Turn Curtain Rings Into A Design Pendant Lamp

We all love interesting light fixtures for a great style and character they can add to a room. If you ask me, they are my favorurite items to decorate my space with, hence I’m changing lamps very often. Making home lighting is definitely my thing too, so I always try to create something new. Often from unexpected materials, like the one I made out of wallpaper and the paper cone with wooden beads. Do you remember? Did you like these ideas?

DIY Wooden Rings lamp - 2
DIY Wooden Rings lamp - 4

If yes, I have a new project for you to try – today I will show you how to make a DIY Pendant Lamp out of nothing else…but curtain rings you can find in your local hardware store! Now that’s an interesting element to use, don’t you think? The lamp can be personlized in many different ways, by painting the rings in different colors to match your home style, it’s great because the final effect it’s up to you! I really like the look of the raw wood so I left most of the rings unpainted, adding only an accent color in lines with recent trends: dusky pink and characoal gray.

Get your craft on and follow the quick and easy tutorial below to make your own pendant light:

DIY Wooden Rings lamp - supplies

Here’s what you will need:

  • big light bulb
  • lighting cord
  • wooden curtain rings (from your local hardware store)
  • paints in your favourite colors
  • very strong glue


1. Make sure the curtain rings are clean and polished, then paint some of them in your preferred colors – I have painted one in dusky pink and two in characoal gray.

DIY Wooden Rings lamp - step 1

2. Wait for the paint to dry then, try out your composition. When you are happy with the result, glue rings together using strong glue (Superglue/Superattack)

DIY Wooden Rings lamp - step 2

3. Pass the cord through the rings and fix the light bulb! That’s it!

DIY Wooden Rings lamp - 7
DIY Wooden Rings lamp - 1

Even though pendant lamps are very simple in their form, they can get very pricy if you look for them in the design stores. This lamp can be made for 15$, and I really think it looks very good!

What do you say?

We would love to see your creations so if you make this lamp, share it with us!