Black and White Curtains for Every Room: A Study in Contrast

Black and white curtains are a lesson that opposites do attract. Together, these colors create an unexpected harmony. This is why they are popular in modern design trends, and also the reason they are a classic choice for any room.  

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Curtains are a foundational part of every room and a crucial part of their functional design. However, curtains can also be a dramatic focal point.

Black and White Curtain Ideas

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For such a simple color scheme, these curtains have a variety of styles. Therefore, we have pulled together some of our favorite examples for your consideration.

Black and White Plaid Curtains

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Look at this eclectic dining room from Emilia Decor. The bright multi-colored rug takes center stage, and the black and white curtains do not try to compete. Rather, they create another layer of texture that doesn’t overpower the room.

Buffalo Check Curtains

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Go big or go home; That is the motto of these black and white buffalo plaid curtains! We love how this rustic pattern is paired with the midcentury modern bedroom from Lindye Galloway Interiors. In addition, the black and white pattern curtains are toned down by simple bedding and black and white wall art.

Black and White Striped Curtains

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Black and white are the primary colors in this eclectic living room from Ginerva Held Interior Design. The striped curtains dominate the room. Thus, they draw the eye toward the outlined black molding on the walls and the yellow mounted animal heads.

Black and White Bedroom Curtains

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Bedrooms require a particular type of curtains. They need to be beautiful and also functional for privacy and sleep. Legacy Construction Northeast pairs black blackout curtains with a sheer white center. Therefore, this allows the windows to let in light during the day but still maintain privacy. If you like this look, find black and white blackout curtains to bring high contrast to your bedroom.

Black and White Kitchen Curtains

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We love these simple but elegant curtains in a kitchen designed by Diamond Custom Homes Inc. The curtain panels are hung high behind the crown molding. Also, the stark black and white room is softened by the ivory walls. 

Sophisticated Floral Curtains for Living Room

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These black and white curtains in this living room from The Nest allow the room to retain its elegant simplicity. The longer panels make the ceiling appear taller than it is.

Black and White Sheer Curtains

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We love these sheer black and white curtains from Bouclair. The shimmery black branches bring the right amount of texture to the curtains to add interest without complicating their simplicity. Also, they allow light to enter the room and still maintain some privacy.

Modern Black and White Curtains

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We love how Studio McGee mixes these black and white window curtains with the rustic style of this office. They bring distinction to the design by introducing the pops of black in the curtains and the chandelier. In addition, the midcentury style of the chairs keeps the design sleek.

Black and White Geometric Curtains

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The geometric curtains in this bedroom from Angela Flournoy are a bold choice. The curtains bring forward the slight touches of black throughout the room and add a contemporary tone to the design.

Black and White Floral Curtains

Black and White Floral CurtainsView in gallery

We love how this living room from Jamie Merida combines the black and white plaid with these contemporary floral curtains. In addition, the modern floral design adds sophistication to the room without making it feel stuffy. Again, the curtains are hung high to emphasize the high ceilings. This results in a more open feeling room.

Black and White Boho Curtains

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These black and white curtains Target stocks will work with many design styles. They have a pared-down look that adds texture rather than dramatic design or color. In addition to boho, they will work with farmhouse or rustic styles too.

Polka Dot Curtains

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This shower curtain from Jodi Foster Design + Planning doesn’t look out of place in this gorgeous bathroom. Rather, it adds some playful relief and balances the intricate pattern of the floor. 

Modern Black and White Shower Curtain

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This modern shower curtain is featured in a bathroom from Tracy Stevens Interior Design Inc. This bathroom blends a historic and modern style.  For example, they mix a classic subway tile wall and black and white mosaic tile floor with a wide striped modern curtain. 

Checkered Curtains

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Andrew Sherman Photography features this bedroom design in the Chicora Wood Plantation. The gingham curtains have a small check pattern that functions like a solid amidst the floral and toile fabrics. In addition, the curtains are homey without feeling provincial.

Bedroom Damask Curtains

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This bedroom from Camille Moore uses damask fabric to create an elegant look. The curtains can be pulled across the wide windows for privacy. The curtains are formal in style. However, they are not fussy because the panel is tailored in style.

Striped Shower Curtain

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This bathroom shower curtain completes the modern beach style of this bathroom from Letter Four Inc. Further, the multi-sized striped curtain adds soft texture to the crisp lines of the bathroom.  

Floral Shower Curtain

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This bathroom from Home Quality Remodeling is stunning. The floral curtain coupled with the black herringbone tile wall creates a dramatic look. In addition, the gold fixtures add the right amount of shine. The results are beautiful.

Black and White Boho Shower Curtain

Black and White Boho Shower CurtainView in gallery

This fabric shower curtain with the bottom fringe adds texture to this elevated mid-century bathroom. Further, the boho shower curtain echoes the simple hues of the hexagonal tile floor. Thus, this allows the vibrant rug and tub surround to dominate. This bathroom design comes to us from Mango Design Co.

Tips for Buying Curtains

Black and white curtains come in many different styles. First, begin by deciding what style you want for your room.  Also, consider how you need your curtains to function in the room. Either go to the store or look online. If you look online, you will have more variety. However, it can be difficult to know the quality of online items.

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Dimples and Tangles

Search online for feedback to determine the experience of others. Also, you can use price to determine which curtains to buy. Look for deals that will make items more cost-effective.  Since the pandemic, the stock is a problem for certain items. Perhaps it is a good time to find a seamstress to make the exact curtains you need.

Hanging Curtains and Rods

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First, measure the area where you want curtains in your home. Take your time; this needs to be right! Next, order or buy curtain rods in person at your local DIY store. Then, gather all the items and tools you need to attach the bracket to the wall. Last, screw the brackets into the wall and make sure to add anchors if the curtains are heavy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What color goes the best with black and white curtains?

The appeal of an item like black and white curtains is that they go with many colors. If you want a bold look, choose a vibrant color for the walls. If you want a classic style, find a neutral color that you prefer like greige or ivory.

Where do I buy rods for black and white curtains?

The two options for buying rods are online or in a physical store. If you look online, you will need to filter the page by size, style, and price to find the items you like the most. Be sure to read the feedback for the item you choose. However, if you buy the rods at a store, you will be able to see them before you buy them and test the quality in person.

How to remove black mold from curtains?

First, mix one part vinegar with three parts water. Next, spray on the curtains and wait for them to dry. In the end, if this DIY hack doesn’t work, get help from a dry cleaner.

Do black curtains make a room hotter or cooler?

Black fabric absorbs heat, so black curtains will make a room hotter than curtains of other colors. However, curtains with a backing do repel sunlight, so black curtains with linings will keep your room cooler, but not as cool as curtains of other colors.

Are black and white curtains too trendy?

Some black and white curtains with geometric designs are trendy and may go out of fashion. However, simple black and white curtains will always be classic.

Do blackout curtains have to be black?

No, blackout is a backing that doesn’t allow light to filter through.

How do I hang curtains if I don't have the tools to screw into the walls?

First, search in a DIY or all-purpose store for a tension rod that will support the curtain that you want to hang. Next, fit it inside the window frame.


These curtains are a beautiful addition to any home. Also, they fit with traditional, modern, cottage, midcentury, and boho styles with ease. In the end, it is worth taking your time to choose an option that meets your needs for style and for function.