Popsicle Stick Crafts Reveal The Versatility Of Everyday Items

Popsicle stick crafts have been the subject of several of our articles but it seems like the ideas just never end. We’re back with even more creative and unique DIY projects featuring popsicle sticks, ranging from simple to complex and from purely decorative to functional. Each one has its own charm and, although they share one thing in common, they’re all unique and special.

Craft stick flower pot

Looking for a way to add some color to an old planter? Check out Madincrafts for a great idea on how to use popsicle sticks for that. After you paint them using different colors, glue them to the exterior of the planter. In fact, you don’t even need an actual planter. You can just use a cup or any other container.

Individual popsicle sticks herb markers

Individual popsicle sticks can become herb markers for your planters. You need chalkboard paint and chalk. Paint them and then write down the name of the plant or herb on each one. This project couldn’t get any easier. {found on freutcake}

DIY Splatter Paint Popsicle Stick Runner

But let’s say you have a whole lot of craft sticks. You can use a bunch of them to make a table runner. The project is quite simple and you can find a great tutorial for it on Athomeinlove. First you arrange them all on the table and, when you’re happy with the result, use tape to connect them all. Flip the runner and use paint diluted with a little bit of water to splash the runner using a paintbrush.

Mini coasters from popsicle sticks

On Cookinglikelou you can find out how to make mini pallet coasters using popsicle sticks. The first step is to cut off the ends. Then coat the sticks with wood stain, let them dry and arrange them as shown in the pictures. Secure them together with glue. Optionally, you can coat the coasters with waterproof spray.

Framed Popsicle stick art

Popsicle stick art can also be an interesting option. Check out Thewellcraftedhome for a simple and creative suggestion. The supplies needed for the project include a frame, popsicle sticks, three different paint colors, a paint brush and some mod podge. Check out the full description of the project for more details.

make a popsicle stick garland

A different option is to make a popsicle stick garland. Of course, you’ll want your garland to stand out in some way. The suggestion offered on Parscaeli is to use a gold leafing marker. After you paint them all this way, arrange them six at a time and glue them together on a piece of cardboard. Use letter stencils and paint on each one and then thread them all on a piece of twine or rope.

Sparkly ombre popsicle stick star

The popsicle stick garland featured on Pinkstripeysocks suggests a different design. This time the sticks were used to make stars. First you spray paint them and then you use sets of five to make stars. Use a hot glue gun to secure them together. At the end, run a piece of rope through them and display the garland on a wall.

DIY Craft Stick Wreath

Wreaths are also festive and really versatile. There are tons of interesting and creative DIY designs you can try, some of which involve popsicle sticks. A cute example is offered on Babbledabbledo. The materials needed include paint in different colors, a hot glue gun and a paper plate. Draw a circle on the plate and cut out the center. Spray paint the plate if desired and dip the craft sticks in paint creating different types of visual effects. Then glue the sticks to the plate and make sure to punch a hole in the top so you can hang the wreath.

DIY Craft Stick Art Stand

A cute little decoration you can make using four popsicle sticks can be found on Ikatbag. It’s a small decoration you can offer someone as a gift or display on your desk, mantle, table, etc. You’ll need two small sticks and two smaller ones for each piece. Cut out a Y shaped piece of cardstick and glue the ends of three popsicle sticks onto it. Glue a small stick across to make an A shape. Then display a tiny frame and a custom miniature painting on it.

Bird feeder from popsicle sticks

For the birdies that gather up in your back yard or on your terrace, you can make a feeder out of popsicle sticks. There are many different designs you can try. One that’s simple and practical can be found on Tonyastaab. It requires 50 regular sticks plus a large one, outdoor paint, hemp cord and glue. Check out the full description of the project for more details.

chandelier popsicle sticks

Popsicle sticks can also be used for more complex projects such as, for example, a chandelier. Curious how such a project would turn out? You can find a detailed description on boredandcrafty. Be warned that you’ll need a lot of sticks. You’ll also need three embroidery hoops of different sizes, one for each layer.

