Boho Curtains That You Can Use in Every Room of the House

If you are looking to add more interest and texture to your home, boho curtains might be just the solution you need. These curtains have varied and eye-catching styles that will brighten any space.

Boho Curtains

You will love the way that these curtains can change the style of the room in an instant. This style is less about proscribed rules than it is about the experience, so go ahead and have a bit of fun with your curtain choices.

Boho Curtains and Style

Here is a quick review of boho style. Boho or bohemian style is inspired by world travel and wide cultural influences. It is popular with free-spirits who dislike strict design rules; rather, rooms with this style should look like the pieces have been gathered over time from street bazaars, vintage shops, and flea markets.

Boho Curtains and Style
A Designer At Home

It is a relaxed style that never looks the same because each room is a gathering of unique elements. Therefore, rooms designed with bohemian style feature a pleasing mix of colors, textures, and patterns.

In general, curtains allow you to have more privacy and control the light in your space. Boho curtains do all this and give you the chance to bring more color and texture into your interior spaces.

Like many items of boho decor, curtains are a personal choice. You may find that you want them as a focal point or to blend in with the other items in the room. Either way, there are bohemian curtain options to support any design choice.

Boho Curtain Ideas

There are so many amazing styles of boho curtains for every room of your home. We have rounded up some of the best design ideas for you to consider ways to add these amazing drapes to your home.

Macrame for texture

Macrame for texture

If you are looking to add some texture to your room but don’t need the privacy of curtains, a macrame panel is a good choice. This knotted string pattern creates a classic boho style without overwhelming the room with bold patterns and colors.

Black and white boho curtains

Black and white boho curtainsView in gallery

A black and white combination is another classic look for bohemian curtains. These panels look sophisticated and eclectic all at the same time. You can either match the curtains with your colors and decor or choose a colorful room for contrast.

Boho curtains with tassels

Boho curtains with tasselsView in gallery
Urban Outfitter

This tasseled peach colored curtain comes from Urban Outfitter. They are one of the large retail stores with different bohemian curtain styles that you can order in various price categories. If you need more unique curtain sizes look at various brokers of handmade items like Etsy.

Block printed boho bedroom curtains

Block printed boho bedroom curtainsView in gallery
House and Garden UK

This bedroom is awash in vibrant color. It features a set of drapes with a solid panel curtain beside a woodblock printed curtain panel. Block printing is an ancient technique that has been perfected over time in South Asia. This delicate floral pattern is classic and timeless without looking too fussy.

Black and white shower curtain with fringe

Black and white shower curtain with fringeView in gallery
mango design co

This shower curtain is both an unexpected and interesting design choice that balances the overall design of the bathroom. The curtain on this bath has a black and white paisley pattern with a fringe which softens the look of this sleek and modern bathroom.

Boho kitchen curtains

Boho kitchen curtainsView in gallery
Domino Magazine

This simple kitchen gets an infusion of bright color with the addition of these floral curtains. They provide a striking focal point in this otherwise neutral kitchen. Also, notice also the addition of the woven pendant light and the greenery which enlivens the space.

Earth toned dining room curtains

Earth toned dining room curtainsView in gallery
The Nue Look

If you are looking to elevate the style of your dining room, try adding moody salmon-colored curtains and pairing them with ivory walls. These curtains echo the warm tones of the floor and balance the overall lightness of the room.

White boho curtains

White boho curtainsView in gallery
Design Shop Interiors

The designer of this bedroom chose white curtains over a more dramatic tone to complete this modern boho look. Rather than using color and bright patterns, this bedroom uses layered texture to give the room a warm and welcoming style. If you like this look, pair white curtains with seagrass shades to create a pleasing contrast.

Boho shower curtain

Boho shower curtainView in gallery
Society 6

This black and white bathroom has a classic style that could go in many directions. However, the addition of the color block shower curtain, tribal rug, greenery, and basket gives the bathroom an unmistakable boho style.

