Charming home with a rustic French theme

There’s something unique about French homes. They have a flair that can’t really be recreated with anything else. However, there are ways of taking that charm with you .It’s not that difficult to create a French-inspired décor in other part of the world. Take this lovely house for example.

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This is a very tranquil and calm home. Notice how peaceful and serene this house looks. It has a cheerful look and a rustic feel that makes it particularly inviting. The exterior of the house is not particularly interesting. It’s rather simple and traditional, with geometrical lines and large windows. The ground floor windows are particularly beautiful because of their arched shape.

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The shutters from the windows are something we don’t see anymore nowadays. They look so rustic and rare. The interior of the house is welcoming and cozy. The rooms are elegantly decorated but not with modern elements but with a traditional and rustic approach. The living room features beautiful exposed beams on the ceiling and the kitchen is perfect for entertaining. The colors are peaceful and calm and there are several elements that make this home special. The arched entrance and windows are definitely on the list and so are some decorative items such as that rug from the living room, the wooden floors and that very cute sitting area from the back of the house.Listed for 1,4 mil $.