Popsicle stick crafts clock

Other crafts, on the other hand, are a lot simpler. The wall clock featured on Hiphousegirl can easily become a project you can do on a week-end on when you’re bored and just want a break. It requires 12 popsicle sticks, paint in different colors and a clock kit. You can attach the kit to a cardboard box and attach it to the wall with tape. Then measure and mark where each needs to be placed and glue them in place.

Minimalist Turkey Candle

Other cute and simple projects have a festive air to them. For example, have a look at the turnkey votive featured on justcraftyenough. All you need for this project is three popsicle sticks and some glue. First cut five tail feathers using a utility knife. The remaining stick will be cut at an angle to make the neck of the turkey. Attach all the pieces to a candle holder as shown. This can be a cute project for Thanksgiving.

Spider web craft from sticks

For Halloween you can make popsicle stick spiderwebs. You need three sticks for each web as well as some yarn and a plastic spider decoration. Follow the instructions on Happyhourproject for more details. This can be a nice project for the kids ans the popsicle sticks can be painted using any color you want.

Craft Stick Spiderwebs

A similar project is also featured on Consumercrafts. These were painted silver and the webs are made of white yarn. The color combination is simple, stylish and versatile. Follow the tutorial to get the design just right. Of course, you could customize it if desired.

DIY frozen snowflakes

For Christmas, a cute idea can be to make popsicle stick snowflakes. You can find a tutorial for this on Armywidetosuburbanlife. The project is also suitable for kids, being so simple and fun. Just make sure you cover the table they’re working on with a large sheet of paper to avoid stains. The supplies required include popsicle sticks, glue and glitter.

Christmas wrapping gift withs popsicle sticks

Individual popsicle sticks can be used as tags for the Christmas gifts. The idea is ingenious and extremely easy to adapt. Basically all you have to do is punch two holes in the ends of each stick so you can run thread through them and wrap it around the gifts. Use a marker to personalize each tag. {found on seesawstore}.

Christmas tree ornaments from sticks and yarn

Another use for popsicle sticks involves Christmas tree ornaments. The idea is ingenious and very creative. Check out Cucicucicoo to find out how to make woven ornaments using craft sticks and colored yarn. Arrange two sticks perpendiculary to form a plus sign. Then wrap yarn around the center to secure them together. Then continue with a different color and then another until you reach the ends.

Christmas Ornament Using Craft Sticks

The cute little Santa hats featured on Buggyandbuddy are also made using popsicle sticks. This time, three sticks are enough for one decoration. Depending on how big you want the ornaments to be, decide how large the sticks should be. Use hot glue to arrange them in a triangle shape and then glue small cotton balls and white pom-poms to make them look like tiny Santa hats. Don’t forget to paint the sticks red.

tiny Christmas trees from popsicle sticks

The tiny Christmas trees featured on Consumercrafts are really lovely and can also be offered as gifts. To make them, you’ll need a bunch of popsicle sticks which you can paint or decorate with washi tape, large wooden spools, puffy paint, a foam brush, Excelsior, pliers and a hot glue gun.

Budget popsicle sticks christmas ornaments]

The versatility of craft sticks is beautifully displayed on Leafandletterhandmade where you’ll find two lovely DIY projects. One is a Christmas tree decoration that looks like a miniature sleigh and the other is a cute little angel. Use these examples as inspiration for your own original designs.

Christmas snowflakes craft

If you want to add more flavor and character to your projects, whatever they are, you can add your own twist to the design using all sorts of strategies. For example, decorate the popsicle stick snowflakes with colored buttons of different shapes and sizes. The idea came from Craftsbycourtney.

Popsicle stick elf kids craft

The little ones would definitely love to crafts the cute elf decorations featured on Iheartartsncrafts. Each elf is made using popsicle sticks, glue, paint, construction paper, felt, cotton balls and pom-poms. They can be customized in a lot of fun ways and using a lot of different methods.