Boho bedroom curtains with floral pattern

Boho bedroom curtains with floral patternView in gallery

This charming bedroom has an exotic tropical vibe. The floral drapes are a vibrant addition to this otherwise neutral room. Further, notice the layering of seagrass and black tones. If you like this look, style a room with deep textural interest with one “hero-feature” pattern like a batik or a vibrant floral for the curtains or bed covering.

Mixing materials

Mixing materialsView in gallery
Yvonne Christensen Design

If you like the boho style but need a bit more privacy, try layering two types of curtains. This designer uses a panel of macrame and then layers it with boho blackout curtains at the edges. This is a functional design that is both stylish and practical.

Boho sheer curtains

Boho sheer curtainsView in gallery
JL Interior Design, LLC

This space is proof that bohemian style can be sophisticated as well as exotic. This designer chose to use sheer curtains to support the design of this living room. It keeps the focus of the design on the colorful seating area. Therefore, the overall look of this room is light and bright.

Curtain tie-backs for texture

If you like the boho look, but don’t want to change all your curtains, consider adding an item like a boho tie-back. These allow the curtains to drape in a romantic way and add intricate detailing for a more custom look.

Colored pom pom tie-back

Colored pom pom tie-backView in gallery

This tie-back look is perfect for a nursery or child’s room. The soft earth tones complement a wide array of design styles and color palettes.

Tassel tie-back

Tassel tie-backView in gallery

Add some ivory tassels for an elevated style. You can pair these with an ivory drape for an understated look or with a dark color for more dramatic style.

Leaf tassel tie-back

Leaf tassel tie-backView in gallery
Book Marx Boutique

This tie-back features a gold woven leaf. The simple style is elegant and would work for classic style decor as well as bohemian design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How should I choose curtains for the living room?

First, consider the style you like. Do this by searching for pictures online and seeing which pictures click with you. This will help you narrow down the curtain style as well as the color and pattern you want. Next, think about the function you need in your room and who uses it. For example, the curtains you should use in a formal living room are different from those you need for a living room that the whole family uses. Last, measure your window and decide the best length and width for your curtains.

How do I measure windows for curtains?

In an ideal world, curtains should be at least two to three times as wide as a window in order to create the correct fullness and drape. For example, if your window is 36 inches wide, multiply this times two to get 72 inches. Your curtain panels should measure at least 72 inches or more for extra fullness. To determine the correct length, measure the length of the window that you want to cover including additional height if you want your curtains to be placed above the window frame.

How long should curtains be?

There are beautiful curtain styles in every length but you should think about how you need your curtains to function to determine which length will work best for you. Formal spaces look amazing with curtains that come to the floor, but more casual rooms for kids might work better with shorter curtains. Boho style curtains in particular look best when they come to the floor. If you like the long curtain look but need them off the floor, consider using tie-backs.

How should I hang curtains?

The best way to hang curtains is on a rod that is supported by brackets attached to the wall. However, if you don’t have all the tools you need for a job like this, you can use a tension rod for light curtains.

Where should I buy boho curtains?

Since boho is such a popular design style, you can find boho curtains in many different stores. Some large store options like Urban Outfitter and PB Teen have beautiful boho curtains. If you like a more handmade style, try Etsy. Many of these stores can customize your order. Always read the reviews and shipping policies. Some stores and departments will even offer same day delivery options if you are in a pinch for time.

How do I search for the best boho curtains online?

Begin by studying all your options for boho curtains. Some of the most popular filters for boho curtains are printed styles, curtains with tassels and fringe, and colorful boho curtains with block and floral printing. Next, view results and narrow down your search for styles that attract you. Some stores offer end of the season sales and deals. Before you click “buy”, read any feedback on particular curtain styles that you like to make sure that others have had a good experience with the product you like.

Boho Curtains: Conclusion

Bohemian-style rooms have a fresh and exciting look that is curated by personal taste and design choices. Boho curtains add the finishing touches to any bohemian style room. Add color, texture, and bright patterns to dress up the room and make it more beautiful. Your room will function better and you will enjoy your room more. In the end, it is as simple as that.