Fresh Color Combinations: Colors that Go With Teal

What is teal color? Teal is a deep blue-green, another name for dark cyan. The color gets its name from the colored feathers around the eyes of the duck family’s common teal bird. 

Colors that Go With Teal

Teal is a showstopper in any space it’s in, perhaps because of its inherently rich color, its saturation, and its warmth without being too energizing. Here is a look at some colors that go with teal to optimize the style and impact of teal in your space.

What Is Teal?

Teal is a shade of cyan and green. Its name is derived from the Eurasian teal, a bird with a similar colorful stripe on its head. The term is frequently used colloquially to refer to all colors of cyan. This color can be obtained by combining cyan into a green foundation or by adding gray or black to achieve the desired depth.

Teal In Psychology

Teal In Psychology

It combines the serene stability of blue with the optimism and healing virtues of green. Teal is the color of tranquillity, mental and spiritual equilibrium. The serene shade exudes an inherent dignity that is not artificial or “in your face.”

Teal’s understated elegance promotes a contemplative state of mind. Brighter teal tones are distinctive and sophisticated. Individuals who prefer the color teal are trustworthy and self-sufficient. They are inherently creative and independent thinkers.

A teal lover is temperate and considerate. He or she is almost certainly gifted at mediation and reaching a compromise. On the other hand, those drawn to teal may be conceited and likely to overthink every scenario. They may spend too much time thinking rather than materializing their desires.

Tips for Decorating with Teal

Using teal in interior design might not be as simple as it sounds because there are so many different shades to choose from. However, we’ve put together a list of tips that might make it easier for you to integrate this intriguing color in your home’s decor.

Pick a Teal Complementary Color

Pick a Teal Complementary Color

Complementary colors are ones that are opposites on the color chart. The teal complementary color is a pinkish red. So, if you’re doing a wall color in teal, consider contrasting it with pops of pinks and purples. You can do this with accessories like flowers, vases, rugs, and pillows.  

Teal velvet is spot on

When dark teal is used to dye velvet pillows and bedspreads, it evokes a sense of royal splendor. Cots crafted from rich, dark woodwork beautifully with this hue.

Additionally, one can have their sofa sets upholstered in dark teal velvets. When positioned in the living room, in the space’s main point, or even near the fire, the couch is certain to exude regal importance.

Dark teal, in particular, looks wonderful in situations illuminated by yellow light. Natural light is also lovely, although white light does not bring forth the entire spirit of this hue. Additionally, you can embellish your pillow covers with tassels to enhance their appearance.

Think dark teal furniture

Additionally, dark teal furniture such as chairs, end tables, and lamps can be used to enhance your home design. Apart from the use of velvet, this rich shade of teal can create a wonderful backdrop for homes with more hardwood furniture when painted on the walls.

Also, dark teal looks stunning when mixed with other delicate hues. If you’re going with a dark teal couch, you can always glitz it up with ash silver throw pillows or, if you’re more traditional, green patterned throw pillows.

Teal prints are showstoppers

Teal prints are showstoppers

When combined with solid hues, teal in embroidery and print creates the most magnificent interior design.  Printed teal décor pieces such as China plates for your walls or teal-printed ceramic vases for your end tables are accessories that provide color to your space.

Don’t be afraid of geometric prints either. Purchase some throw pillows with geometric print covers. Teal cloth that has been embroidered can be used as wall art. Instead of traditional paintings, be creative with attractive frames to adorn your home’s walls.

A stunning teal print makes a stylish statement in the living area. Rest assured that your guests will return time and time again to admire the beauty in teal.

Teal glass is breathtaking

Greens such as teal looks stunning in glass, whether it’s bottles, mirrors, glass chandeliers, or even glass doors. Teal green is the ideal color for the glass bottles that adorn your bar and are used to store fine wine and liquor. Because liquids such as wine and juices may be exposed to light without destroying their flavors, they are frequently packaged in green glass.

