Update Your Casual Spaces With New Cool Chairs

Even the most casual of living styles can benefit from the addition of a cool chair or two. New designs, shapes and upholstery choices provide a really wide range of options. Replacing a chair or two can be a major update for a room, which requires a smaller investment than a complete make-over.

A chair is a chair: Four legs, a set and usually a back, right?  For basic chairs, this is indeed true but some stand out for being particularly special because of their designs. Here are some elements that can help make cool chairs:

Unexpected Shapes

Any chair that has an unexpected shape is well on its way to being very different. Whether that unusual shape comes in an unconventional form of the body of the chair, a super tall height or just an odd profile, these are great silhouettes for adding interest to a room.

Zingy Colors and Patterns

Maybe the shape of a chair isn’t quite that unusual, but a super bright or unconventional pattern on the upholstery can add a certain chic factor. Bold upholstery makes a statement from across the room and can also make a space feel pretty zippy.

Unusual Materials

Designers are using some really unconventional materials to create artistic, cool chairs. Look for pieces crafted from materials that are upcycled, recycled or just plain oddball. These kinds of materials lend themselves to distinctive looks and shapes that will really be conversation starters, as well as functional furnishing for your living space.

20+ Cool chair design ideas to inspire for your next remodel

Selamat Jungalow low chair design

Basic, natural materials come together in chair design from Spain that looks decidedly different. Sure, leather and wood are not an unusual combination for furniture, but it’s the style that makes this chair cool. A basic, stool-style seat is paired with a high-quality, durable leather back that is simply a square of natural leather, attached around the seat and folded back at the top. This forms a flexible back still rigid enough to lend support to a person when seated.

Selamat Jungalow low chair design

Reminiscent of an old-style sling chair, Guilherme Wentz’s design pairs a tall caned back with a molded wool seat. The taller profile is a contrast to the low seat and short legs, giving it some extra cachet and a laid-back vibe. Unlike a typical sling chair, which was a folding style, this one has a sleekly carved triangular frame that forms the support.

Selamat Jungalow low chair design

Workstead’s wood and leather armchair has a minimalist look with a very hand-crafted artisan flair. The polished, varied woods used for the frame are highlighted by the exposed joinery, where the ends of the pegs create an accent on the chair. The leather sling and added pillows make is super comfortable. This design’s low-slung seat adds to its casual nature.

Selamat Jungalow low chair design

The Bungalow is a modern rocker design by architect James Kesler. This chair is suitable for relaxation as well as for desktop tasks. It highlights the simple geometry and joinery used to create the chair. It’s also a cool chair for your home because rocking is known to be one of the most soothing and relaxing motions for people.

Selamat Jungalow low chair design

With somewhat of an open egg shape, this cool chair from Sergio Fahrer Design is roomier and more comfortable than a typical half circle because of the extra depth. The armchair also has a super sleek design with modern edginess that can still easily work into a casual space. This is just a very cool chair design that will be popular in any room

Selamat Jungalow low chair design

There’s just something about a low profile that automatically creates a cool chair. On top of that, Reda Amelou’s Seasons Armchair can change throughout the year. The main structure is upholstered in leather and the cushions can be done in different materials for the most comfort: Maybe linen in summer and velvet or wool for fall and winter when you want something cozier.  Now that’s an adaptable design!

Selamat Jungalow low chair design

Cork is an unexpected material in furniture and this chair by Eugene Stoltzfus has that and a super modern design too. At first glance, it might look too rigid to be comfortable but it is neither cold nor uncomfortable. Even better, cork is a renewable and sustainable material, meaning that this cool chair deserves a place in your living space.

Selamat Jungalow low chair design

Inspired by African birthing chairs, this low chair is made from bent plywood. These chairs are found in Sub-Saharan Africa, where they are decorative, but also have a specific purpose. The durable seat is angled and comfortable. It’s a very different profile and that distinguishes it from basic low chairs and the history and cultural reference make it a great conversation piece.

More cool chair design ideas bellow

Bella Rustica pairs a knobby armed, golden frame with interesting black and white upholstered cushions. The legs have a basic shape that keep the piece casual, even though it has a touch of metallic.

Bella rustica ball chair

The substantial square frame on this chair looks like stacked molding. Upholstered in leather, the cushions are a muted, dusky velvet. Despite the formality of the velvet, the shape, the wood and the leather make the piece eminently casual.

Molding chair from Bella rustica

This version of the square chair is still casual but has a much more modern feel, thanks to the light wood and smooth design. The shelving on the sides is a nice added bonus.

Squar shelf armchair design

The exterior sides of the chair are particularly interesting thanks to the wood ridges and hefty legs.

Wood Moding Chair

A rusted patina with a leather seat pad are the main features that make this cool chair casual. Bobo Intriguing Objects has this “reinterpreted plastic French bistro chair” called the Stella. It’s a versatile dining chair for a casual setting. 

bobo Industrial chair

Jamie Young’s take on this style of chair is the Ming Round Back Chair, which has a little more detailing around the base of the seat. It evokes a bit of the Ming Dynasty style of China without seeming formal. thanks to the rustic material choices,.

Jamie Young Chair Design

Sometimes all it takes to make a standard armchair cool is a a newer shape. This one from Bobo has a peaked back which gives the rugged leather upholstery a more interesting look. Adding a cushion in a different textile adds to the eclectic look.

Bobo peaked back leather chair

Even an outdoor chair can add a cool vibe to your patio or deck. A swirl-armed chair with wood slats has a completely different look from the standard angular style of chair. This one has a more fluid, relaxing feel.

Bobo swirl arm metal chair

For a more beachy feel, a casual chair that has a woven seat adds to the ambiance. This particular chair has an unusual  style of weaving that adds interest. The wood frame and neutral cushion help keep it informal.

Essentials woven rope armchair

For a modern space, Kube Imports has the Ventura High Back chair. It’s very stylish by extremely comfortable for your outdoor entertaining space. Alone or as a set, it’s a versatile design.

kube import sleek outdoor tall chair

Cozy and slouchy are two great traits for a casual chair. This one has suede upholstery and exposed stitching than enhances the informal presence.

classic home fat armchair

More structured but just as relaxed is this leather-upholstered chair and ottoman from UMA. The hefty wood frame and natural colors are a good choice for a casual space.

UMA leather chair and ottoman

Classic Home’s tubular metal-framed desk or dining chair has a modern and casual look. The dark metal and warm wood are appropriate for any relaxed decor.

classic home tubular chair

A duo of generous leather-upholstered chairs with angular wood frames is a very stylish yet casual set. In a family room or office, it is versatile conversation seating.

joybird angular leg leather chairs

Artful chairs can still be casual, like these from Arte in Motion. Designed with Top quality Italian leather and a frame the resembles aircraft exteriors, they are substantial and masculine.

metal airline chairs design

Sometimes less is more, especially with a casual chair. This brightly upholstered armless chair just beckons you to slump down into it and relax. The piece, from Moe’s Home Collection, is minimalistic yet casual.

moes curved armless chair design

Cool chairs can also be the highlight of country chic decor. The Park Hill Collection’s rustic chair is a great accent for a kitchen or family room. Adding some old-fashioned  pillows and it’s an unparalleled rustic accent.

Park hill rustic chair

You may or may not have heard about Jungalow style, but it is preeminently casual. Bohemian and tropical and, it’s a very trendy style for your home or patio. This particular chair is from Selamat.

Selamat Jungalow chair

Selamat’s Lucia Mod Seat has a smaller profile but is just as stylish. The striped weaving is extra special.

Selamat Jungalow low chair design