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Cosy and Stylish Storage Trend – Blanket Ladders

Blanket ladders are a fantastic storage solution for bulky blankets and can transform your space into a warm and inviting place for guests. They’re generally freestanding storage that keeps your blankets within easy reach, and its slim design means that it’s able to fit into smaller spaces. If you’re considering purchasing a blanket ladder, there are a few things you’d need to consider before making that purchase.

To get you started, we’ll talk a little bit about the three main types of blanket ladders available, the different materials a blanket ladder can be made from before delving into a list of the best blanket ladders out there.

Different Types of Blanket Ladders 

The first type of blanket ladder is a freestanding ladder. They’re the most versatile as they can be placed anywhere and styled in many different ways.

The second type of blanket ladder is a wall-mounted ladder. These are great for displaying heavier blankets as they’re usually capable of handling more weight. There’s plenty you can dress up with a wall-mounted ladder, and it’s a great option for smaller bathrooms.

The last type is an adjustable blanket ladder. These are also great options as you can adjust the ladder however way you’d like, and you’re able to display a wide range of blankets, quilts, and more.

Different Materials Blanket Ladders Are Made With 

There are a couple of materials that are used in making blanket ladders, and you’d want to make sure that you’re purchasing a material that’s sturdy enough to handle the weight of the blanket.

Solid wood is one of the most popular materials as it gives your blanket ladder that traditional look, and it’s able to fit into all sorts of home aesthetics. The solid wood material is also incredibly durable, and it’ll give your home a nice airy feel.

Another material is manufactured wood. Blanket ladders made with manufactured wood are usually cheaper than their solid wood counterparts. They’ve got durable construction and come with a wide array of designs to fit into different homes.

The last material is metal. Metal blanket ladders are usually highly durable and have a chic modern look to it. With metal blanket ladders, they should be powder-coated to prevent corrosion.

Top 14 Best Blanket Ladders

Lianes Blanket Ladder

Quilt Rack

Made from solid pine wood, this particular blanket ladder has a rustic feel to it. It’s perfect for hanging a range of items from blankets to clothes and more. It’s gray color also allows it to easily fit into different homes from modern ones to those that have a farmhouse style. There is a total of 5 numbers of bars on the blanket ladder, and no additional assembly is required. Its purposeful distressing look helps to add to its overall design and makes it a great addition to any home.

Rustic 5 ft Blanket Ladder

Quilt Rack

Step up the style of your space with this rustic blanket ladder. It’s crafted from solid fir wood for a sturdy feel and comes in a natural olive color. The distressed details on the ladder help to highlight its unique knots and grains. There is a total of 5 rungs on the ladder to hang a variety of textiles and is a gorgeous ladder that’ll elevate the design of any home.

Handmade 5 ft Blanket Ladder

Quilt Rack

Another rustic-looking blanket ladder on the list, this particular ladder is especially handmade and is crafted from hand-selected solid fir wood. It comes in a gorgeous color and has four rungs to hang all the items you desire. It leans slightly onto the wall that it’s placed on and comes already assembled. All you need to do is place it in your desired space, hang your blankets and you’re all good to go.

Wood 6 ft Blanket Ladder

Quilt Rack

This lovely blanket ladder is the perfect addition to any home and is made with solid pine wood. It has a gorgeous dark walnut brown that will fit nicely into any home. It has a total of 5 rungs to hang all your blankets and has a natural wood grain color variation along with some lovely round, dark spots in the wood. No assembly is required, and it’s incredibly well made with excellent quality. Order this beautiful blanket ladder and you won’t be disappointed!

Metal Scroll Quilt Rack

Quilt Rack

For something a tad more minimalist with a gorgeous design, you’ve got this blanket ladder crafted with metal that has a chic black color. With 3 rungs to hang your towels, the scroll accents add a nice touch of old-world character. It’ll keep your home looking organized with its elegant, regal composition, and is a piece that you’d want to add to your space.

