Modern Cat Tree Alternatives For Up-To-Date Pets

When someone asks “what type of cat tree should I get if I want it to match my contemporary interior design?” it’s quite difficult to come up with a valid response because the first thing that comes to mind is the traditional cat tree design. Those that want something different, more original and trendy have to dig a little deeper to find suitable ideas. We got curious so we did that for you and here’s what we found so far:

Ikea Lack Modern Tree Cat

Basically, the cheaper option is to build the cat tree yourself and you can be really ingenious with that. You can use a piece such as an IKEA Lack table as a starting point. This particular cat tree alternative was made using three or four such tables, 12 brackets, 24 screws and sisal rope.{found on princesse}.

Ikea Stolmen tree cat modern design

Another possibility is to use an IKEA Stolmen storage system to build an elaborate but easy to make cat tree. Give the shelves the shape you want, paint them white, fix the carpet in place with tiny nails and make holes for the central post. Find a good place for the cat tree and let the cats enjoy it.{found on ikeahackers}.

Wall shelves playgorund for cats

Or, instead of the usual approach, try something considerably different and make some wall shelves instead. You can have the box shelves designed in such a way that they appear to intersect and interact. Cut a circular hole in one of them so the cat can get in and out and that particular shelf can be his or her sleeping nook.{found on thatpearlgirl}.

Think the living furniture for cats

Shelves are actually a really great idea. That’s because they’ll be fun and attractive for the cats and functional for the owner. Everyone will be happy and harmony will take over the whole room if the furniture is adapted to also serve the pets that live there or to at least be more pet-friendly.

Corner modern tree cat

You’re not using the corners in your home anyway, right? So why not let your cats use them instead? With this sleek and modern cat tree you get to occupy some dead space and to offer the pets a fun accessory to use when they play with each other or when they simply want to sit there and watch everyone else.{found on therefinedfeline}.

Catissa geometric design for cats

Cats may seem sedentary and boring but they actually like to play and have fun. They just need the right environment to do so and the Catissa design offers them just that: a fun playhouse. This piece of modern cat furniture has to be installed on the wall and comes in four different colors. It has a three-step ladder and four compartments.

bookshelf modern tree cat

Take things literary with a cat tree that’s actually shaped like a tree. This is actually a bookshelf but cats seem to feel particularly attached to it because of its shape and structure. So why not let them have it all for themselves?

Apartment cat tree design

A tall scratching post with a few shelves attached to it can look simple and interesting enough in a modern home. The cats would sure love to climb on the pole and you can also add a few fun toys for them to play with.{found on bcstudio}.

Small expedit cat tree

All the options described so far are interesting in their own way. But most of them are quite large and this makes them a no-no in the case of small apartments. So let’s also take a look at a few compact designs. This one is really cute and, even better, is something you can build yourself. You need an Expedit wall shelf and a scratch pole. Put the two together and add a comfy cushion inside.{found on deviant}.

Acacia and the Baobab cat tree

The Acacia and the Baobab cat tree are two stylish and modern pieces of cat furniture that would fit in small spaces thanks to their compact design. They have simple and architectural designs with carpet inserts held in place with velcro. This system allows you to switch to a different color whenever you want to change the look.{found on squarecathabitat}.

Multifunctional cat tree

If minimalism is what you prefer, there are plenty of designs and options that allow you to get that look. Wall shelves are at the top of the list. They’re very simple and also multifunctional and the cats aren’t the only ones that can benefit from them.{found on jakeandkaren}.

Modern cat climbing

Position the shelves in such a way that the cats can climb on them with ease. The shelves can become a favorite climbing area and playground for the cats without being an eyesore for your interior décor. This is a really great way of making your cats happy without sacrificing style.{found on hauspanther}.

Wall shelves designed for climbing cats

If the shelves are designed specifically for the cats and you’re planning on also using them for storage, then come up a structure that’s fun and playful. Like these small square-shaped shelves that lead to a larger top shelf and a cute little window from where the cat can observe the rest of the world.{found on ON design partners}.

Above the wall cat crib

Or you can have a set of small shelves placed on the wall that lead up to a larger platform above the door. That’s a space you basically don’t use for anything else so this is also a great way to maximize the room’s space-efficiency and functionality.{found on gkjapan}.

Room designed for those who love cats

If you’re really serious about making your cats happy and a part of your home’s interior design, then perhaps you’d like a wall system such as this one. A lot more fun than a regular cat tree and also definitely more stylish.

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