Bathroom and Living Room With An Industrial Touch

Until recently I had a preconceived idea about industrial design and in my defense I have to say that industrial design I know wasn’t so refined like the one you see now on each major design firm.To show you the other side of the industrial design I’m going to start presenting this modern bathroom from Detroit. The location and design are connected through a coincidence maybe, but I like to think that this happened for a reason. Detroit has a history with heavy machinery and industry in general, this particular thing influenced the designer to create another version of this story.

Industrial bathroomView in gallery

One, more refined and with a pleasant, clean look. Although big bolts and large bended pieces of steel aren’t the lightest and fragile decorative elements, the designer managed somehow to put them in another perspective. I like the pedals underneath the sink, a strong reminder that you are in a very important automotive center. The overall idea is interesting and worthy of appreciation. {found on site}.

Industrial livingView in gallery

If you thought that industrial style-design can’t look any better you’re wrong. Look at this living area, it is spacious, clean and surprisingly it feels warm, a very uncommon thing for a place made put of exposed steel beams and huge glass doors and windows. The fact that so much natural light enters through the large transparent portion of the structure and also the fact that this particular layout focuses on open space solutions transforms this house in a very nice place to be in any season. In the summer there is the idea of coolness thanks to the concrete walls and steel beams and in the winter, the fireplace ads the feeling of protection and comfort.

I’ll have to confess when I first heard about industrial style, open space design I thought it would look like a garage. Luckily it doesn’t, by the contrary, it looks pretty good actually.{found on site}