Dramatic Light Effect Bookcase Design

Forget the old bookcase structure, now is time for something more specially for your office.Graffititek bookshelf is a new design by French designer Charles Kalpakian.There aren’t standard straight lines of traditional bookshelves and all book titles will be in distort order if you put them there. It also come with mounted light lamps which have the books looks.The light help you to chose a book in the dark and also create a nice look .

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Creating a lighting system for a bookcase it’s a good idea because help you to find what you need late in night without having to turn on the light in the room.The lighting lamps are added on the bookcase so as to produce dramatic shadows.The shelves created by Charles Kalpakian are unique not found in many bookcases.You can hang on the wall or you can leave alone on the floor closer to a wall.