Simple 2 Piece Blanket Ladder

Quilt Rack

This two-piece blanket ladder means that you’ll have all the space you need to hang your blankets, clothes, and more. Crafted with iron, it’s a sturdy blanket ladder that comes in a minimalist black color. Suited for any bedroom, bathroom, or living room layout, these are low-profile pieces that have a clean-lined frame. With its industrial and understated look, it’s able to seamlessly blend into any space. You wouldn’t want to miss out on purchasing this two-piece blanket ladder and adding it to your home!

Solid American 6.7 ft Blanket Ladder

Quilt Rack

While it might have a simple design, sometimes that’s all you need to make a statement. This blanket ladder has 6 different rungs to hang a large array of towels and is crafted with solid maple wood. It comes in a lovely natural maple color and has a natural wood grain color variation so no two are alike! Its Scandinavian-inspired design will bring a touch of farmhouse-style to any home, and no assembly is required so once it’s out of the box you’re all good to go.

Metal Leaner 5.5 ft Blanket Ladder

Quilt Rack

Designed to lean perfectly against a wall, this blanket ladder is crafted with iron and is incredibly durable. It has a chic golden color along with four metal bars to hang your scarf, towels, clothes, and more. With its modern style, it’s well-suited to any room and will particularly stand out against a white backdrop. The painted finish means that it’ll look fantastic for many years to come and is the perfect piece to add to any home.

Tower 5.5 ft. Blanket Ladder

Quilt Rack

This sturdy blanket ladder is made from a steel frame with a wooden accent bar. There are also rubber stoppers specially added onto the blanket ladder to prevent it from damaging or scratching the walls. Its slim design means that it’ll save space, and you can prop it against any wall. With a total of 6 bars, you’ve got more than enough space to hang everything, and the combination of walnut wood and steel makes it a standout piece in any room.

Paint dipped Wood 6 ft Blanket Ladder

Quilt Rack

This uniquely designed blanket ladder is made from solid oak wood and has a white dipped aesthetic. It’s the perfect farmhouse-style blanket ladder to add to your space. There’s a total of 5 bars on this ladder to store your items, and this beautiful ladder also has wood knots along with natural wood grain color variation to make it an extra special piece. Add it to any room, and it’s sure to add a gorgeous pop of color.

Decorative Wall 6 ft Blanket Ladder With Mirror

Quilt Rack

Another blanket on the list is this interesting two-in-one decorative ladder that also has a rectangular mirror. It’s a great storage solution alternative while its minimalist slim black look will add some style to the room decor. Hang whatever your heart desires on the metal rods, while the mirror is a great way to give yourself a quick check before heading out the door. The blanket ladder is crafted with metal, and there is a total of 4 bars on the blanket ladder.

Tower Grid-Panel Leaning 5 ft. Blanket Ladder

Quilt Rack

This particular blanket ladder has a grid panel and leans perfectly against the wall. It’s crafted with steel, and its grid design means that you’re able to hang smaller items such as hats and scarves on it. The bottom section of the blanket ladder has two bars to hang some larger items such as blankets. It’s a great ladder to save space, and its slim black design will fit into any home aesthetic.

Cherry Quilt Rack

Quilt Rack

This is a blanket ladder that’s different from any of the other ones on this list. Made from rubberwood and poplar hardwood solids, it has hand-carved details and arched side rails that give it an elegant look. It’s plantation-cherry colored with three different tiers to place all sorts of items from blankets to even bedspreads. It’ll help with clearing up closet space, and the design is a fantastic combination of elements of traditional and today.

Quilt Rack

Quilt Rack

This classic blanket ladder will add some character to any space. It’s made with an openwork metal frame along with scrolling accents in a neutral brown finish. There is a total of three bars for you to hang up blankets with ease, and it even comes with a pinewood shelf for you to place baskets, folded garments, and more. Its small size means that it’ll fit into compact spaces, and its unique design will spruce up any space in your home.