Cozy Cat Bed Designs For Modern Pets That Deserve The Attention

Cats are a lot like roommates. Give them a comfortable living environment with food, water and a cozy place to sleep and you’ll only see them once in a while when they seek your attention in need of some conversation or cuddling. They do great on their own and they’re really cute. They really deserve the things that make them happy like a cute toy, good food, delicious treats and a cozy place where they can spend their days and nights sleeping because, well, that’s what cats do. Speaking of which, isn’t your cat in need of a new bed just about now? We have some ideas of how a great cat bed could look like.

The ball Cat Bed
The Cube Cat Bed
Modern Cat Ball Beds
Classy Modern Cat Bed

Shaped like a cocoon, The Ball offers the cat a cozy space where it can feel safe and comfortable, just what felines need most of the time when they just want to nap all day long. But this cat bed actually offers more than that. Its design is irresistible to cats that just love to scratch everything so the designers made sure to also give them this opportunity. The Ball is both a bed and a scratcher and it has a lovely brother, The Cube.

TOV Dog bed

Great for both cats and small dogs, this sofa by TOV lets you pet relax and look fancy on its own elegant piece of furniture. It’s a great idea for independent pets that aren’t used to being cuddled or to sleeping in the same bed as their owners. The sofa comes in several different colors and it has a mid century modern design with thumbtack trim and comfortable upholstery.

Cat or housecat

You know how cats always like to sneak into bags and to sit in baskets? Why not give them their own cozy baskets to sleep in? This cozy cat bed is handmade out of wool and it comes in three different sizes, suitable for kittens and adult cats or all shapes and sizes. The bed has two handles so you can carry it around and move it from room to room so your cat never feels lonely. {found on Etsy}.

Felted Cat Bed

It looks a lot like a cute little cave and it’s just what a cat needs. This felted pet bed is so soft and warm your cat will never want to leave it. Well, maybe just for a little while when it gets hungry. We found this product on Etsy. It comes in four different sizes, for cats that weigh from 2 to 9 kg.

Cat Cove Drop Cat

Drop is also a cave-style cat bed and its distinguishing feature is that swirling feature at the top. The cat enters the bed through a small hole at the front which can be enlarged if needed. Also, in case the standard size doesn’t suit your kitty’s needs, you can request a custom bed made exactly the way you want it. {found on Etsy}.

Chunky cat bed yarn

If you’re familiar with giant yarn then you know that it’s the coziest thing you can ever come in contact so who can blame cats for looking so happy when they sit on your giant yarn blanket? Offer your cat a gift that it will definitely love: a chunky bed. You can knit it yourself or get a ready-made one. {found on Etsy}.

Leather Lord Lou Pet Furniture

The Edoardo cat and dog sofa has a design inspired by the Bentley stitch. It looks classical, elegant and it’s quite versatile so you can use it both traditional and contemporary environments.

Lord Lou Pet Furniture
Classic Lord Lou Furniture For Pets

The cat beds from the George collection feature solid wood frames with elegant  carvings and details and they’re designed in a classic style. You can choose from two different sizes. The sofas come with matching cushions with polyurethane filling and they’re also treated with a dirt and water resistant layer.

Colorful Cat Bed

Available in five different sizes and in lots of funky colors, this handmade cat bed is eco-friendly and crafted out of felted wool. The really cute thing about it is the shape. Cats can also use the bed as a scratch post. It’s a cute accessory for both kittens and adult cats. You can find it on Etsy.

Geometric modern cat cave

For those of you who want to offer your cat the comfort and style it deserves but don’t really have a lot of space to spare, accessories such as the Missy Cave can be answer to the problem. This accessory is both a cat bed and a side table which means both you can your cat can enjoy it at the same time. It has a simple and geometric design which makes it a great fit for contemporary living rooms.

Catcube white design

In case you want something that’s easy to put together and also very easy to transport when you take your cat to new places, the Cat Cube can be just what you need. It comes in a flat package and it can be put together in a few minutes without needing any glue or any tools and other materials. It’s simple, practical and approved by cats.

Build yourself cat cave

The Geobed offers an interesting combination between a geometric-shaped design meant to stand out and to look stylish in a modern or contemporary home and a warm and cozy interior that cats can appreciate. The bed comes with a sheepskin cushion.

Modern Concrete Cat Cube
Cat Cube from Concrete

The concrete shell may not be that appealing to cats although they sometimes to scratch the surface. The Catcube also features reclaimed wood piece and is more of a playground for cats than a cozy bed, although the design is meant to gather heat during the day and to slowly release it overnight, creating a warm and pleasant sleeping environment to its feline inhabitants.