Bring Interest to Your Bedroom Spaces with Round Bed Styles

Round Dog Beds

The round bed design is one of the most interesting bed choices available today. This option is impractical for many, but investing in one will make your bedroom style unique. These are beds that we see in high-end fashion and design, but they just might be a good choice for you too. Of course, there are reasons that round beds are not the most common and practical choice. However, that doesn’t mean that the option isn’t worth exploring.

Round Dog Beds

The Round Bed: A Short History

The round bed first rose to prominence in the 1960s as a statement in futuristic design. It was first featured in designer homes and boutique hotels. This gave them a way to differentiate themselves from the more common rectangular bed styles. By the late 1960s, it was beginning to make its way into more residential bedrooms, but circle beds never became a common design choice.

Yet, the round bed design never disappeared. You would see them as a common staple in television and movie dramas featuring swanky bachelor pads and villain’s homes in the 1980s. Likewise, they were displayed in Hugh Hefner’s bedroom in the Playboy Mansion, but they still never rose to general prominence. Nonetheless, round beds are making a comeback and are more sleek and stylish than ever before. Unlike the fussy styles of the past, the current version of round beds are more like minimalist platform designs that work with many design styles.

Round Beds: Pros and Cons

There is no question that round beds are unique. They work well in many settings, but before you rush out to buy your own, you should also consider the drawbacks.


  • Style – Choosing a bed of this type will give your room an immediate sense of style. These also have a dramatic look that cannot be replicated with a standard rectangular bed. Also, these beds have a cool retro style if you want to give your room a period feel.
  • Placement – You have more options to place your bed in your room as a round bed frame fits well into corners and even in the middle of the room.
  • Safety – Because there are no pesky corners, this is a great choice for a child’s bed. Thus, they will not be hurt by the corners of a regular bed frame.


  • Cost – Round beds are not the norm. Therefore, these beds, the mattress, and the sheets will cost more than standard rectangular beds.
  • Availability – While you can find modern round beds from many manufacturers, the options are limited as are the choices for bedding to fit round bed frames.
  • Shape – A single person will not see much difference in sleeping in a circle bed. Nonetheless, two people do not have as much room on a round bed mattress.

Round Bed Inspiration and Ideas

Round beds have come a long way since the Hugh Hefner era. Modern round beds have a variety of styles and designs and work well in many kinds of bedrooms.

Minimalistic Round Bed

Round Dog Beds

Round beds work well in minimalist design. The shape, unlike rectangular beds, is smooth and sleek. If you like this look, pair a neutral round bed with a room of a similar color scheme. Also, notice the rounded bedside table design. This is the perfect way to create continuity in the overall design style of the room.

Round Canopy Bed

Round Canopy Bed
Something Blond

This bed has a simple wooden round frame. The designer keeps the design simple but luxurious with white bedding and a white canopy. If you want to create a natural and organic style room that is reminiscent of outdoor spaces, consider a wooden bed that you accent with light linens and a breezy canopy.

Luxurious Round Bed Frame

Round Dog Beds

Of course, you can also ramp up the elegant style of your room using a round bed with tufted velvet upholstery. In addition, this bed mitigates the difficulty of trying to find bedside tables that work with the round shape by using a rounded bench at the end of the bed.

Lullaby Bed

Lullaby Bed
Everything But Ordinary

The Lullaby Bed by Luigi Massoni & 967 is one of the most popular round beds for sale. It has features which make it an accessible purchase including a reasonable (though on the high end) price point and a classic minimal design. In addition, it can swivel 360 degrees in either direction making positioning it an easy prospect.

Zero Round Bed

Round Dog Beds

The Zero Round Bed designed by Presotto combines the two shapes of the circle and the rectangle into this unique bed design. It has the beauty and chic style of a round bed with a more practical shaped mattress. Also, notice the bedside tables that have been designed to fit with the bedframe. Otherwise, the tables would be too far to be useful for the bed.

Round Crib

Round Crib
Rockabye Mommy

If an adult sized round bed seems impractical, many people can see the benefit of a round crib bed. After all, most of the time, there is just one inhabitant of the bed, and it is great to be able to access the bed from all sides. In addition, round cribs can fit into corner nooks making it easier to position the other furniture in the room.

Kids Round Bed

Kids Round Bed
Pat’s Color

This child’s bedroom uses a round bed frame designed in the shape of a tree trunk. The leaves extend off the side creating a fun pathway up to the bed. A bed design like this would work well either in the center of the room or in a corner space.

Round Dog Beds

Round Dog Beds
Hey Djangles

If you aren’t interested in a round bed for yourself, you can still consider a round dog bed. You will still get the benefits of a cool design and flexible placement without having the added expense of human-sized round beds. Instead, consider a big round dog bed like this one from Djangles. The wicker frame and neutral bedding are classic and work well with any style home. In addition, cleaning around these beds is easier than beds on the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Why do people want round beds?

People choose round beds for many reasons. For instance, they might want to style their room with a retro style like Hollywood glam. Round beds would be a stunning focal point for this style room. People also may choose round beds because of the interesting and unique shape to differentiate their room from others. Others may have placement considerations in mind when they choose a round bed. If you want to put your bed in the middle of the room or in a corner, a round bed is ideal.

Is a round bed good for your home?

Round beds work well in many contexts so they can be good for your home. However, if you have a very small bedroom or are on a small budget, a round bed would not be the optimal choice as they tend to take up more space and they are more expensive than traditional beds.

Do round beds save space?

Round beds will not save space, but because of their unique shape, you can put them in different places in the room that will free up space for other furniture. For example, round beds look amazing in the middle of the room, or they work well in corners. However, comparing a twin sized rectangular bed with a round bed for a single person, the round bed will take up more space.

How big is a round bed?

Round beds come in many different sizes from a round king size bed to a round twin bed. The diameter of a twin sized round bed mattress is 76”, full round mattress is 80”, queen sized round mattress 84”, king sized round bed mattress.

Is a round bed practical?

No, a round bed is not the most practical choice for a bed as they are not as available and more expensive than standard sized beds. If you choose a round bed, it is a choice made for style and design rather than practicality.


Round beds are a niche design choice that was popularized in the 60’s and still retains a retro aesthetic. These are not a popular current bed choice, but they have a luxe and elaborate look that is hard to ignore. Therefore, if you are looking for a bed option that will set your room apart, look no further than a round bed design. After all, just because a bed design isn’t popular doesn’t mean that it won’t work well for you.