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Comfort and Style Through Leather Recliner Chairs

Nothing beats coming home after a hard day’s work and collapsing straight into your recliner chair. For many, leather recliner chairs are a symbol of comfort, the perfect place to lounge and relax. However, with so many varieties of recliners in the market today, picking the perfect recliner chair can turn out to be quite the chore.

Selecting a recliner goes beyond just picking one that looks comfortable, or the most affordable recliner available. You do not want to have to replace your chair after a month or two. A lot of factors have to be considered when it comes to selecting a quality recliner chair.

If you are new to the world of recliners, or you want to make a better choice when replacing the recliner chair you currently own, this is the article for you. Get comfortable, as we discover the best recliner chairs for you to choose from.

Choosing Recliners

As earlier stated, choosing recliners can be extremely strenuous for a novice, so here are a few features to look out for the best of recliners:

The Size of Your Room

The size of your room is the first thing to look at. It would be heart-wrenching if you bought a recliner that is either too large or too small for the area you want to put it. It is advisable that you measure the size of the space and the recliner you are looking to buy. Also, fully recline the sofa and measure it to avoid cramping up small spaces. Usually, space ranging from one to three feet from the wall is needed.

Recliner’s Construction

Look out for heavy screws that won’t easily come apart while the recliner is in use. Just imagine your recliner coming apart a little bit after the warranty expiration.

Also, croaking motors at the slightest of movements can be a big issue. No one wants to be disturbed halfway through their beauty nap by the sound of squeaky motors. Make sure the motors are as quiet as possible before the purchase.

Check if the levers are easy to use. If you have kids and would not like them tampering with the lever, you can get a complicated one. But it is advisable to get an easy-to-use lever.

Recliner Materials

Recliners are made with a variety of materials that you can easily have your pick from. It’s a matter of taste and preference. It’s important to note that all the materials used for recliners are either leather or fabric. We will dig deeper into this much later in the article.

Personal Style

Most people buy recliners that complement the overall décor in the house. Colors and patterns and the likes are in major in decoration practices, especially for women. So if you’re trying to incorporate a recliner into an existing style, it is best to go along with the recliner that suites it.

But if you’re lost as to what to go with, the best thing to do is go for a neutral tone that will adapt to a change in décor at any point in time.


These days, comfort comes at a cost, sometimes high, other times low. The quality of comfort you pay for determines what you get. Recliners can be extremely pricey. You could get a good one in the price range of $400 to $2,000. So it is left for you to know your pocket and either save up to get the best or work towards what you have.

Body size

When shopping for your recliner, check the recliner size by measurement and also by feeling. Sit on it and make sure it is comfortable for you. Be sure that, while sitting, your feet touch the floor.

Basic Recliner Features to look for


This is the selling point of recliners. Comfort! If a recliner is not comfortable, it is not the best for you. Some of the features that make the recliner comfortable are adjustable back, neck rest, memory foam cushion, among others.

These features are not only for comfort but also needed to keep your body healthy. Back pains, neck pains can be the side effect of a not-so-good recliner. It’s best to avoid such. It is also advisable not to stay too long in a sitting position as it can also be dangerous.


Recliners can easily be adjusted to smooth a resting pattern, whether it’s to sit up or lay back slightly for a little nap. This is made possible by motors connected to levers for control.

Other Add-on Features

Swivel Base

This is a feature that enables you to swing to face any desired direction.

Big and Tall

These are recliners that are on the extra-large side. They are designed to hold more weight than a normal recliner.


With just the press of a button, you can have a thorough body massage from your recliner. They are rumored to be even more thorough than the average masseur. You’ll never know if it is true unless you try one.

Built-In USB Charger

This feature enables you to charge your phone while sitting on your chair. All you need is your cable to connect your phone.

Materials Used for Recliners

There are varieties of tastes that people have when it comes to picking a material for a recliner. There are various materials used to make recliners, but they are all categorized into two main materials, which are leather and fabric.

Leather recliners

Leather recliners are known to be very comfortable and gentle to the back. Leather recliners are recommended for people with back issues as they are known to alleviate joint and back pains.

Leather is also quite durable and easy to clean up. But they can be easily damaged by cats or children, and they can be very uncomfortable when the weather is warm.