Thus, teal green glasses are not only stylish and fashionable, but also perform a crucial function of preserving the flavor of your wine over time.

Additionally, teal colored lighting does wonders for those of you that have a home bar.  Additionally, teal glass vases make for some of the most enticing decor. Especially if the teal glass is embellished with art, the vase is likely to give refinement to your decor.

Use teal for walls

Walls enclose 50 percent of the empty space inside the room, with the remaining 50 percent being covered with flooring. One of greatest things about teal is that it’s so versatile and available in a variety of tints and patterns allows you to pretty much plan the entire interior.

Because walls take up a lot of space, it’s critical to choose the proper color and plan how you’re going to decorate them. When a solid teal color is painted throughout the entire wall surface, it emits a beautiful glow. Simultaneously, printed teal wallpapers look just as good.

Also, what is frequently overlooked is the fact that a well-chosen set of curtains may truly enhance the aesthetics of your home. Teal curtains are ideal for this.

However, interior design does not end there. Flooring and what goes on it comprise a sizable portion of interior design. Teal area rugs look fantastic when combined with yellow and blues in these settings.

Spruce up the dining table with teal crockery

Spruce up the dining table with teal crockery

Plates with intricate designs gracing walls date all the way back to the nineteenth century, when people from the upper class hung plates alongside paintings on their palace walls. This style has made a comeback in interior design, and modern homes are now proud to display their extensive collection of vintage plates.

Teal enhances the beauty of antique dishes since it is the ideal tone, neither too bright nor too dark. A range of teal plates in both solid and printed colors may truly enhance the attractiveness of your interiors.

Teal colored crockery, on the other hand, is both stylish and beautiful when it comes to classic tableware. It looks stunning on any color table. Opt for solid, teal-colored plates if your tablecloth is printed, and vice versa.

Pastel teal is gorgeous

Modern dwellings are frequently depicted in soothing pastel hues. These hues are often pale, with a low to moderate saturation level. Pastel colors are frequently used on walls because they evoke an air of contemporary refinement.

Pastel teal is beyond lovely on walls. It complements virtually any type of wall decor that will be used to beautify the huge space that walls cover.  While white frames look best against a pastel teal background, the majority of cold and a few warm colors, such as beige and soft yellow, work just as well.

Thus, by painting your walls this pleasing shade, you ensure that they do not stand out on their own. Rather than that, it stands out in concert with the rest of your house design and furniture. That is the allure of this hue, as it is warm and inviting.


Colors That Go with Teal


Tan is a versatile neutral that pairs well with teal. Cream or tan tones, as a neutral color, can add warmth to a space while also serving as the ideal backdrop for those looking to use a rich teal accent.  Teal cushions, whether solid or patterned, or a knitted throw, look stunning when placed on the living room couch.


The striking contrast of this rich color against different shades of gray is certain to inject some simple drama into your home while maintaining a peaceful and soothing atmosphere. Utilize teal room décor such as wall paintings or frames against gray painted walls to highlight the wonderful pairing of these two chilly hues’ respective bluish tones.


When coupled with teal, gold lends an aura of regality, and unexpectedly, these two colors work well together. When used in small locations (such as the bathroom or kitchen sink), a dash of gold conveys a sense of elegance rather than tacky, as the hue is sometimes associated with. A splash of gold here and there may truly elevate the mood of your home.


Black and Teal

Some individuals may be apprehensive or hesitant to pair teal and black due to the stark contrast, but they would be mistaken. Black and teal complement one another well, much like how light doesn’t seem that bright without a little amount of darkness. This color scheme might work much better in a summer residence or a beach house.

Painting with black may be challenging, as you don’t want to create the illusion of a space that’s too dark, which is why teal is the ideal choice if you’re set on painting a portion of your walls black.


Fresh Color Combinations Colors that Go WithTeal

Teal’s richer, darker colors work beautifully with dramatic greens, while its brighter, medium shades pair well with blues and cool neutrals. You can always combine green walls with teal decor items, such as vases or dining room chairs.


