Decorative Storage Boxes To Use Around The House

Storage is not something we usually associate with the words beauty or style and most often we try to hide a storage box instead of putting on display. But why should that be?

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Why not take a different approach instead? That’s actually the main topic we’re going to focus on right now: decorative storage boxes and all the ways in which you can store things in plain sight and make it all look lovely. 

Decorative storage boxes design ideas

Super simple felt box with leather straps

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This is one of the easiest methods you can use for turning a plain cardboard box into a stylish storage container that you don’t feel ashamed to put on display on a shelf, a table or your desk. The idea behind the project featured on sisterswhat is super simple. All you have to do is cover all the sides of the cardboard box with felt sheets. You can use a hot glue gun or some other type of adhesive for this and you can also add these cute leather straps if you want to go the extra mile.

A large and cozy-looking fabric basket

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Baskets are generally nice to have around and can be used for storage in all sorts of contexts. For example, you can keep this large basket by the sofa and have an extra blanket or a couple of pillows inside for when you want to be extra warm and cozy while watching a movie or reading a book. You could also fill it with towels in the bathroom or even use it as a laundry basket. Check out the tutorial on how to make it on heatherhandmade.

Cute custom labels for your storage bins

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Labeling your storage boxes and bins is a great idea because it allows you to categorize everything and it makes it easy to find something without having to open every box each time. At the same time, you can make the labels look cute and stylish which in turn makes the storage boxes look beautiful as well. Check out the tutorial on how to make custom vinyl labels with Cricut Joy featured on clubcrafted if you want a more in-depth description.

Painted storage boxes

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You may not consider it a priority when shopping for storage boxes, but their color can help make your storage shelves look a lot nicer if chosen properly. Just look how much of a difference a change in color made in this case. Originally these were brown boxes which wasn’t terrible but definitely not as good as all these lovely pastels that you see here. All it took was some paint to make this happen. Head over to sisoo to see the before and after comparison.

The wrapping paper method

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Another simple way to make plain storage boxes look better is to just decorate them with wrapping paper. This changes their color and entire appearance and is pretty easy to do too. You can do this for cardboard boxes, wooden ones and containers in any size and shape. For more details head over to yourdiyfamily

Cute tassel boxes

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Simple adding a few decorations to a plain storage box can be enough to help it blend in with the rest of the decor so you can keep it in plain sight without worrying it looks bad. One idea is to add decorative tassels to your storage boxes. You can make these out of colored yarn and potentially also use them to color-code your boxes too. The idea comes from squirrellyminds

Stenciled wood boxes

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This project from akailochiclife actually proposes several interesting ideas. The first one is to actually make your own custom storage boxes from scratch and the other one is to decorate them using stencils. The tribal pattern featured here looks really nice and is pretty versatile as well. You can apply something like this for all sorts of storage containers like pencil holders, planter boxes and so on.

Under bed storage boxes

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If you have a platform bed or one that leaves you an empty space on the floor underneath, you can turn this into a storage area. This is practical and convenient, especially if you have a small bedroom. It’s also a particularly good idea for the kids’ room because you can store a bunch of their toys in here. For more details on how to make under bed storage boxes, head over to grillo-designs.

Colorful boxes with leather handles

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Decorating plain cardboard boxes with patterned wrapping paper is a great idea if you want to keep them out in the open like on a shelf for example. Another cute detail that you can add to your boxes is a pair of leather handles. All you need is some thin leather strips and thumb tacks since the handles are only decorative. Check out the details on clubcrafted

Minimalist stacked boxes with leather details

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If you have some shoe boxes around the house this is a really great idea for a project. Basically you’ll be turning the shoe boxes into stylish storage containers that you keep in plain sight and that actually look great. First you paint the boxes all white to give them a minimalist look, then you add a leather strap on each one, just hanging from the lid. It’s so simple and it actually looks great. You can find the tutorial on helenanord.elle if you want more details. 

Denim boxes made from old jeans

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This project gives you a use for plain and ugly cardboard boxes as well as for all those old pairs of jeans that you just can’t seem to get rid of for some reason. Put these two together and you get these cute personalized storage boxes that you can use to organize all sorts of things around the house. Check out the tutorial on pillarboxblue for detailed instructions.

Elegant cardboard boxes with gold details

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Spray paint is a very versatile resource that you can use in all sorts of different ways to make your plain and boring-looking storage boxes look better. For example, you can give each one a nice golden trim and this way also create a matching set. All you need is the paint and some painter’s tape. Check out this set featured on aliceincookingland for inspiration. 

Wooden herb boxes made from scratch

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Growing herbs in your kitchen is a nice way of bringing some color and some fresh scents into this room plus it also means you always have fresh seasoning when prepping your favorite meals. Of course, this would look better if you had some beautiful boxes to go with the herbs. This can be crafted from scratch out of wood and is a pretty nice project to start with if you’re never worked with wood before. Check out the tutorial on thenavagepatch to see how these boxes are made. 

Chic burlap boxes

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Burlap instantly makes anything look better and is such an easily accessible resource too. You can use burlap to decorate a bunch of regular cardboard boxes and turn them into nice-looking containers and even decorations that you can easily keep anywhere in the house without worrying it would ruin the decor. Head over to apieceofrainbow for more info on this topic.

Cute bathroom organizers

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Struggling to add more storage to your bathroom and make it look good at the same time? It couldn’t be easier. Just take a few plain storage baskets and give them a quick makeover with some colored acrylic paint. Just a few polka dots are enough to turn these into adorable decorations and accessories. Then all you have to do is fill these with items. The idea comes from tellloveandparty.

Handmade wood and leather storage boxes

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There’s plenty of ideas to choose from if you want to craft your own custom storage boxes from scratch. This elegant design from ohohdeco proposes a stylish mix of plywood and faux leather which ends up looking super chic. You can use leather in your favorite color and make the boxes in different shapes and sizes based on your needs. 

Custom wooden boxes

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When you’re crafting storage boxes from scratch you get to choose the exact size and shape that you want each container to have. This is great if you want the boxes to fit perfectly on a shelf or to fill a particular space in your pantry, closet or cabinet for example. If you want to learn how to make simple and customizable wooden boxes, check out the tutorial on lovelyetc.

The perfect pantry bins made of diaper boxes

The perfect pantry bins made of diaper boxesView in gallery

If you want to better organize your pantry or closet, consider using more boxes. Surely you can find some around the house. These ones were actually made from repurposed cardboard diaper boxes and they’re perfect for the pantry being fairly big and all. After decorating them with craft paper, a label was added on the front of each box. The labels are attached with removable adhesive making it easy to reorganize the boxes at any time. Check out blesserhouse for more details. 

How to beautify any cardboard box with wrapping paper

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Any empty cardboard box can be used for storage and that’s definitely a very practical thing to do. And although you could just leave the boxes plain and call it a day, it would look a lot more beautiful and storing and organizing things would be a lot more enjoyable if the boxes looked nice. The solution is super simple: just decorate any cardboard box with wrapping paper and turn it into a beautiful accessory instead of just a functional tool. Learn to do this by checking out the tutorial on lovelyetc.

More diaper box makeover ideas

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When you have a baby you end up with empty diaper boxes in your house anyway so you might as well put them to good use instead of just throwing them out. The boxes are already pretty sturdy and great for storage and with a little bit of care and attention you can turn them into some wonderful storage containers for toys, clothes and various other things for the nursery room or just the house in general. Head over to michellejdesigns for instructions.