. But there are also paper wreaths, an option rarely explored. You’d the surprised how beautiful and long-lasting a paper wreath can be. So have a look at these examples to get some ideas for your own DIY project.

Vintage Paper Wreath
Vintage Paper Wreath DIY
Vintage Paper Wreath Back

In one of the many design possibilities, all you need is a piece of cardboard, glue and some pages from an old book. Cut a cardboard circle and make a small hole at the center. Then form each book page into a cone and glue them all on the circle. When you’re done you’ll have to cover the central hole with a medallion which can also be made of paper.

Paper cone wreath

In a different design the book pages (which can also be music sheets or anything else) can be rolled into smaller cones and then glued onto an embroidery hoop. Mix in some cones made of scrapbook paper for diversity. After you cover the entire hoop with these cones, add a bow at the bottom. {found on taradennis}.

DIY paper cone wreath

A paper cone wreath can take many different forms and can be designed in a lot of stylish and interesting ways. Check out thebottomsupblog for some inspiration. In most of the cases the process is pretty much the same: cut out a cardboard circle, take some pieces of paper, make them into cones and glue them onto the circle. Stack them and combine them as you wish.

Paper dahlia wreath

Paper cones were also used for the wreath featured on starsandsunshine. This design makes the wreath look like a large dahlia. It uses blue paper in three different shades. Actually, it seems more like turquoise but you can pick any color you want for your own wreath.

Vintage wreath

If you’d rather not spend time making lots of paper cones, check out the idea offered on skonahem. Each page is lightly folded in three and then stapled onto a cardboard circle. Several layers are added to make the wreath fuller. You can choose to also add color to the wreath by using different types of paper.

Paper flowers accordion wreath

If you want to make the wreath described on trimcraft you have two options. Either try to find some paper flowers somewhere or learn how to craft them yourself. They seem like they’re pretty easy to make so this shouldn’t be a big problem. In addition to these, you’ll also need some buttons, thick cardboard and a glue gun.

Book papers wreath

The accordion-style paper flowers described above are similar to the rosettes featured on domesticallyblissful. You can check out the tutorial to find out how to make them. Then, once you have enough of these, cut out a cardboard circle and glue the rosettes on it to make a wreath which you can display on a wall or door.

Colorful paper wreath

A design that’s simple and elegant can be found on burlapandblue. The supplies needed include cardstock (around five sheets, a hot glue gun, a wreath form and scissors. You can use patterned cardstock if you have a special design in mind. Cut each sheet into strips and then into rectangles. After this cut each piece into a leaf shape. Glue them to the foam wreath one by one in layers.

Paper leaf wreath

Paper leaves can also be arranged in a sunburst pattern when crafting a wreath. As usually, it all starts with a cardboard circle. The leaves and made from book pages. Some were spray painted but you can still distinguish the writing on them. Several layers were glued onto the cardboard circle to get this look. {found on christinasadventures}

Give thanks paper wreath

You can shape your paper leaves however you want. You can give them a more detailed look and even use a pen or a pencil to draw the thin veins on them. Each leaf can be cut out from a post-it note. After you glue them all to the cardboard circle, add a ribbon bow to complete the look. You can find more detailed instructions on stjudescreations.

Fall wreath with paper

A fun thing to do can be to make different types of paper leaves and of different colors. The leaves can have different shapes and sizes and then you can combine them to make a lovely bouquet in the form of a wreath. Decorate the wreath with wheat stems or with other things you think might work in this context. {found on sinnenrausch}.

Grapevine old book wreath

As we’ve already mentioned, grapevine wreaths are very popular. So how do you make one out of paper? It seems like a complex project but it is, in fact, pretty simple. What you need for it is some pages from an old book, glue, twine and optional embellishments. Glue some book pages together to get a longer piece and then crumble it and dip it in glue diluted with water. Use several of these pieces to make the vines that will form the wreath. After you have this part, decorate it with paper flowers and other things. {found on apieceofrainbow}.