Fresh Color Combinations Colors that Go WithTeal

Navy is one of those timeless hues that can bring an infinite amount of refinement to almost any area. However, it’s normal to want to avoid your navy from being too dark or conventional, in which case a flash of teal is an excellent way to liven up a moody area. If you opt for a teal accent wall, you can always turn to navy decor pieces of even something bigger and boulders, like a couch or a sofa set with navy upholstery.

Teal + Blonde Wood

As a rich, saturated color, teal tends to inherently draw the eye immediately. This makes blonde wood an excellent color pairing; it provides a softer pale neutral than white, which can appear stark against the richness of teal. The combination is balanced and chic.

Fresh Color Combinations Colors that Go WithTeal

Teal + Golden Wood

Technically, “golden wood” isn’t a color per se, but it makes a lovely addition to a teal color scheme. Hovering between orange, brown, and golden yellow, this type of wood is warm, just like teal but from completely different color families. The color pairing of this gorgeous Boffi cupboard and a teal painted wall demonstrate the impact that’s possible with a simple, saturated color palette.

Fresh Color Combinations Colors that Go WithTeal

Teal + Gold

The warmth and sophistication of metallic gold contrasts, in a beautiful way, with the warmth and dignity of the color teal. This combination feels worth its visual weight. One decorating tip is to keep shapes of color combination pieces similar to emphasize their connection in a space that is heavy on various neutrals.

Fresh Color Combinations Colors that Go WithTeal

Teal + Mustard

Many people, when they think of the color mustard, are hard-pressed to keep from wrinkling their nose. Rich as it is, the color mustard yellow is sometimes seen as “gross,” “ugly,” or “too much.” Whether you feel that way or not, a little bit of ugly in a space might be just the thing it needs to be interesting, unique, and memorable. Along with other colors that go with teal, mustard is fully committed to its aesthetic; the pairing works particularly well with noncommitted, soft neutrals.

Fresh Color Combinations Colors that Go WithTeal

Teal + Gray

In the “non-color” existence of gray, where utilitarianism and industrial vibes are the norm, it is both surprising and delighting to turn it into a color that goes with teal. The depth of teal’s bluey-greenness is a rich, warm juxtaposition to gray. With this modern neutral of choice and teal rising ever more in interior design popularity, this is a color combination that will likely increase in use over the next little while.

Fresh Color Combinations Colors that Go WithTeal

Teal + Cobalt Blue

Joining two distinct colors of the tropical sea and the Mediterranean sky can only bring beauty, relaxation, and good vibrations. Both bold colors in and of themselves, teal and cobalt blue go beautifully together because of their similar undertones and saturation. The sharp (cooler) cobalt and smooth (warmer) teal are lovely and fresh as a sea breeze.

Fresh Color Combinations Colors that Go WithTeal

Teal + Black + White

Where black and white are at opposite ends of the spectrum (technically, they’re not even on the spectrum…) and, therefore, are the ultimate contrast in color, teal likes to befriend all colors. It gives depth and substance to this classic color combination and bridges the visual gap to create an encompassing, undivided palette.

Fresh Color Combinations Colors that Go WithTeal

Teal + Taupe

A sea of taupe would be soothing, of course, what with its blended greyish-brown (or is it brownish-grey?). But strategic pops of a saturated color like teal creates points of visual interest throughout the taupe space, without detracting from the beautiful neutral itself. Teal is a lovely color to consider in spaces that involve food, such as this dining room.

Fresh Color Combinations Colors that Go WithTeal

Taupe, as gorgeous and serene a color as it is, tends to feel a little blah when left to fend for itself in design. With its lovely bluey-green aesthetic, the color teal brings in that element of water and life that immediately picks up the energy and the fresh appeal of a taupe-neutral space. Of course, interesting silhouettes such as this abstract golden branch pendant, will always raise the level of visual interest in any space, regardless of the color combination.

