Beautiful Fall Decorations Made With Dried Corn And Corn Stalks

Pumpkins are, indeed, a symbol for autumn but they are not the only things you can use as decorations. Cork and cork stalks are quite popular and versatile as well. There are lots of things you can do with them. 

Dried Corn And Corn Stalks Decor ideas for Fall and Halloween

Use them at the front door.

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You can decorate the stalks with colorful flowers or with fruit
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The corn stalks look like they’re guarding the front door and the flowers keep them company

Take a bunch of corn stalks, tie them together and place them on either side of your front door entrance. Pair them with pumpkins and other decorations.

In wooden boxes.

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Use the dried leaves as complementary decorations for the box of goodies

Dried corn stalks or leaves can also be used in planters and boxes along with tiny pumpkins, dried fruit or flowers.

In wreaths.

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To make the wreath you need a flat wood circle, hot glue and dried corn

Have you ever even thought that you could make a corn wreath? Well, it’s an interesting idea and it’s not a difficult project either.

Corn garlands.

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You can alternate different corn of different colors to make the garland look interesting

Another interesting thing you can make using dried corn is a garland. You can either let each dried corn hang down and tie twine around it or you can tie the corn horizontally and this way the garland will look like wheat ears.

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You can display a corn garland at the front door entrance

Fence arrangement.

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Tie corn stalks onto the fence and add a few extra decorations at the base

The fence in the garden or anywhere else on your property could also use some nice decorations this fall. A simple way of giving it a seasonal look is by using corn stalks.

On the stairs.

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Tie the corn stalks in a bunch and decorate with a bow and flowers

The base of the staircase is a perfect spot for displaying fall arrangements. It’s also a great spot for hanging corn stalks in a bunch.

Decorate the light pole.

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Wrap dried corn stalks around the light pole and tie them with ribbon

You can basically use corn stalks to decorate anything that’s sitting vertically. For example, you could decorate the light poles you have on your property. Tie corn stalks around them and give them a nice and comfy look.

For the entryway.

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Put dried corn stalk tops in an apothecary jar and you’ll have a nice display piece

Welcome your guests with a seasonal décor on your entryway. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Even some corn stalks or dried leaves would be enough.

Candle decorations.

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Wrap dried corn around the candle jar and tie twine around it

Candles are usually present on the table or on the mantle no matter what so how about you add a little autumn flair to their usual look? Use dried corn and twine.

Table centerpiece.

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Unwrap the dried leaves from the corn but don’t throw them away

An eye-catching centerpiece suitable for the Thanksgiving table could be a transparent glass container filled with dried corn and other garden goodies.