Bathroom ideas from GSG

GSG has revealed the Touch ceramic faucets and fixtures that will make your bath space bubbly. Inspired from water each piece is inspired by its softness, versatility and undefined form.The colors are so beautiful and also there are other 12 colors available.What are you waiting for? This is the best bathroom design ever seen. I admit – this is a very interesting design because I have never seen a bathroom sink separated from the faucet.

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But apparently this looks very well. There are more models available, but all of them have this feature in common: the faucet does not look like a normal bathroom faucet, but it is a bit flat and allows the water to come out in a small waterfall, which is amazing. But the button that you press for starting or stopping the water flow is located near the faucet and this is unusual.

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The sink has also unusual, but romantic shapes like a perfect oval or so. The colour of these bathroom sets are warm and vibrant ranging from white to orange and then to different shades of red.