A Bohemian Hotel Inspired By 19th Century Beauty

A hotel that’s neither old nor new and somehow manages to be both at the same time. That’s how we could describe Andre Latin, a lovely hotel situated in one of the oldest districts of Paris, France. After being recently renovated by interior designer Michael Malapert, the décor of the hotel is now a harmonious blend of vintage, classical and modern elements.

Andre Latin hotel outdoor entry and tablesView in gallery

The designer established his agency in 2005 and has been transforming spaces ever since. Each project is placed within its own and unique historical context and then given a contemporary update without neglecting function. It’s this perfect combination that we enjoy the most about this hotel.

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Andre Latin hotel outdoor bistro tablesView in gallery

After being greeted by a chic outdoor terrace with small bistro tables and casual chairs with classical flair, guests are welcomed into the reception area.

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The reception desk is massive and by far the most imposing feature in this space. Complemented by patterned black and white floor tiles and vintage table lamps, the desk faces a casual and comfortable lounge space for guests.

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The hotel’s visitors can also spend time at the bar which is also situated on the ground floor. The bar itself matches the reception desk, being just as massive and imposing. A series of pendant lamps with a golden finish give the space a bright and warm look.

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The bar stools are chic and elegant, in tone with the bar and everything else in the space. The marble top adds a touch of luxury while also establishing a light contrast with the bar’s dark frame and the wooden floors.

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Andre Latin Hotel reception desk from woodView in gallery

Luxurious wallpaper featuring a rich dark turquoise color and a vintage pattern adorns the walls in this space. A combination of chairs with gray and yellow upholstery then let everyone how this is a space meant to be very comfortable and welcoming.

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The mirrors displayed on the wallpapered wall and the stylish sconces are meant to reflect the views and the light coming through the arched windows. At the same time, they add depth to the space as well as a touch of understated glamour.

Andre Latin Hotel bar and loungeView in gallery

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The ground floor is occupied by four main functions: the lobby, reception desk, lounge area and bar. The upper floor is where the guest rooms can be found. They have the same charming and sophisticated look as the rest of the spaces described so far.

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The bedrooms feature dark turquoise accent walls that serve as a backdrop for bohemian black headboards with curved edges and wall-mounted sconces that give out warm light.

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The ambiance is comfortable and luxurious and the décor is very authentic throughout. The attention to detail is showcased in the great care with which the colors, textures and materials were combined and the perfect selection and placement of the accent pieces and decorative features.

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The hotel’s new interior design is a marvelous mixture of 19th century elegance and modern boldness. Furniture from the 50’ sits next to stylish and modern lighting fixtures and are complemented by beveled mirrors and art décor elements. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming and very friendly but not without also being sophisticated and luxurious.

Andre Latin Hotel headboard bedroomView in gallery

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Every space has a touch of glamor and it’s easy to see how well the historical and contemporary values are combined. The result is a very harmonious hotel placed somewhere between past and present, being faithful to both eras and taking the best in each period. This dynamic dialogue between old and new is the reason why this hotel is so special.

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As a guest, you’re charmed by the hotel’s unique character even before you enter, being welcomed by a very friendly and chic combination of colors, placement and forms.