Christmas Tree Wall Sticker

The Christmas Tree Wall Sticker measure 100cm and is made from high quality matt vinyl and are easy to apply. Furthermore provide a quick and cost effective way of adding a touch of glamour for Christmas Day.

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During Christmas time, the most important decoration is, of course, the Christmas tree. Usually families with children don’t get to wait until the Christmas to decorate it. It’s a beautiful tradition that gathers the family together by involving all the members in a common and beautiful activity like decorating the Christmas tree. Some even go a little further and decorate the entire house.

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But for modern families, young couples without children, this is not such a significant event. But they still want to keep the Christmas spirit alive in their homes. Here’s an idea of how you can do that. It’s a wall sticker, shaped like a Christmas tree. It’s an unconventional solution, but these days everything changes. And there’s no rule that says you can’t have an actual real Christmas tree in the house and also have the sticker. It’s just another Christmas decoration.  You can choose between the silver and the red version. It’s a simple and modern solution for those who are not crazy about celebrating this holyday, but that still like to get involved. Also, it’s a cute idea.Available in many colors for £24.