A Container Home With Personality

Shipping container homes are no longer news. Lots of architects and clients are inspired to build there new structures after realizing all the advantages they offer although they do require special planning and care.

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This container home is located in Corboba, Argentina. It was designed by José Schreiber Arquitecto and offers its users a total of 195 square meters of living space. The house was built from two metal containers placed in an L-shape.

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The ground floor contains all the service area, including the main entrance, the kitchen, pantry, laundry room, bathroom, workshop and warehouse. These functions are divided into two volumes and between them is a gap which houses the living room, the garage and a barbecue area. The second floor contains the private space, namely the bedroom and bathroom areas.

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This project is a manifestation of technological innovation, speed and simplification of construction materials and the result of a search for technical, aesthetic and functional revolution. The project was completed in 2014 when the building became a fully-functional, unique residence.

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The architect used polyurethane foam for the interior, painted the ceilings with latex and lined the walls with plasterboards to hide all the installations. Polished concrete floors ensure a continuous look throughout all the spaces.

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The closed south and west facades offer plenty of privacy. The internal spaces open to a courtyard and feature generous windows and glass walls that connect them with the landscape while also letting natural in. A black, white and red chromatic palette was chosen for the project in order to highlight the modern nature of the residence but also its overall simplicity.

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It’s projects like this one that inspire others to consider container homes. But looks alone are not enough to ensure a successful project. Before deciding on a container home, you need to evaluate a few important aspects.

  • For example, you should first educate yourself regarding the local rules and standards. These are specific to each country and you need to be prepared to face the fact that the image you have in mind for your dream home may not apply in your case.
  • When buying the containers, make sure you see them first or you risk finding out they are not in a good condition, like the sellers might want to make you think. Also, evaluate the shipping container market and find out which types and dimensions best suit your vision and needs.
  • Then comes the hard part: finding a good contractor who can hopefully take care of everything from start to finish. For that, you need to do some research, spend time checking references and meeting with various candidates.
  • Be prepared to deal with potential issues such as the ones related to insulation. In colder climates especially, proper insulation is very important in the case of container homes. You also need to find a good strategy for dealing with the wind.

There are numerous others you need to focus on before starting such a project and also during the process if you want everything to be just right and to have no regrets. Since this construction technique is relatively new, we’re all still learning.

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