BBQ Style: Table & Party Decor Ideas

It’s the best time of the year to have evening BBQ’s and backyard parties for the entire neighborhood. Whether you’re planning a giant shindig for July 4th or just an easy celebration of summer for you and your best pals, styling the porch or patio for the event is still an absolute-must. We’ve shown you a few different ways to set the table with a bout of BBQ style but now it’s time to share some quick and easy decor ideas and inspiration. Let’s have a peek, shall we?

1. Have a menu.

Bbq menuView in gallery

If there’s enough guests coming and enough food being served, use the style and functionality of a menu board to your advantage. No one will have questions about what they’re eating and it helps to transform your backyard into a celebratory, cozy space.

2. Ready the silverware.

Silverware in styleView in gallery

Have your silverware styled and ready to go. Wrap them, tie them and set them in a bucket for easy grab-and-go appeal as well as a cute, picnic like addition to the meal.

3. Always add flowers.

Table cloth and flowersView in gallery

Add bright and vibrant wildflowers to the table for extra pops of color. No dinner or celebration should go without the presence of fresh flowers, especially a BBQ which needs these rustic beauties sitting in tin cans!

4. Grab a wheelbarrow.

Wheelbarrow vintage iceView in gallery

Whether you fill the wheelbarrow up with vintage sodas and ice or with bags of chips for the kiddos – a wheelbarrow just adds to the essence of a backyard party, don’t you think?

5. Add some extra light.

Bbq lighting recycle oil lampsView in gallery

Oil lamps and lanterns, twinkle lights and candles – some extra lighting when the sun goes down is always needed. We love how twinkle lights create a more whimsical atmosphere and the lanterns create something a bit more romantic.

6. Serve family style.

Woven baskets napkin clothView in gallery

Serve family style in woven baskets or containers. Use napkins or cloth pieces to style the buffet a bit and it’ll make clean up a bit easier, not to mention a fully implemented design even for the food table.

7. Looking up.

Banners floral bbq decorView in gallery

Along with the twinkling lights, hang up some other pieces of casual decor. Florals, banners or some fabric can create an easy, breezy bit of fashion for the backyard. It’ll create a celebratory feel while still being casual and cozy.

8.Think about seating.

Hail bails seatingView in gallery

If you’re having too many people over and you don’t have enough table and chairs, get creative. Think about spreading old quilts that you can wash out on the lawn or grab some hay bails and cover them with tablecloths for easy and rustic-inspired seating.

9. Ponder on colors.

Colorful table cloth for bbqView in gallery

So many people associate BBQ’s with the usual suspecting colors, red and white. Instead, why not add your own, unusual pop of color to the mix, like plums or lavenders?

10. Nix the paper cup.

Mason jar party drinkView in gallery

Forgo the paper cups, and instead, collect mason jars from everyone to use for drinks! Your tables will instantly look more trendy and festive by this simple addition.

11. Grab a game.

Game bbqView in gallery

Whether it’s a table puzzle or some corn hole in the back, grab a game that everyone can join in on the fun with. Games on the table will add more personality and corn hole around the lawn will add an extra layer of festivity!

12. Feel vintage-inspired.

Vintage flair for bbqView in gallery

Grab your own doo-dads and furniture and create a special atmosphere and welcoming for your guests. Vintage trunks and drawers can be used to hold the favors and serve up the snacks!

13. Make grab-and-go’s.

Take away popcorn View in gallery

Try your hand at making some adorable grab and go snacks. Chips in paper cones or snack mixes in paper cups, everyone will want to mingle and take their food with them, especially the kids!

14. Have a favor.

Bbq favorView in gallery

To really ignite the night and make sure everyone remembers your backyard bbq, add a favor into the mix. Smore’s packs or small jars of jelly are an easy, delightful way to say, “Thanks for coming!”

15. Create a casual setting.

Rustic bbq seatingView in gallery

When it comes to the actual place settings, bbq’s are not formal. You can modernize and stylize but at the end of the day you just need casual and cute essentials. Layer it up with organic textures and fun colors!