Fresh Design Ideas For Suspended Gardens

Creating a suspended garden is not necessarily difficult. Most of the time we just don’t think about this option. We often choose a simpler alternative like displaying our potted plants on window sills and wall shelves. But let’s forget for now about everything else and focus on the concept of hanging gardens and the various design possibilities. A suspended garden can be a beautiful feature for indoor spaces but also for the outdoors.


Outdoors, you could use a fence as a support for your hanging garden. The pots can be attached to the fence boards and that would only require a few simple materials such as some screws and hangers. The fun part would be painting the pots. You can use spray paint to give a cheerful look. Each pot can have a different color. Find out more on shannoneileenblog.

Plastic bottles planter

For your outdoor hanging garden you can recycle plastic bottles and turn them into planters. This is quite simple actually. You first need to cut the bottles. You’ll be using the top section. Take some thread and wrap it around the bottle and then make two or three holes so you can hang it. You can find a more detailed description of this idea on mamaisdreaming.

Moss hanging planter

In the case of an indoor garden, things are a little bit different. There are several interesting and stylish options you can try. One involves succulent plants, burlap, sisal and wire. Take the succulents out of the planter and get rid of the excess soil. Then shape some soil mixed with water into a ball, make a hole on one side and put the succulent in. cover the ball with burlap and wrap wire around it. Then cover the ball in sack cloth and wrap sisal twine around it. Hang it with wire. {found on annamarialarsson}

Gutter hanging planter

If you want a tiered hanging planter you should check out the project featured on placeofmytaste. The gutter hanging planter described here is easy to make. You’ll need white vinyl, something to cut it with, rope, a round wood dowel, a sharpie pen, a screw-in hook, a drill and a saw as well as gutter sections. Cut the gutter into pieces and then cut the dowel as well. Decorate the gutter pieces with the sharpie and drill holes in the corners. Thread the rope through the holes and through the dowel pieces and put vinyl end caps on the ends of the gutter sections.

Hanging shelf planter

For traditional planters you could make a custom shelf that will become a hanging garden. According to bybrittanygoldwyn you’ll need a piece of wood, a saw, wood stain, sandpaper, terracotta pots, chalky finish spray paint, glue and plastic beads. Measure the diameter of the pots’ opening and mark the center for each circle on the board. Then cut the holes and make them a bit smaller than the opening so the pots don’t fall through. Sand the piece and stain it. Attach shelf brackets and hang the shelf on the wall.

Corner hanging planter

Another option is to hang the pots from the ceiling. Instead of classical pots you can use metal bowls similar to the ones used on abeautifulmess. This project required three bowls, a drill, quick links, brass plated chain, gold spray paint, pliers and, of course, plants. Three evenly spaced holes were drilled in each bowl. The quick links and hooks were spray painted gold to match the chain and the bowl. The chain was attached to the bowl and then to the hook in the ceiling.

Square hanging planter

If you want, you can hang each pot individually as shown on fallfordiy. In each case you’ll need a wooden dowel, rope, wood glue, pot and a saw. Measure the diameter of the pot. Add to that the width of the dowel and measure that out four times along the dowel. Cut it into four sections with angled end. Glue the pieces together. Loop rope around the four corners and tie a knot at the top. You can then place the pot inside.

Woven hanging planter

The woven hanging planters featured on fallfordiy are also really beautiful and not that difficult to make at home. The supplies required for this project include wool, yarn, plant pots, masking tape, a tapestry needle and scrap paper. Fold the paper into strips and wrap them around the top and bottom of the pot. Secure them with tape. Wrap cord/ yarn around the pot moving around 1 cm in the same direction. Then you can make tassels and thread them onto the loom you’ve created. Wrap pieces of cord around the top to keep the tassels secure. Cut the cords in the middle and tie knots with them all around the planter.

Macrame hanging planter

If you like the idea of a woven planter but would prefer something simpler, check out the idea provided on forthemakers. To make these cute hanging planters you’ll need a bell cup, cotton wire, cool-aid packets, scissors and a glass bowl. Drop the bell cup into the die and create an ombre effect. Cut the twine into four equal lengths. Tie them together with a knot. Then knotting the twine pieces two by two. Place the cup at the center and hang it.

Birch hanging planter

Pockets planters are also a cute option. You can make some using recycled plastic bottles with a rounded base. You’ll also need sandpaper, a drill, spray paint, twine or rope and plants. Cut off the top of the bottle and shape the opening to give it a slight curve. Sand the edges. Drill a hole on both sides. Spray paint the outside of the bottle and thread rope through the holes. You can then add a plant and hang it somewhere. {found on ehow}.