Decorating With Tans and Yellows: Ideas & Inspiration

Warmth, sunlight, tradition, coziness, simplicity. All of these words describe the tan and  yellow pairing. Whether you’ve decided on some shade of these colors for your patio, kitchen or guest bathroom – we’ve got the ideas and inspiration to help you decorate. From mustard sofas to linen-covered windows, there are tons of ways to use this duo in a stylish, effortless way. Take a look!

Yellow armchair

If you love light, sunny spaces, then it’s only natural to use a bit of yellows when designing your space. Even if it’s just a breakfast nook or a reading corner, match a fair shade of tan to your yellow choice for an inviting, refreshing feel. A yellow chair and white walls set off the complimentary look, while a printed rug adds a bit of edginess to this soft pair.

Dining room yellow design

You can also create a bit of a sleek, tradition style with these two colors as well. These shades worked nicely in a homey dining room, finishing off with a wood table, yellow cushions and light, tan-painted walls. The yellow will pop off of the dark wood, while the brighter walls create an airy, vibrant finish.

Yellow bathroom curtanins

You can even take these colors and make a unique, Victorian space as well. Without being too over-the-top or feminine, grab a chandelier for a focal point, some gold accessories and a shining, crisp yellow to top off the room. Perfect in the bathroom for a fun escape or even in the guest room, where you can get really creative with bedding and window treatments!

Yellow sofa design

Of course, if you’ve found the most perfect piece of yellow furniture, you must create a room that allows it to be the focal point. With tan accessories and subtle accents, your sunflower sofa will sure to turn heads. Or, you can always dress the walls in a creamy, inviting yellow and then dress the room in simple linen furniture while having fun with plenty of accessories that compliment the two primary colors.


Yellow living room fireplace

Elegant yellow living room

Yello high ceiling

Contemporary yellow living room

Don’t forget to find a third (or fourth) color to help compliment you palette. If you’ve already picked the shade of yellow and tan for the foyer, master bedroom or even the patio, then find the right accent tone to have the room come full circle. Sky blues, majestic purples and dove grays are all choice selections. But, get creative and have fun. Just know that when you’re creating a tan and yellow space, you’re sure to have a brilliant, fresh room to enjoy!