The different kinds of leather recliners are:

Pigmented Leather

This is the most durable type of leather used for furniture. It has a polymer surface coating that has pigments. This surface coating is resistant to stains, and it takes a longer time to fade. Technology has also made it easier to print or customize this kind of leather.

Aniline Leather

Aniline leather has a unique surface, and it has the most natural look, keeping the characteristics of the animal hide.

Surface coating is not used in aniline leather; rather, it is only colored with dye. Some, however, can use a light non-pigment surface coating to guard against soiling.

Aniline leather recliners need to be given high maintenance as it needs to be kept in good condition.

PVC Leather

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) leather is another kind of leather used to make recliners. It is known as imitation leather as it is made using a base material coated in a mix of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with additives that make it softens it and makes it more flexible. PVC leather is fire, stain, and water, which makes it popular in the commercial industry.

Fabric Recliners

Fabric recliner is another option to look at if you are not so big on leather recliners. They come in different categories, and they are quite comfortable. The biggest issue with fabric recliners is that they can easily be stained.

There are various fabric materials that can be used for recliners. Some of them are:

Natural fibers

These materials are very soft, and they are good for weaving and patterns. However, they easily fade out under sunlight and can easily get fluffy.


These are made from flax plant fibers. Linen is known to be extremely durable as it does not stretch easily and is resistant to abrasive damages.


These materials are gotten from the cotton plant. It is a very popular clothing material as it is very soft and arable.


Silk can be extremely expensive, as it is both soft and smooth to touch. It is also a very durable material, but it fades easily in sunlight, so it must be well protected.

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Types of Recliners

Standard Three-Way or Two Position Recliner

If you’re the type that craves casual comfort, then you definitely need the Standard recliner in your life. These recliners are very affordable and comfortable. They can also come with various add-ons like the swivel base.

High Leg Recliner

The High leg recliner is a more stylish option. They are much more expensive than the standard recliner, but there are different styles that you can choose from, both transitional and contemporary.

Also, most high leg recliners do not have a visible handle, which gives it a cleaner look. Instead, they have an easy-to-use push-back mechanism.

Lift Recliners

The Lift recliner is the perfect recliner for people who need help getting into a standing position. The beauty of lift recliner is that they do not only have the ability to recline, but they can also raise you gently to a standing position with the use of a lift mechanism.

The Best Leather Recliners

Knowing the features and materials for a comfy back rub from a recliner is all well and good. But a professional’s touch in your choosing process is not a bad idea. And there’s one professional lurking around the corner. Yes! It is us. So let us walk you through some comfortable recliners that you can choose to buy.

1. Shamir Genuine Leather Manual Recliner

Bipasha Manual Recliner

This is one recliner that you would love to snuggle all the time. It is beautiful to look at, so it has an aesthetic advantage. This beauty has a horizontal truss and vertical stitching on its upper grain leather match upholstery with a lush tan. Its expresso legs is also an added feature. Its seats are deep and very comfortable, and its pillow arms make it feel like your body is sinking into soft clouds.

This recliner’s weight capacity is about 300 lb. Its overall dimensions are 41″ H x 42″ W x 39″ D. Its seat measurement is 20″ H x 18″ W x 20″ D. Its reclining feature is manual, and it has no base motion. Its pricing is quite fair to the pocket and is worth it.

2. Shimmer Power Recliner

Bipasha Manual Recliner

This baby has a contour in both the poly arm pad and in the contoured wings. The seat cushions also have even more contours. This is one of the best recliners you could ever find. Its comfort level is off the charts as the detailed contouring of this recliner was implicitly made with pleasure in mind.  Crosswires are used to tie the strings together to equalize support and comfort. Its overall dimensions are 43″ H x 35″ W x 40″ D. When fully reclined, it stretches up to 71″ D.

This standard recliner’s overall weight is 125 lb but has the capacity to carry a person that weighs 350 lb. Its reclining type utilizes power, and it can recline at 133 degrees.

This chair is literally heaven on earth. Try it out. You won’t regret it. 