Fresh Color Combinations Colors that Go WithTeal

Teal + Cream

Cream is the ultimate “warm” neutral, with its roots in the red and yellow color families. Softer and smoother than white, when cream is paired with teal, the visual impact is softened but still striking. This combination is bold, but in a slower and more careful method than, say, teal and stark white. It reminds us of vintage, of friendship, of life well lived.

Fresh Color Combinations Colors that Go WithTeal

Teal + Copper

Two rich tones combine to make something stunning, and teal and copper are just such a formula for luxe aesthetic appeal. Likely because both hues are saturated, rich, and warm, their combination creates a space that is both cozy and inviting. This is a particularly palatable pairing for a kitchen.

Teal Décor Ideas

Contemporary Living Room

Contemporary Living Room

Jeff Schlarb Design Studio brings our first inspiration for today, showing how easy it is to integrate teal as part of a contemporary living room setup. You can see how the couch and armchairs are covered in teal upholstery, with the teal rug making everything come together. Everything stands out even more thanks to the neutral grays and silvers that are also part of the decor.

White and Teal Kitchen

Inspiration for a large transitional u-shaped medium tone wood

We love how Knocknock combined this teal kitchen furniture with an all-white ceiling and wall design, resulting in a bright setup where you’ll always come to cook with pleasure. The marble countertops bring forth shades or white and gray, which also enhance the beauty and vividness of teal. Plus, the cabinets are equipped with golden hardware, making for another on-point color combo.

Gorgeous Bright Bedroom

Gorgeous Bright Bedroom

In a room that’s predominantly white, you can’t really go wrong with a drop of teal, as you can see in this bedroom setup by Anthropologie Europe. Aside from the harmony between teal and white, we can’t help but notice the golden sunburst chandelier, adding to the elegance of the room. The gold-finish legs of the bed are another detail we fell in love with.

All-Teal Bathroom Setup

All-Teal Bathroom Setup

Violet & George, if you’re reading this, thank you for showing us that there is no such thing as too much teal, especially when it comes to bathrooms. Here you can see how the glossy teal bathroom tile goes with the walls of matching color, and to avoid making the space feel too dark, the designer went with some white elements too, such as a console sink, white flooring, and a white toilet bowl.

Tiny Teal Tales

Fresh Color Combinations Colors that Go WithTeal

If there is one thing you notice after looking at a LOT of different teal decor ideas is that light rooms and teal accents are a match made in Heaven. For instance, this particular bedroom is mostly decorated in white and beige, with medium-tone wood flooring. However, those two small bed throw pillows bring forth that powerful teal that just makes sense and adds a drop of color into the room.

Teal Vase

Fresh Color Combinations Colors that Go WithTeal

We wanted to show you just how beautiful a teal vase can be, especially as part of coastal decor. You can see how this is paired with a small rattan stool which can also be used as an ottoman, coffee table, or even end table. Plus, the transition from white to teal is just stunning and delicate, perfect for Mediterranean decor.


What color goes nicely with teal?

Teal’s serene sophistication contrasts beautifully with the dull color that grey is frequently regarded as. Red, yellow, and black are three of the most popular hues that go well with teal.

Is teal too dark for living room?

Teal is a peaceful color tone that contains a good amount of blue. It works well in practically any environment that you want to infuse with a regenerating, soothing vibe. As such, it’s an excellent choice for a living room.

How do you make teal walls look good?

Avoid overpowering the area with darker teal hues by painting a single accent wall. Teal accents, such as throw cushions, table lamps, and artwork can be used to balance out more intense hues or to provide a pop of color to a neutral environment. Utilize teal in the bathroom, particularly on the walls, to create a soothing, spa-like feel.

Final Words

A room that you call home or where you spend your working hours is critical. To plan the interiors with refinement, artistry, and luxury takes precedence. Teal is a versatile color that may be utilized throughout the interior design of a room: on walls, tables, sofas, and chairs. You might be surprised at how well everything works together when everything is the same hue. And for more stunning home design inspiration, check out our guide to the best colors to pair with blue!