The Coffee Bar That Makes You Feel At Home Using Wine Crates

In order to obtain such a result, architect Eugene Meshcheruk, a 2009 graduate of the Dnieper State Academy, used a variety of tricks. First of all, the palette of materials used for this project includes a lot of reclaimed wood and this is always a good option when trying to add warmth to a space and to borrow the rustic charm that comes with it.

Penka coffee bar reclaimed wood on walls

The coffeehouse was designed in 2015 and is located in Zaporizhia, Ukraine. One of the reasons why it feels so inviting and homey is because of its relatively small size and the layout which is friendly and simple.

Penka coffee bar use of wood throughout

The interior design combines a series of rustic and industrial elements. One of the most eye-catching details is the light fixture hanging above the bar. It was designed using a series of glass Mason jars and its size is impressive. In addition, the light fixture mimics the bar’s trapezoidal shape.

Penka coffee bar bar and light fixture match

Another interesting feature is the series of vertical planters that add a green touch to the interior design. At the far back of the space the wall is populated with planters. A bench wraps around the corner forming a sectional seating area in front of the windows.

Penka coffee bar window bench nook

At the center, the bar completes the design. A set of small tables with square and round tops are spread throughout the space, complementing the benches and filling the empty areas. This combination of seating options, shapes and dimensions offers the cafe an eclectic look overall.

Penka coffee bar small side tables

All the details and features described so far are simple and interesting at the same time and only as a whole they manage to create the pleasant and welcoming ambiance that defines this place. In addition, there’s another important element that contributes to the uniqueness of this project.

Penka coffee bar wine crate units
Penka coffee bar wine crate closeup

The architect opted for wooden wine crates and reclaimed wood as the main material resources for the interior design. The crates are put together to form units that extend onto the walls and ceiling offering storage and display nooks.

Penka coffee bar bar and chalkboard wall

Reclaimed wood was used on the walls, setting a rustic décor and also adding an industrial touch to the design together with the light fixtures. The décor is very casual throughout and elements such as the chalkboard wall or the cozy bench pillows offer a sense of freedom and comfort.

Penka coffee bar vertical planter
Penka coffee bar vertical planter on wall

The bathroom is an unexpected burst of color. This area has walls that were painted a bright yellow. The décor was kept minimalistic in order to allow the color to become the main attraction.

Penka coffee bar bathroom yellow walls
Penka coffee bar bathroom door

Considering the reduced dimensions of this space, yellow is a color that makes it feel brighter and possibly even more spacious by distraction the attention and directing it towards something dramatic.

Penka coffee bar bathroom minimalist interior
Penka coffee bar bathroom spaciousness