3. Kusilvak Genuine Leather Manual Recliner

Bipasha Manual Recliner

This recliner has an overall dimension of 41″ H x 40.5″ W x 36.5 with a weight capacity of 330 lb. Its reclining type is manual in nature, and its reclining angle is up to 165 degrees.

This recliner will give your home a warm, welcoming setting as the PU leather gives your home a stylish look. High-density foam is used for its armrest, wide seat, and backrest, providing all forms of coziness for the body.

Its footrest also has a bounce feature when pulling the handle, helping your body stretch out after a hectic day.

4. Dayse Genuine Leather Manual Recliner

Bipasha Manual Recliner

This chair has a smaller-scale 3-way transitional reclining feature with an additional footrest extension. Genuine leather was used in making his chair, and it has a manual push back. Its reclining angle is 45 degrees, and it has a down blend feather wrap for comfort and lasting durability.

It has an overall dimension of 39.5″ H x 31″ W x 37.8″ D and a weight capacity of 300 lb. Its base has no motion, but this recliner is sure to give you all the comfort you desire, at a reasonable price, of course

5. Saturn Genuine Leather Reclining Heated Massage Chair

Bipasha Manual Recliner

This is one of the best recliner chairs out there. IT comes with heating, massage, and power reclining feature. It even has a remote control feature. This load of comfort has deep tissue air massage that reduces pain, gets rid of pains, improves muscle movement, and eliminates pressure points.

Its paneled doll head arms arch in a way that that is still comfortable when in the furthest recline position. Its overall dimension is 45″ H x 34″ W x 42″ D with a weight capacity of 350 lb.

6. Jupiter Socozi Genuine Leather Heated Massage Chair

Bipasha Manual Recliner

This power recliner has a heating feature, remote control, and zero gravity, and it also doubles as a massage chair. The recliner can obtain the weight distribution that helps in optimizing the circulation of blood and reduce pressure on all the delicate parts of the body.

It is a zero-gravity recliner that reclines up to 191 degrees. It has a power lumbar and headrest, and its overall dimension is 44″ H x 35″ W x 42″ D with a weight capacity of 350 lb. This power recliner is very comfortable and worth every single penny used to buy it.

7. Fennel Home Theater Individual Seating

Bipasha Manual Recliner

Leather material is used for the whole bodywork. This power glider recliner is the stuff of dreams as it has a power recline, power, lumbar, and power headrest, giving the body full support. It comes in a black color so it can fit into any home decor.

Its switch panel is user friendly, and it has a handy USB port. Its overall dimension is 41″ H x 34″ W x 39″ D with the weight capacity of 350 lb.   

8. Earlscourt Home Theater Individual Seating

Bipasha Manual Recliner

Check out this power recliner that has the ability to make you forget all your worries and cares. Its reclining feature hits just the right spot for relaxation. It is so easy to use, and it also features a USB port for charging. It also has Certi-Pur certified foam and a 1-inch cool gel memory foam topper.

Its overall dimension is 42” H x 36” W x 39″ D with a weight capacity of 350 lb. If you want to enjoy your home theater time, this is the chair for you.  

9. Unruh Leather Manual Swivel Glider Recliner

Bipasha Manual Recliner

This manual recliner is made with a high-quality mechanism, with a fully padded foam wrapped hardwood frame. It has a swivel glider base, and it is water-resistant, tear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and stain-resistant, so it is the ideal chair for a family.

It has an overall dimension of 42″ H x 36″ W x 39″ D with a weight capacity of 250 lb.   

10. Bipasha Manual Recliner

Bipasha Manual Recliner

This manual recliner’s inspiration was gotten from a class wing-back, with its thick foam cushioned seat. It has an ergonomic design, and it is high in quality. It is suitable for home use as it is a comfortable seat for back support when viewing a TV or in a relaxed recline.

It has an overall dimension of 42” H x 28.75” W x 37″ D with a weight capacity of 350 lb. It is also water, stain, and mildew resistant as it is made of leather.


A recliner is a must-have in every home. It can get a bit addictive sitting on the comfy recliner all day doing nothing, but that, in itself, is unhealthy. Stretch after sitting for a while. It will do your bones good.

It is also important that you consider adjustable ergonomics when getting your dream chair, paying close attention to the lumbar support. Hopefully, this article will help you pick the best recliner for your home.