DIY Copper Writing Thanksgiving Dinner Plates

We never do anything too fancy for our Thanksgiving table – we like to keep everything comfortable and casual in our household. Why add any unnecessary stress to the day by come up with an extravagant table setting? I say just make these copper Thanksgiving dinner plates and you are good to go!

Thanksgiving Dinner Plates
Thanksgiving Dinner Plates for Holiday

Pile up dinner on these copper writing Thanksgiving dinner plates.

Thanksgiving Dinner Plates
DIY Thanksgiving Dinner Plates

I feel like these Thanksgiving dinner plates are a good mix of casual and fun. Plus, if one gets accidently broken then you can just as easily make a new one! So don’t be shy about piling all your scrumptious Thanksgiving foods onto these plates – the more the merrier!

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Thanksgiving Dinner Plates Craft
Glass Thanksgiving Dinner Plates

Keep reading below to find out how to make these copper writing Thanksgiving dinner plates.

Materials you’ll need to write on plates:

How to add copper text on plates:

Step 1: Download our PDF or make your own design

Print out the stencil (PDF listed below) – the stencil is written backwards because you will be writing on the bottom of the plate as to make sure it is food safe.

Step 2: Cutting process

Cut the stencil down around the letters so it will fit on your plate.

Step 3: Use washi tape

Tape the stencil to the front of your plate so the word is facing the back.

Glass Thanksgiving Dinner Plates
Thanksgiving Dinner Plates Tape
The plate is upside down here

Step 4: Trace

Take your copper pen and trace over the word on the back of your plate. Let dry for a couple of minutes then take off the stencil and you are finished!

Thanksgiving Dinner Plates Back
Thanksgiving Dinner Plates Start Tracing

Note: To wash these dinner plates you will have to be extra careful to not scrub the back of it or else the design will come off – water is fine on the back just don’t scrub.

Thanksgiving Dinner Plates DIY

Time to serve your guests on these lovely copper writing Thanksgiving dinner plates! They will certainly be thankful for a feast on such awesome looking dinnerware!

Thanksgiving Dinner Plates - Wash Attention
Beautiful Thanksgiving Dinner Plates for Guests

Click here for the PDF of the stencil – remember the writing is backward!