Customizable Coffee Cubes by Kazuko Okamoto

The Coffee Cubes is a collection of armchairs and versatile seating units made from recycled materials. It was designed by Kazuko Okamoto in 2010 for Green Furniture Sweden. The pieces are made from modules with geometrical shapes and minimalist forms. The modules are covered in recycled coffee bean sacks. Now the name of the collection has become transparent.

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The modules, or cubes as they can also be called, feature original prints from coffee plantations around the world. The idea of using coffee bean sacks as fabric for the armchairs is original and makes each piece unique and different. The prints and the overall look of the armchairs depend on which coffee is most popular in Stockholm at the time that they are created. If you would rather like your cubes to be wrapped in other type of fabric there are other options as well.

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The armchairs feature durable jute cloth on the seat area but other types of fabric are available as well, like for example BENE eco-cotton fabric or vegetable-based organically tanned leather. Also, you can choose your own fabric or leather and send it to the manufacturer. The armchair will feature you own choice of material. The dimensions of the cubes vary from 76×57 cm to 76×76 cm or 76×76 cm with backrest. They are very versatile and have an original look, being suitable for a variety of spaces.