Decorate your home with outdoor urns

The outdoor area is often ignored, and outdoor decorations are not given importance while planning the decoration scheme for the interiors of the home, even though outside decoration plays a major role in creating the first and last impression on the guests and visitors. Outdoor urns that are typically used to hold plants and other greenery are an excellent way for decorating the area. With the proper employment of outdoor urns, a cheerful and pleasant look can easily be imparted to the outside of a home.

Outdoor urs

Decorating with outdoor urns is quick to do and a simple method. In addition, it shall impart a professional feel and look to the area. Follow the below mentioned steps to decorate your home with outdoor urns –

1) Arrange two outdoor urns of a large size. These can easily be brought from a home department store or a nursery. Assure that the urns you choose are made out of weather resistant and non porous material so that they can handle the charges of rain and wind. Selection of fiberglass urns is the best decision, as the urns would be light in weight and will not be prone to damage like concrete urns.

2) Secondly, you need to place the urns outside your home. You can place them on both the sides of the entry door or besides each other on one of the sides. Urns placed across the patio also look good.

Outdoor urs

3) Gather long branches and sticks from your garden or backyard. Alternatively, you may also buy artificial sticks from a garden store. Just assure that the branches and sticks are long enough to reach the bottom of the urns and few feet are also out in the sun.  If you wish to create a contemporary look, then you may paint the branches in silver or gold color, or you may let them display their original color and thereby create a rustic and natural look.

Outdoor urs

4) Now, the branches need to be placed in the urn. Arrange the branches in the urn with the longer branches in the center and the shorter ones at the edges.

5) The last step completes the decoration process with outdoor urns. This would be a neutral decoration that shall go for all seasons. However, you may also add seasonal leaves and flowers in between the branches and sticks to change the look of the urns.